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Bonjour Fellas !
Im Jennifur 19 years young, lovely attached.
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Straight through my heart.
I didn't know I was causing you so much irritation.
You should've told me.

I didn't know you didn't wanna care about me anymore.
You should've let me know.

I didn't know I wasn't your priority, until yesterday.
I should've known.

At least I know where I stand now.
Irritating, unwanted, unneeded.
Broken hearted. :'(

Mind's Cafe Trip :)
Thanks baby for bringing me there! I love you :333
I really enjoyed the trip cause i laughed alot seriously.
Even though starting quite alot of people late :x
But this trip was definitely worth it!
Love the durian game. So I guess it's good to have alot of strength huh? :)
I'm sure baby enjoyed today as much as I do.
Still laugh till face red like apple & so ji dong also! Hehe I love seeing baby happy! Cause it makes me happy too. Hehe! :)))

On the other hand!
It's school time in like 3 more days.
Which also means money saving time!!!
Gonna try to save as much as I can.
Cause the next few weeks I'd probably have to spend alot :x
So yeah! That's about it for tonight.
I'm tired. Sweetest dreams baby!
Dream of me? <3

Baby 生病了 :(

我自己也那么觉得。呵呵 (^.^)v
baby 要快快好起来哦!


Do you even care?
When my mood gets down, do you care?
When you have to choose between your game and the sad me, obviously you chose your game and threw me to one side :'(
It really shows how much I mean to you right now..
Fk games :(

Morning world! <3
It's down to one last week of holidays! Sad much :(
But there's gonna be many outings coming up soon! Hehehehehe. And all of them with my baby:3

First it's the Kbox outing, together with Von and Jo and maybe Nat.
Then it's the mind's cafe with baby's friends.
Then it's the Halloween with my sister and maybe a few others.
Then it's the zoo with baby only! :D

So many things coming up~ Woots! :p
But have to keep spending argh D:
Don't think I can save up for my braces le.. Sigh :'(

3rd couple tee :)
Hehehe, went out to Jurong Point with my beloved today!!
Like damn far right! But I enjoyed it all the same :3
We went to look around for food cause I haven't eaten my lunch. Though I said I wanted to skip it in the first place. Lol :p
Hehs. Bought myself some kebabs and sushi to eat!
Jurong Point is seriously quite big. Don't even know where is where :x
We bought some cheese sausage and prata roll together with ice blend at the market place too:D
So yummmmyyyyy! Wish I had more junk food to eat :(
Then we also went to mini toons to buy sweets :D
Baby is small kid so like to eat sweet. So I pei him go buy and eat a little bit only:p

& We bought our 3rd couple tee from spade there too! Super naiseee one, :))
Maybe I'll get another one for baby some other time <3

After that we went back to Pasir Ris to catch "the thing".
Not a bad movie but still will scared when watching:x

Hehehe. && not forgetting this! Thanks baby for sending me home, many xoxos! I love you! :3333