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Bonjour Fellas !
Im Jennifur 19 years young, lovely attached.
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Boring holidays.
Thought that i'd have worked the whole holiday this sem but then again no I did not.

Job searching somehow feels more tougher as I grow. Seriously?
I mean I look young and all, probably that is why it's a harder challenge for me to find a job. I hope I didn't pull Bibi down tgt with me :/ He could have easily went to find a job with his bro but no he didn't. Hopefully there still are short term jobs left..

I'm sucha loser..
I just realized what a loser I have been all my 18 years of living..
Just what have I learnt all these years?
What do I know?
Which places have I been to?
What have I accomplished so far?
Or even just, what exactly is my forte???

I actually do not have any answers to all these questions.
& can only shake my head if anyone asks.
People like me just sucks in life.
No money = No life. Live with it.

P.S. I suck to the core. I repeat, the core.