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First trip too USS with baby!
Hehehhe! Thanks baby for bringing me thereeee~ Even though I paid myself. LOL :D

Soooo glad the weather was nice enough, but then again sad cause baby's neck pain. ):

Places we went and rides we took there:
#1. Accelerator @Sci-Fi !
#2. Revenge of the Mummy @Ancient Egypt !
Only bad thing about pyramid is that I can totally see nothing. LOL!But oh wells, the speed was preetty good though;)
#3. Enchanted Airways @Far Far Away !
Not bad for a Junior Roller Coaster I guess :)
#4. Canopy Flyer @The Lost World !
So did not expect the ride to be that fast and that insecure! But it was definitely fun :D
#5. Rapids Adventure @The Lost World !
Was pretty good, but I didnt get to sit with bibi ): He was soaked wet! :p
#6. A Crate Adventure @ Madagascar !
Interesting and pretty scenes inside :D
#7. HUMAN & CYCLON @Sci-Fi ! :D
It was damn crazy! Couldnt not think of final destination 4 when I was on it. XD
Human is less secure and scary I suppose? Love the Cyclon ride (L)
#8. WaterWorld @The Lost World !
Great show that can make you wet! :x
#9. Shrek 4-D Adventure.
Aircondition-ed and gret seats were the best thing. :p
#10. Monster Rock @Hollywood !
Best show of all with comfy seats and good views :D Love it!

Ate @ Goldilocks in Far Far Away , was pretty good but "if only there were fries" - Quoted by bibi :p

Hahaha, anyways I enjoyed meself a lot baby ! (L)
Hope you did too despite your neck pain! I love you tons!

Oh, and did I mention how expensive the locker was?
It's like free for 30-50mins depending on the numbr of lockers available.
the next 20mins cost us like 3$. !@#$%^&* Scammers. xD