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Bonjour Fellas !
Im Jennifur 19 years young, lovely attached.
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Happy 10th month!
Babyyy, I'm sorry I made you feel neglected yesterday. ): I hope you can understand some times ): I doing project.. I will find for you but you have to let me. I'm sorry. I wish I could see you today. I wish )':

I know we might not be happy every day, but I hope you won't let it affect you through our days together. I really wish you will be happy with me everyday. I know it is possible but sometimes we let our feelings overtake us and make ourselves more sad. I hope it will happen lesser in future? :)

Happy 10th month my baby, I may not be the best girl in the world for you, but I'll always be trying. (L) Loving youuu forever & alwaysssss. :3 Please be happy okay? Sarang hae. <3


Hehehe babi came my house today, thanks for your laptop (L) A pity I cant press enter now so everything will be in a line :x Hahah. I always enjoy myself when Im with you, you should know that (: Enjoyed laughing at your funny way of talking, idk why its just so funny !! xD but i loikeeee. hehehe. baby can you come my house more oftennnn, pleaseeee? :) i love youuuuu forever & always baby, i promise you that :3




Global warming is showing it's signs.
Burning, humid, stuffy, totally on fire!!! :(
Boohoooo. The weather is like frigging hot naoooo D:
Hurrrrrrr. T.T
Everyday go school like cannot focus leyyy!
Siannn. All like have to think think think.
I'm no good at things which requires creativity. ):

Babbyyyyy~ I love you! <3333333333333333

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