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Bonjour Fellas !
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2 hours plus of cycling with babi ysd can really kill me. LOL.
We rented the bike for 3 hours but the time was still pretty tight D:
Reached changi beach but didnt have much time to play anw,
so we just rested somewhere before cycling back to pasir ris park.

Well, even though I got dizzy & almost blacked out, :x
I've enjoyed laughing along the way cause my baby is too cute. (:
Anyways after cyclingg, it was time for some aircon and fooooood.

Teeheee. We then walked slowly to the park, love to hear babi singg (L)
The moon was really bright ysd night too! 
Which proves to say that weather forecast is not accurate at all :)

Whatever shit this is no mood to post liao.

Sometimes there are just some things that even words can't describe.. ):

Sorry if I won't start the conversation first.
I won't want to spoil your mood for the rest of the day.
Or even just any other day anymore..
Am trying hard here, :/
Have fun. ♥

I miss you... Sigh.

Those tears just come out way too easily.
I haven't even be en thinking about anything and I cried.

All I wanted was someone to talk to.
Would it kill you to cheer me up a little?
Would it?



Happy you, happy me (L)
We haven't been quarreling the past 2 days, good job!
Keep it up okay! LOL. :P
Enjoyed a lot a lot during the holidays with you :D
Don't want school to start soooooooo bad ):
Can't wait to see you again~ BADMINTON! ^-^

Thanks for the joy baby, I love you MOST-EST. <3 :))))


Fcken stop doubting me.
I don't care if you don't trust me.
Don't fucken DOUBT & ASSUME.
I stay faithful FYI. I'm not the person you think I am okay.
Just why must you say I'm socialising with other guys E-VE-RY-TIME?
Seriously, I never. I tell you, I NEVER.
I swear my life on this okay.
Maybe you missed those times when I keep assuming you're chatting with other girls.
You like that is it? I don't think so, right?
So please, I don't wanna quarrel every time..
I really don't.. Sigh.

You don't like my company.


Went to AmkHub with Bibi today :D
Movie was cute! But the popcorn sucked :x
Enjoyed the foods XD Too bad no durians. Expensive :(
Buttttt, today was a still great day spent with Bibi nonetheless. ^-^
I'm sorryy..
Cause we might have quarreled a little near the end..
But I guess it was worth it after all? :p

I love youuuuu <3


I finally know now..
That you have never trusted me even though you said you did. )':
Why did you lie..
You know it hurts more now that it comes out from you that you don't trust me at all.
Even if so WHY DID YOU LIE!?

I'd rather you tell me the truth.
My trust for you have gone down by a bit again today.
Do you realise it?
In the past, when you said you'd stop playing. You really did.
But now, yes you said, & I trust.
& therefore I get disappointed. Because you didn't mean what you say.

& now I found out that you don't mean it when you say you trusted me,
my trust for you dropped a little more down again.
However, my trust for you is still thissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss much.
Can you feel it? )':
I really love you. And love needs trust.

Because as a saying goes, there is no love without trust.
Do you love me? If you do, then why do you not trust anymore )':

I love you baby. I really do. :'(