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Bonjour Fellas !
Im Jennifur 19 years young, lovely attached.
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No, I can't hold back any longer.
It hurts way too much.

Everytime you insult, you lie, you be sarcastic.
Just why are you speaking to me like this?
I don't feel like your girlfriend.
I don't feel that I deserve all these harsh words either.
I hate this.
I hate the things you say to make me feel this bad.
I hate everything that comes out when you're mad because I know those are the things that you truly meant.
I hate all these heartbreaks you gave me.
Didn't you promise to make me feel happy?
Didn't you said you wanna be the one to change me?
Didn't you?
Didn't you..? :'(


莫一天,我期待和你笑得灿烂,回头看 爱都在。


Today I was sad..
Sad that the couple tee we had, was nothing more than a shirt to you. :(

Today I was sad..
Sad that you've stop doing the little things you did before that made me smile.
One of it was the hugs. :(

Today I was sad..
Sad that you thought you meant nothing to me..
Why would I play hide and seek with you that day then? I could've just let you go..
But no, you mean a whole lot to me. & that's why you're worth the chase. :(

Today I was sad..
Sad that when i thought about that time when you hide from me, you asked me to leave.
And now with me doing the same, you don't even care.
Is this wanting me? Cause I really can't feel it :(

Today I was sad..
Sad for the fact that you're hiding from me again..
You said I liked to MIA in your facebook status.
Since when did I? Did you even bothered asking what I was doing..
Nope :(

Today I was sad..
Sad that when I said you wanted nothing to do with me,
and said I won't be available on my phone anymore, you just replied;
"K then." :'(
You promised not to..
You said you'll use okay..
And by replying k it meant that you really do mean it..

I guess this is probably what you wanted..