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Happy 3rd Monthsary my love ♥

Happy happy 3rd month! :D
Went to meet bibi after school at mushroom then we went to TM with his friend as he wanted to buy a birthday gift for his classmate. Carl's Junior with bibi was next after that. Wa, it's been sucha long time since I ate CJ &1amp; the burger is like super big la. Almost as big as my face. Haha, had fun playing with bibi, he's so lame cum childish! xD

Hahahah, after that we dragged out feets to Bugis as we were feeling reallyyyyy full. Lol! Walked around junction to see if anything caught bibi's eyes, but he is seriously too picky !! :p Hahahah. So we proceeded to street instead. & yes, once again nothing was bought. :x I was tired so we went to sit a little while by the McDonald & not long after it drizzled -.- So we went back to TM's 77th street to see if there's anything i could get for him as his birthday pressie. &&&& YES! We've finally bought a shirt that he liked :D I love you darling, maxest ever <3

Slacked at arcade after that cause there's not much place to sit around in TM. After awhile we've decided to go back to his place cause I was really tired le. But in the end when reach his place he also don't let me sleep! RAWR! Plus his dog is super cute. Hahah.

Went out for Halloween night with a few of his cousins after that . The "ghosts" came out walking around downtown east. It was fun looking at the, but hell it was scary when they approached! Even though I knew they were like real humans and all that. It's just basic girl's reaction okay. hahah! :p

After that went back to his house get my things den go home le. He still go for supper with his family! LIKE A PIG ONLY. LOL! :X Okay, I shall go finish my porridge first. If not he going to say me again . XD ~~


Thursday's outing!
Went out with love today! ♥
It didn't started out very well at first cause we somehow quarreled again in the morning.
Ate @ Pizza hut! Yummy much! Long time never eat le ^-^
Bibi so naughty! Anyhow put pepper, cheese in my drink!!
& when i opened the cheese cover to just pour cheese out of the jar he go tap so hard alot of cheese come out! RAWR!
After pizzza-ing, things somehow got worst againnn.
He keep ownself listen song den bu cai wooo. Sad much. :(
We were supposed to go Bugis at first, but looking at the state we were in at that point of time, i thought maybe we shouldn't go to Bugis anymore..
So we alighted at whatever stop we were at, and sat down there.
Well, things got better and worse and better again after buying the drink at cheers, :p
Hahah, den i requested to go watch movie at 5.10pm :) If not also nothing dooo.
Watched tongyannnn! Wa the movie I really chuatio a few times sia.
It's the sudden-ness plus sound effect lor! LOL. But I guess it wasn't bad at all ;D
Much much better than shock of labyrinth! :x
After movie went to eat dinner ~ We didn't really eat much for dinner though.
Only chicken rice. & I'm hungry now..! ): I think he's hungry tooo :x
Oh wellls, I enjoyed myself during all of these outings!
Guess it's gonna be quite rare when school starts ):
Just hope that things remain like how it is now. God bless please.


Wednesday's outing!
Was supposed to be home alone today. But in the end my sister said she's not coming home for dinner so i had to like bring her stuffs to her at Raffles place. After I passed her her books & make-up pouch, I went window shopping @ Bugis street alone! Then some cheena woman come ask me if I wanna be model, told her I dowan for at least 5 times, & she can't even get my name spelt right! I tou xiang cause she said I can don't reject the offer if I'm asked again. Shyte her. Like wth lor, random can o.O Was supposed to shop for my bag thoughh but I couldn't really decide which suits me better so I didn't buy in the end. Oh man.. Guess I'll have to wait till the next time I go there! ):


Tuesday's outing!
We went to Bedok 85 without Von this time! :(
Aww, there's always bound to be someone who's not free on that day D:
So bo bian~ We had to go without her cause she needa work~
Btw, I ordered Chicken Chop, BBQ wings, & chicken/pork satays! :D
Carnivore on the run. LOL!
Yummyyyzxc!! :) But in the end eat till damn full.
It's like there's so much things you want to eat & you just can't help but buy till you realise you ordered a lil too much. Hahah!
After that we went to walk around the whole pasar malam.
The Domo bag there is like so cheap! $19?!
Should I get it !? Hmmmmm.


Monday's outing!
Teeheee! Had a great time with sisters during Monday's outing :)
We went for Seoul Garden, so much MEAT!!!! RAWR. LOLOL!
Now Natalie also call me carnivore le! Sad much know. ):
.........................But I guess that's the fact. HAHAH!
Neoprint session was next! One word to describe in the end, HILARIOUS. :D
Joleen can go pai horror movie le! She looks damn scary at the background! hahah!
After that went to catch Reign of assassins without Jo cause she got band D:
The movie was alright laa, typical chinese action pack movie though :)
Home sweet home after that! Seeing them tmr again! ]: LOL! Just kiddingg :))


Just what can i possibly do?
My boyfriend annoys the shit out of me, pisses me off when I'm happy, make me laugh like crazy, make me angry all the time, piaks me when he's happy, makes me cry, laugh at me when I made a mistake but the truth is, he's all that I ever wanted & he's the only one that can make me happy.


Saranghae ♥
Second and last day of work ysd. Natalie taught me how to slack! Hahah. Lazy bum!
Halfway through bibi text me, happy much :) Great day to start with~
So waiting for 18th! Finally going Bedok 85 there makan with clique.
Don't know say how long already sia!! XP

After work I went home den go meet bibi. Otw there, I saw Bedok got Pasar Malam!!:D
It's been so long since I ate food from there! Yummy muchhh. (Y)
He bought Kebab, & it cost like $5!? :O So expensivee, but okay la, it's not bad~
He introduced me to soursop, which was pretty nice to eatt, but i still prefer longans!
When almost going home le he called home to ask if they want eat anything from there.
And........his father want smelly tofu. LOLOL!
Starting I couldn't smell until anything, maybe cause I was too short. LOL:x
But after that we went closer to dabao & I finally smelt it. haahahah, stinkkk like hell!!
Then got one old aunty smell until then come ask us whether here selling smelly tofu.
I said yeahh, then she say we 厉害, can stand the smelly-ness of it. xD
In my head I was thinking like, got smell meh? :x Cause that time I still couldn't smell anything. :x

&& Bibi keep saying I carnivoreeeee!!! RAWR! I'm not!
I just love eating meat. :x It as around 10plus when we reached pasir ris,
Good thing we both shun lu, can take same bus~ 
Was pretty happy ysd, it's been so long since I saw him that happy.
But I was just scared that he's faking it, seriously:x
Shall believe him this time round :p Glad to see that he's happyyy :)

Thanks for making the effort. I can see that you're trying now.
I love you 

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