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Bonjour Fellas !
Im Jennifur 19 years young, lovely attached.
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For you,
I'll give no matter how much i take.

& I forgot about this. Glad I'm being reminded by my blog. <3


Happy 2nd Monthsary my love ♥
We've been through quite a lot since our first month,
& I'm so glad we're still together now.
Lesser heartbreaks, in fact almost none at all now. ♥
Probably it's because we've been truthful to each other,
Plus having those heart-to-heart talks.
It really made my heart felt lighter every time we talked about how we feel inside. ♥

& I wanna thank you for being understanding at times too,
Sorry if I've neglected you for the past few days due to work..
But I'm happy for you as you've found yourself a jobb too. :)
Working in Uniqlo need to keep our phones inside the lockers ):
So I can only contact you during my break time, which is like only 1.5hrs out of 10.5hrs..
I even have problem telling what time is it while working already,
Thank god I have my colleagues around to tell me what time is it. (Y)

I miss you so much during work, but there's nothing I can do to change it..
By the time I reach home you're probably too tired for me already,
So I can only let you go sleep.. T.T
But it's okayy, cause it'd be my turn to suffer when you're the one who's working.. D:
Just to warn you first, I'm having mood swings easily nowadays ah, ;)

I'll just end of my post with this;
I love you just the way you are, no matter what ♥


Boring, lonely Saturday.
Why must the rain be pouring down on me when I'm having my off day! ):
Super duper tired, but I just can't stand the thot of staying at home when I'm not working.
Gahhhh. He's so dumb, ask me out directly will die meh! :/
After 5th Oct jiu can go out with him lerrrrrr. <3
However, he seems to be upset.. & idk how to change that :/
Useless girlfriend. Sigh.
After his last text saying "Okay bye.", I hope he's feeling fine by now..
& sorry I didn't wanna go queenstown, was just too tired le.

I'm so hungry ): Like eat finish 3/4 of my lunch le my stomach is still growling?
I miss him, but it seems like we have nothing to text about on the phone anymore..

Anyways, I wonder if I should take the extra CDS. I spotted Jap in there!!!
Wanna take it, but I scared it's tough. Should I ??????? :O

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We almost lost it.
Things I would do to change it all.

1, Look at you whenever you look at me.
2, Never show you attitude or whatsoever.
3, Try to be less sensitive to itchy-ness, but sometimes people just can't control their body!
4, Never walk out on you or let you walk out on me.
5, Promise to let you kiss me whenever you want.
6, Let you treat me, sometimes!
7, Sometimes I won't let you treat ma, so push the money sometimes is okay ba:x
8, Let you buy clothes for me if we go shopping tgt (Y)
9, Try to go town more often, but for that to happen, you'll have to ask me out :p
10, Be less jealous.
11, Take photos with you, though we rarely meet :D
12, Doubt you no more <3

Tralalala, I have no idea what to name this post.
Hehehehehe, finally found a job, but only for 2 weeks oh ):
Sian. Holidays are going to end soon!! D:
I can't wait for my results,
I can't wait for my hearts to complete,
I can't wait for my work to start,
I can't wait for holidays to end!

Ilovewaynardttmaxest ♥
though he makes me cry,
though he makes me upset,
though he always piak my pigu,
though he treats me cold at times,
though he ignores me when he's angry,
though he looks at other girls when he's with me,
but i love him..
because of the kiddish smile he has,
because of the how sweet he can get when he wants,
because of the childish personality that's so totally cute,
because of the way he makes me feel when i'm with him,
because of the spikey hair that never fails to tickle me, EVER,
because of the times where we use to joke around and fuss and fight,
because of every little thing about him, makes me love him even more :)

Hopefully this r/s will last, don't have to be forever, just eternity will do.
LOL, just kidding. What's meant to be will always be ♥

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The start of 1.1's ending.
Mathematics 1 , out first exam . Was awesome shit !
The questions kept me thinking , love challenging questions for some reasons :p
Hahahah , tomorrow's Engfund paper !
Let's hope all will not just pass , but pass with flying colours ! :D
Jyjyjy , just two more days to go & we're gonna start 1.2 in 1.5 months! <: