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Bonjour Fellas !
Im Jennifur 19 years young, lovely attached.
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First Month , with loves :)
Happy happy first month darlinggg !
Thank you for everything , gimme some time to repay you after exams ! (:

Met him @ 1pm , first time he's ever earlier than me , like seriously .
I knew he bought me something -.- KNEW IT ! X(
But nvms , actuallyyyyy , i also wrote him a letter , but didn't dare to give idk why . LOL
So i kept it in my pocket the whole time :x But it's okay , I'll pass it to him some other time ^-^

Anws , it's our first trip to town together ! Cause i rarely go there :x
The main reason of course is *go town equals a lot of money spent* ,
& obviously i don't like that :/ Sorry darlingggg <3
Hahahah, but we still went today , cause I know that's one of his wish :p

Firstly, window shopping @ Somerset , he keep wanting to buy me clothes ! RAWR !
But of course , that's not gonna happen cause town area clothes are too mature :)
Off to Cine leisure after that , I guess I'm not that much of a road idiot after all XP
Ahahahah , walked around , saw that Domo backpack ): like a cute only ~
Got our very first ring ! :D The reason why rings are wore on the fourth finger ........
Me: *shows how it's done* Bi: "Eh? Really cannot ley!" Hahahah , cute max <3
While waiting for our rings to be engraved , we went all the way down to BFF .
(Best Fries Forevers) - They're hiring ! xD
It was really fun eating with bibi , he's so fun to play with sometimes :p

Neoprint taking was next after we collected our rings ! Beautiful , :)
Two sua kus taking neo prints , how can ! hahahahahahh .
 Omgod la , really too long never take alrdy . Feels so weird .
But I thought it turned out alright in the end , except for the eye part . LOL !
After everything , we slacked awhile before moving on to Ion Orchard ;D
Walked around , pretty high class over there so we couldn't do much .
Bibi bought Mocha Frappe , don't really like but still shared with him since he's thirsty :p

Went back to tampines cause i felt like eating LJS ! Most awesome-st fast food ever <3
That's about all of yesterday's outing with love , i love you ........... most . (:


8 X-Rider rides marathon !
Woots ! Went to dte bk to study at first , from 10am - 1pm .
After that lunched @ Just Acia ;
My chocolate ice cream float (Pepsi) done by Yvonne is totally awesome to the max .
It was just so nice to drink ;
tasting the lumps of ice cream mixed together with half a cup of pepsi left (after the gas on the top is gone) is just too delicious !

What a wonderful experience I had today , next time go Just Acia be sure to ask Yvonne to serve for you ! (Y) Best service guaranteed ;D

Right after this fulling meal , we actually went to ride the X-rider !!?!?
Omgosh , the first time riding it i could almost feel the vomit right up in my throat . LOL
But for the first ride , it was awesome max , laughed till bth already .
Then we continued for another 7 rounds !? Tried different themes and all , WHATAMARATHON !
Yvonne kept screaming & even covered her eyes during the ride ! Seriously funny like hell .
But of course , there were the not-so-good sides for girls .
Becauseeeeeeee , erm , yeah . All the SHEs should know what I mean :D


越来越爱 :)
Bibi's getting more and more bhb nowadays !
Hahahahh , really is "tak boleh tahan ahs" ! ♥

Study was okokay today lahhs , just that eyes keep wanna close .
I've been laughing the wholeee of today it seems ! Lots of funny things happened .
Or maybe it's because it's been a day since i laughed that hard ,
that's why when laugh cannot stop :x

Anws , Bi told me thatt his mom's slipper spoilt today .
I seriously don't know what's so funny about this but I just can't stop laughing ! >.<
Then it was that "stinky" experience @ dte's bk , seriously funny max !
Bi kept complaining smelly then we had this funny scribbling conversation on whichever paper that was lying on the table .
Totally cannot stop laughing , I'm even smiling while reminiscing it now ? hahah ! :x

Howeverrrr , it wasn't totally all that great at night .
I reached home at around 6plus , slept , woke up , the house was so dark & no one was home .
Went to bathe , received 3 calls , 1 from dad , 2 from bro .
Dad came home , ranted at me . I'm like wtf !?
I mean seriously , there's no need to shout right ??
He's being really unreasonable . Very unreasonable in fact .
He was angry at me for not answering his call , angry at me for not telling him I was gonna dinner at home .
I shouted back , I was at home right !? Did you even noticed !? How the hell do you want me to answer your call right from the bathroom ?? You plant one telephone there lah !
He den lowered down his volume and talked nicely to me .
Like wth ? I just took money & got walked right now of the house after that .

Chatted with bi on the phone , thanks for being there & not being there at the same time xD
Super noisy la sial ! Keep hearing him mumble & have to guess what he just said >.<
But anyways , still glad he didn't say stuffs like he's busy or what to end the call , :)
Feeling much much much much muchhhhh better nows :D

Didn't hang out much with ♥ today , gonna make it up on Friday ! :D


我比谁都更明白你的重要 , (:
Study group was somehow effective for me today , though i didn't do much .
Teaching people is a good way of learning :)
Drank 2 cups of bubble tea today zomg x.x Really becoming like bbtea freak le ! D:

Anws , saw bibi posted the lyrics in his facebook , so i went to listen the song (Y) :


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I miss you .
Going out to study soon with clique tgt with Raymond & Calvin later on ! (Y)
Gonna start on my business , seriously . Cannot always hug Buddha's leg .

& I wonder how he's feeling right now , probably better after a good nights' sleep (:
Can't wait till he wakes up ! :D

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也许话说得太早 ,
Yeah , FML .


Step Up 3 ♥

Most awesome-st movie currently . It's definitely a must watch aye ! :)
Caught this movie with bi on the day it was released ;
He just couldn't wait for another day ! Hahah ♥
My favourite character was this guy who moves , or rather dance , like a robot .
He is damn freaking awesomezxc i swear .
He's like a freako ! But a fantastic one definitely (Y) :D

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In a blink of an eye.
Life in Poly is seriously VERY fast , no joke .
Countdown to exams : 14 DAYS !?!?!?

Geeez , maybe it's because of having great friends & everythin' ;
No more FMLs , shitty crap stuffs & etc .
I mean , what more can I ask for , right ? :)

Life's great .