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Bonjour Fellas !
Im Jennifur 19 years young, lovely attached.
Meet me at: Blog and Facebook
GPA 4! Chiong ahhhhh.
Sighssss, Natalie say it's impossible for me to get GPA 4 cause my term test only 3.7+ ):
Sadded mans. But nehmind, gonna try really hard for the remaining two years!

New announcement!
Best daytona player is currently RAYMOND! Awwwwwws.
Sad right, so there's no need for celebrationg please! Ahahahah:p
But yeah, if I never langa still got chance beat him one! *Looks on the bright side.
Muahahahahah. Can't wait for holidays to come!
So wanna go ice skating ):

GPA 4, here I come! Chiong arh chiong arh chiong arh! (Y)