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Bonjour Fellas !
Im Jennifur 19 years young, lovely attached.
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Mini class gathering, daytona!!
Yesterday went out with Yvonne, Natalie, Wanling, Ivan, Yaohua and Changhong! (Y)
Went to buy Toy Story 3 tickets @ 4plus before heading to Ikea for dinner.
Too bad no photos were taken on that day!! ):
After dinner, we showed Yaohua & Ivan Natalie's favourite hobby! :DD
Earned $5 in like 10mins time! (:

After that we went back to tampines & played daytona !
Pwn-ed Yaohua, Ivan for the first time. They don't believe they will lose me.....
& so, we had a rematch and Natalie joined us too! :)
At first they wanted to gangbang me, but end up they bang amongst themselves. HAHA! V^-^V
Ivan was like, "Walao Jennifur so fast, Jennifur so fast!" all the way la!
Laughed alot while playing. DAYTONA FTWWW!

After arcade we waited for Raymond to join us for the movie before entering.
Movie was great! Though i can't really remember what happened in TS1&2. LOL
It was touching at some parts, funny at some parts, bored at some too:x
But overall it was still alright! LOVE MR POTATO!!!! HE'S SO EPIC. HAHA (Y)
Can't wait for the next mini gathering again ~


Two weeks term break!
Alright.....It's like 2 weeks plus since i last blogged about anything.

This 2 weeks of holiday I've spent aaalot. Sigh. Be it movies, food or even my travel expenses.
I have already topped up my ezlink card for like twice in just 2 weeks time!?
Maybe I should like stay out of town area for now x.x
Gahhhh. Adult fare is totally killing me! ):

Anyways, I watched 3 good movies during this term break!
Firstly it's Prince of Persia, followed by Shrek 4 & A-team ! :D:D
And Toy story 3 this coming Friday with classmates too! Woohoo, excited ttm!

Oh! & today's weather was fantabulous! I slept till soooo shiok lahs ^-^
I hope everyday's weather is like that (Y)(Y)(Y)
2 more days till my blog's 2 years anni. haha!