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Eng math test
Screw functionsssss! I thought i did pretty well in my functions already.
But oh crap, what's x^2 - x !? Gosh. I haven't got my basics there yet i guess D:
I was really hoping for full marks know ): But now, i guess not.
Sigh, nvm, i hope tmr's engfund can get full marks then ;p

Looking on the bright side~

Oh, & cheerup natalie! :D:D

Good luck to all for the term tests too (: Though it's just term tests, but i guess it does play a part in our final GPA.
After term tests maybe can organize a class outing and shun bian celebrate the birthdays too;D


Intelligent and small girl? It's not that I'm smart, but it's just that I put in more effort in my work i guess?
Kinda dislike it when people copies my work. The question is, why can't they do it themselves?
Oh well..

These few days have not been so good for me.
It's all headaches, headaches, headaches. Sigh.
Term test starts on the last day of this month. & it's only for 3 short days.
So i guess it's gonna be pretty easy for me.

Yawns* Practically no mood to study already. This few days like having mood swings for nothing.
Gahh. Was told that my class has this huge gossiper who gossips about everyone.
I wonder who...


Engineering courses just rawks for NOW.
I can say I'm coping pretty well in school:)
Maybe it's just purely me being a fast learner la ;p
Not being thick skinned here.. But yeah.
Subjects like engmath, engfund and engdraw, i think i'm pretty good at it la:D
But for busfund, i totally sucked at it. TOTALLY MAN. ):

Tmr's CCN Day, needa do up posters & buy the can drinks as we're selling them .
So stayed behind with roughly 10 other classmates to do .
We left at 9pm, so as you can see how hardworking we are. Hahaha.
Stayed in school from 9am to 9pm \m/

Saw Caroline in bus 3 on my way home. She went to Clementi ITE?
Hahaa, she still looks as cheerful as ever though.
I'm so glad I went to TP! As usual, she complained about the travel distance too.
Lol, her parents were on the bus too i realised.
We chatted all the way till she alights. Great chat there:)


It's only do it now or regret later.
Went for Salvo Drums, my current CCA:)
Saw Clement Ong sia, lolol, he's an ex-siglapian too.
He was shocked for a moment how I knew him then he asked when he sec 4 i sec 1 right.
Haha, when I left he also asked me if I was that jenni-fur in facebook. Hahaha. Damn funny.
I guess he's been thinking about it during the whole 2hrs at Salvo.

Anyways, I've been staying back late in school this few days.
Staying for the sake of CCA, projects & also CCN Day which lies on Friday , May 7 .
So tired lah, but i guesss it's best to chiong now den gan chiong later. :)


Happy Birthday Gibson ! :)
To my dear class rep, a big happy birthday to you! :D
Hope you liked the present 02 has got for you & of course the birthday cake !
Woke at 8++ just to go collect your cake knowww.
Alot people say the present wrap till very nice sia. Tyty:)
Still haven't go collect my ezlink card sia. Damn lazy :p

Engineering drawing! I seriously love engineering drawing lessons for some reason. Hahaha.
I think it's pretty fun to follow the diagrams and draw it in many different ways.
But of course, not everyone thinks the same way as I do la. :x
Most of the people in my class is can draw, but they just reqiure a longer time to process.:)
I thought today got test den I still go home take my compass sia D:
So wasted. Spent money just to cab home and get it.. But in the end also no test -.-

Oh wells, engineering fundamental is getting more and more challenging.
Need to memorise rules and apply them to different equations. Gahh.
Plus Engine maths. I seriously think that I'll die sooner or later. Haha.
Luckily Engine maths still quite easy currently ;p
Practise makes perfect ! Jyjyjyjy to myself ! :D


Hate wrtorallll
Leaving home soon to meet Joleen & maybe Jianhui to print wrtoral stuffs (:
Notice the only homework I've mentioned for the past 2 weeks is on wrtoral, wrtoral & more wrtoral -.-
Seriously hate this subject can. Rahhhhh.
It's so similar to English, but i guess the only thing different is that no composition writing.
I better get going, it's always Joleen waiting for me. Feel so baddddd already.
But can't blame me, cause is she reach early. LOL, out ! :)


RJ completed, Woots!
Woohooo. Finished my RJ in such a short time :D
(Actually it's because I'm already 3/4 done even before i started doing la. Ahahaha)
Can slack lohhhhh. Yayness. Waha.
Love my blog song - Making love out of nothing at all (A song from the movie, Monga) :)


Those sleepless nights.
School's good, I'm good, everything's great (:
Just tired after lessons everyday.. Could barely focus during Business lectures.
Still wondering when my CCA's gonna start man. Can't wait!

Oh wells, Just woke up an hour ago from my beauty sleep! Wahaha.
It's not really my beauty sleep la, i was just so tired.
& the reason of course, is cause i slept at 6am and woke at 9am. Haha.
Don't know why, just can't seem to sleep well these few days.
Or should i say i don't have the mood to sleep at all. >.<

Back to schoolwork;
Wrtoral. That's a subject similar to English lessons! :S
Haven't complete my RJ (Research Journal) and I'm still down here blogging. Lol.
Alrights, I shall stop wasting time le :X
Off to RJ-ing~ (: