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I wonderrrr
Just what's so funny about my blog posts ??? Lol

School's getting better all of a sudden :)
First lesson of the day ; Engineering Drawing ! :D:D
Woots , had fun drawing the 3D diagrams , interestinggg .
Finally there's something in this course that i'm actually interested in .
During the lesson , just found out something too ..

& that is....... One of my new classmates is actually my ex-colleague ! :O
Can you imagine that !? I mean , i find it pretty amazing , & i was in an -ohmygod!- situation at that point of time .

Before i found out , this ex-colleague of mine whom i didn't realise yet (named Bernard) , shared with me his polky . Then smile smile & all .
After awhile , he called my name , & ask me why i so quiet .

So I replied "cause i was talking to another friend & drawing la ."
Then Lestor says; "Bernard meant why you so quiet never talk to him and he wants you to talk to him."
So I'm like , "You got so and so to talk to ma , also got Lester to talk to what ."
Then Bernard tells Lester , "I know her one ley , from work ."
At that moment I was like; "ohmygod, you serious !? No wonder i find you so familiar during the first day but i can't remember where i saw you !"

So that was how i came to know he was actually my ex-colleague from Changi Airport .
But it was like last years' thing ! & he actually still remembers me . Wth .
I can barely remember who he was if he hadn't told me . Lols .
Yeahs , but anyways , we had our Engine lecture afterwards . :D
Fun fun fun , learnt lotsa stuffs today . Enjoyed myself alot .
Maybe because it has been some time since I last touched numbers . Hahahaa .

After that was Engineering math lecture followed by tutorial . Damn boring okays !
I feel so stupid all of a sudden having to do simple factorisation qns !
Alrights , i guess it's enough of that ranting , i better go sleep early . 
School starts @ 9am tmr ! That's all for today , bye peeps :) 


First day in Temasek Poly !
Morning , went interchange take bus . Saw lisa yo !
Wa her face so white , i think she put too much foundation alrdy . Lols .
Met the rest of the class, including Jinxuan, our mentor, & we set off to METAS .
Bought the chicken cutlet rice @ only $2.30 ! ; super cheap siahs:D:D *happy*
Poly food rawks okay

After lunch , Jinxuan walked us to our class for our first lesson, WRTORAL .
The teacher's called Jean Kee , quite a "humorous" teacher la .
We haven't got our textbooks , & she was like;
Oh my goodness . This is very bad . This is vehry vehry bad .
Lols , she damn kua zhang , keep say this is very bad .
But anyways , we were asked to do an oral presentation at week 6 .

The topic i chose was on "Illegal Downloading" . I think it should be rather easy to research on .
(Since there's more and more teens downloading illegally from the web)
So yeahs , end of tutorial , Engine lecture next .
Didn't quite understood all of the things that the lecturer said but i pretty much enjoyed it .
Well , at least more than the next lecture which is , Business fundamental .
I tootally catched no balls during the whole session la can .
Srsly boring ttm X a million ! Hopefully Wed's lesson would be much much better .

After school , stopped by tampines mall to shop with my new classmates ; Vera & Wanling .
Went to artbox , popular & cotton . Bought clothes , eraser & pencil case :D
But $$ fly away T.T I still haven't got my early april's pay man !
Gonna complain if i don't get it by this week . Rahhhs!


Freshies Orientation Apr 2010 ♥

Woohooo! Had loads of fun during orientation!
Of course first day ain't all that great.
But i guess we had fun overall!

Our class, BZE-K1002 was one of the more evenly spread out class though, having 11 girls and 13 guys :D
The girls there were srsly veeeeery friendly!
We all exchanged our numbers within the first quarter of the day, can you imagine that !? Hahaha.
Not forgetting our superbbb mentors; Jinxuan & Khaliesah. They were awesome too yo:)

Day One. (13/4)
We started off with some ice breakers.
Introduced ourselves first & memorising everyone's name.
Was pretty glad i could remember all of my classmate's name on day one:D
We also learnt some pretty cool cheers!

Dynamite, Let's explodeeee!
Engine dynamite, don't mess with dynamite! 
Engine dynamite, don't mess with dynamite!
If you mess with dynamite, we'll go *titititi titititi, BOOOM dynamite*
Boomboom titi boomboom ah,
Boom ar ar ar boomboom ah (x3)
Ohhhhhhhhhh.....BOOM! ENGINE~

Repeat after me~
Repeat after her/him!
Repeat after me~
Repeat after her/him!
Checko fifa~
Checko fifa!
Go fifa langa~
Go fifa langa!
Ohh ma ley ley~
Ohh ma ley ley!
Engine is the best ah~
Engine is the best ah!
Engine, engine, engine engine engine~
Engine, engine, engine engine engine!
Engine, engine, engine is the best~ 
Engine, engine, engine is the best!
Engine, engine, engine engine engine~
Engine, engine, engine engine engine!
Engine, engine, we will beat the rest~
Engine, engine, we will beat the rest!
Be the best!
Be the best!
Beat the rest!
Beat the rest!
Be the best!
Be the best!
Chantehhhh :D

After all that ice break& cheers, we went to play games & also learnt the ENG mass dance.
The steps were soo hard to remember! & it was so so sooo stuffy inside the sprots hall.
But still, it was funnnnn ttm!

Despite all the fun & games, i still wasn't very comfortable with my new classmates on the first day laa :/

Day Two. (15/4)
I reached tp @ 2plus which was freakishly late :x But oh wells. HAHA!
Made it just in time for the advisor's talk, which was sooooo very interesting you know! *Yawns -.-ZZZ
Sat between changhong and raymond. The changhong like so friendly will initiate talk with me one.
But the raymond like act one daoster sit there crosshands all the way. lmao.
Learnt another new cheer:D
Roma roma-ma,
Gaga, ooh lala,
Welcome to Engine!

But anyways, it ended in about one hour plus time.
Was pretty sad that i missed out some of the cheers & games they did before the talk. D:

After the talk, we went back to our classroom to give feedbacks to our mentors.
Feedbacks on the food, games and organisation of the entire orientation la.
& Of course not forgetting, rating our beloved mentors too!

They closed their eyes while our class rep counted the number of thumbs raised up.
& guess what? There was a total of 42 thumbs up for them!
But the thing was, our class got only 21 people, so how come 42 thumbs? Well yeah.
I bet you guessed it anyways :) They were really touched that they teared man! Hahaha.

We waited from 5plus to 7plus before getting our books. Like finallyyyy.
During the wait, we played Kitten needs a corner & this super hilarious Niu Nai (Mlik) game.
It was super fantastic can! Had a great laugh throughout the whole milk game. :D

Regetta tomorrow, can't wait to win Business school!


Day Three. (16/4)
Last day of the orientation & I went on time okay!:D The weather wasn't very supportive though.
Exchanged numbers with the guys this time.
Played kitten needs a corner, the milk game again & takinoko to pass time! Damn fun:)
Joleen was asked to forfeit but as a class we volunteered to forfeited tgt. Damn bonded right! hahaha.
We went to K1001 to show them the cheeky dance! It was really funnny. Hahas.
The forfeit was actually kinda fun. XD

After that, we learnt the TP mass dance. It was fun fun fun fun & fun ! Ohmegosh. Love it ♥♥♥
One girl classmate of mine was super high, I stand beside her keep laughing all the way la!
Enjoyed the whole dance & was exhausted not because of the dance but the laughing. lol.

Lunch time after dancing! :D Got our Matrix card and timetable too.
Monday school starts @ 12noon. Meeting my whole class for lunch on first day of school.
Pretty bonded already don't you think so?
It just feels like a new 4E2, but 10 times better yo :D
♥ Love TP!

Even though Engine did not win the overall champion this year, but.....

G-Double O-D-J-O-B, GOODJOB! *clapclaps*
GOODJOB! *clapclaps*
G-Double O-D-J-O-B, GOODJOB! *clapclaps*
GOODJOB! *clapclaps*

Engine FTW! \m/


It sucks .

艋舺Monga 海報 by awootemp1.

Monga! Just caught the movie last night @ 23:20 .
The movie lasted for like 2 hours plus plus can ! Shiok-ness .
$8 for a 2 hour plus movieeee , siiiiiibei worth it man . xD
But anyways , the show was really interesting ! :)
Monk , which is the botak head on the right over there , is super shuai can ! ^-^
HOWeverrrrr , in the end pretty sad lahs , sworn brothers kill each other .
Saddddds . Rating ; 4 stars ! :D

Now , my updates .
Hmmmm , let's see . I was being asked to blog , & of course , looking at Melvin's tag on my tagboard . Hahas .
Haven't been updating much cause i've been really busy with work .
When go home really very tired le >.< Sorry guys . :)

But yeahs , school's starting .
Orientation on the 13th , 15th & 16th . Probably going only on the 13th .
Going alone for the orientation . & yeah , you bet it sucks .

I hate making new friends D: Sigh . Hopefuly everything's gonna turn out good .
Like really GUUUUUD yeah . Laughs . :)