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Working non-stop
Hello! Just woke up not long from my beauty sleep. Hahahaa.
Have been working everyday since last monday, even on saturday & sunday! :D
Yay yay, more $$ earned for my school fees.

& yeaps, i'm planning to pay my school fees on my own, not just to lessen my parents' burden, but also not let them have anymore excuses of me spending their money & etc anymore :)

Today, worked from 12-5pm with my colleague.
She even brought her son along! Hahaa, he's like damn active.
He even helped me to fix my kinderjoy toys, helped me photocopy stuffs, (he complained that the photocopy machine was heavy & he's srsly damn cute, so easily tired after lifting and closing the cover - for a few times only in fact. haha!)
& ! tried to trap me inside my seat -.- LOL! He's super funny.
Keep doing weird stuffs den ask me if it's funny .
Hilarious man. Great child, but a big headache indeed. Haaha.

Just received my online shopping clothes not long ago! :D:D
Going to unwrap it soon. Yipeeees!


March is ending & so is work ,
Sighhh, roughly 5 more days of work left.
No work = No $$ = No shopping D:
Aw mans. Poly's starting soon, just received the orientation letter today.
Gahh, hate meeting new people. It's gonna be so awkward.

So many movies to watch but i'm brokeeeee! Grrr, so tired now, still need to work.
Am working like crazy this few days cause it's around the end of the month.
*Procrastinates; Seriously tired ttm man!

Friends help one another don't they (:
Glad that the matter's over now; peace yo :)

Watched "How to train your dragon" sneak 3D preview with jon and melvin last night @ 10pm :D
The movie wasn't bad at all; love the night fury ttm!
Good thing there was no seats for Confucius cause most of my peeps said it was quite disappointing D: & jon almost bought the tixs! phew.
I wanna watch so many movies but i'm going broke soon. Sigh!

Thanks Jon for the movie though, appreciated:D

A true friend stabs you at the front.

Updates; 13/3 - 21/3

Alrights, i'm sure people who know me should know that i lose my things easily.
Like really easily in fact.
The number of phones i've lost, ezlink cards i've replaced and all.
It's a common sight from me already i guess?
& yeahs, i've lost my phone and ezlink card recently again -.-
Seriously i hate losing stuffs that are important to me. Sigh.
It COSTS. & i do know that. But what can i do? It wasn't on purpose.

Neverminds, forget about that.
It's been probably quite some time since i last blogged like a real human yeah.
Not that i want to have a one paragraph post or one video posts,
but i simply haven't had the time to update much about the things that's happening recently mainly because i was either too busy working overtime or too tired to blog once i've reached home.

But today's Sunday, and i have all day to blog about it now, so here it goes!

13th March
Went to Janice's house to play MJ with Jon, Melvin & Daniel (Janice's bro).
Starting, it was only me, Janice, and Daniel.
So i asked Melvin along, & he helped me to psycho Jon here too. :x
We played MJ for a few hours, but there's five person so we had to like take turns playing.
Oh wells, i didn't win much though. So didn't played much.

After awhile, I can't resist using their computer..
So of course, you can kind of predict what happens next. :p

They then decided to switch to playing texas instead, so i joined in:D
We made used of mahjong tiles as our chips even though they had chips there. lol.
Won alot at first, den Daniel keep ask me donate to him. hahaha.
But the overall winner was Janice la:D

After playing, we went to have our dinner! (The main objective of the day.) Haha.
Paid for Janice's meal, and $3 each for Jon and Mel.
Went for movie later on, with Jon and Mel as Janice wanted to go home alr.
But actually she could have watched with us one luh. Haha.
Catched KAIJI. Love it.

15th-19th March
Have been working working working, and OT whenever possible.
2 more weeks of working, seriously gonna miss all my colleagues ):
Except for the fact that they keep di siao-ing me cause of this guy, who keeps asking for my number. Gahhh.
Oh wells, it'll be over soon anyways. Hahaa.

20th March
Went to Loyangpoint for my lunch alone before meeting Adelene.
Bought my new contacts; Brilliant Blue :D
It was drizzling so we took bus to inter to wait for huimin's bus to reach.
Went to tampines walk walk, @ the inter saw this balding guy, who was RUDE.
Hahs, he's paying $5/hr to distribute something.
Didn't think it was worth it though, given his attitude, and acting big cause he's the so called boss if we're gonna work for him. Rofl.
So yeahs, of course we didn't accept the offer in the end.

Went back to downtown, meet Sharry for dinner. Can't really talk about much cause... yeahs.
Hahas, anywayyy, she ordered terriyaki chicken which was exactly the same thing as what i treated Janice too.
Oh wells, sisters jiu shi sisters, bo bian la. hahaha.
After eating, they went home while me and adelene wanted to go pasamalam.
We ended up in tampines mall however-.-
So we just go walk around, all the clothes are so temptinggg.
But i must control. Seriously have spent too much. Wayyy too much. Gahh.
Alrights, that's almost the end.

21st March
June's performance. To go or not to go? Still undecided.

My new favourite.


Fking sick.
Omgod, i feel so sick. So sick that i'm sick. Argh. Sore throat today. Fever after that. Now my nose is blocked. ARGH. I feel so terrible right now. & i guess the only way's to go to sleep. SIGH. Friday's night movie also gone. I'm so so so so soooooo disappointed man. Firstly mj, den now movie. Nvm, next stop, sunday treat with sharry & janice. Hope it'll turn out good. Yawns*

Alice in wonderland the movie (2010)

I soooo wanna watch this movie! Looks pretty interesting to me :x Can't wait!:D

Recruit express sucks!
Okay, their service kinda sucks. They can actually run out of punchcards! & their efficiency level is srsly very lowww. Gosh. Bth them. This is gonna be my first and last time going there. Pui.

Work's been fun! Though tiring. Haaaas. But last month there already. Sigh. Gonna miss my colleagues man. Yawnss. OT on friday till 1030pm probably:D