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Bonjour Fellas !
Im Jennifur 19 years young, lovely attached.
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Long time no blog.
Have been busy working and working and working all this while. So tired! >.< But I love working :P

Being an admin assistant dunno should say easy or not easy. Lols. It's because I always get alot of paper cuts here and there everytime. & when i say alot, i really mean alot.

But still, the people there were nice:) Having a great working environment and great people there, what more to expect right? :D

Tried beef steak for the very first time (@orchard central). One word, yummy.
Thanks darling for bringing me there, though i don't really like spending money on stuffs like that.xp

Went to catch a late night movie @ e!hub, little big soldier. Heard from many people saying it was nice & funny so i wanted to catch it too:D Rating for this movie: 4.5/5! Enjoyed it alot(^-^)

Wanna catch so so many other movies! But no one accompany D: No time also la actually :/

Can't wait for march to end, cause that's when i'll finally stop working, and start resting before school starts! Woo-ooots!
But of course, i'll miss my colleagues. They also say if i wanna continue working there, i can just give them a call anytime! Pretty sweet of them ehs:)

Workaholic cum panda.
Haven't had the time to blog. Been so so so busy nowadays.
My schedule for next week is like crazy.

Monday: 0900-1730 working @ nippon , 2000-0000 working @ airport.
Tuesday: 0900-1730 working @ nippon , 2000-0000 working @ airport.
Wednesday: 0900-1730 working @ nippon , 2000-0000 working @ airport.
Thursday: 0900-1730 working @ nippon , 2000-0000 working @ airport.
Friday: 0900-1730 working @ nippon , 2000-0000 working @ airport.

It's like I have no life. Doing the same thing every day, over and over again.
& have very very little sleep. Sigh.

Leaving for M'sia on the 13th or something, celebrating CNY there:)

Sigh. Feels like a workaholic right now. Have been OT-ing whenever i can.
Skipped lunch, even dinner.
Not hungry though. Probably no appetite.

Feeling so tired right now. Off to sleep. Yawnzx