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Bonjour Fellas !
Im Jennifur 19 years young, lovely attached.
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Went out to watch the movie "Jump" with Sharry, Jiajin, Huayu, Jianming, Chongsoo, Kengguan and Nicholas. Rating 3/5.

After that went to walk walk around downtown,
Bbfore i had to rush off to tampines to fill in an application form.
It's for my current job as an admin asst.
Located somewhere near the changi runway or something?
Saw my father there today. Lol!

Before that, went out Jinhong to eat fish & co. @ T1 (Tampines 1 not Terminal 1).
After which we went for a stroll around Pasir ris park.....=D
Went home at around 1am,
reached home at about 2am,
slept at 3am.

Then woke up again at like 6plus am for work.
Learnt some general stuffs today.
Like sorting stuffs out, filing, photocopying etc.
Then went home at 5.30pm.
By the time i reach home it's already 6.50pm.

Then went to loyang point to get myself a passport size photo for my working pass:D
Reach home at 8pm, onlined, bored, ate, blah. That's it.

No mood to blog much too. Byes.

Annoyed with her.
Annoyed with the things she so.
Annoyed with how she take things for granted.

She'll regret it some day.
She will.

Genting trip photos

They took photos of me when i don't want to la.
People camera shy leyyy :$ Hahahaha.

That's the first photo with my sis:D

Went to catch the movie Old dogs!
It was still funny even though I watched before already:x

Went to watch something in 4D? Forget what was it called.
Don't we look "cool" ;D

Went outside to the outdoor theme park ! (:

Candid shot while queueing the small coaster.

Spinner! Love it. But it's so colddd~
Guess what's hiding in my "tummy"?
My pumps! (shoes la)

I don't have to say you should also know what we're queueing up for le bah~
One word. Awesome!

On the way to ride the dragon coaster ~

Then we did shopping, shopping & more shopping!
So no photos:p

Aww, journey back to sg.
It was still cold though!
The bus is like damn cool, got massage chair, game console (but is kids game la), small screen to watch shows.
Watched a malay ghost story throughout the whole bus ride!
Was pretty nice:D
Stopped by a shop to buy back a few goodies home, & that's about it.
The rest of the photos is with my sis friend >.<

Screw her.
A quick post before leaving home.

To my ma, Screw you. (:

First, eagles award. All $200 you take, fine.
Second, bursary. $350, i take $150? Wtf?
Why do you even have a share in it la. Grr.
This is like pissing me off.

So i somehow not happy with her.
Gahhh. Then she said SHE'S giving me $200.
Then i'm like, since when was the money yours in the first place?
Wtf. This little money also wanna take.
Seriously money face can !@#$%^&*

Reality depresses me.
I need to find fantasy worlds & escape in them.

Gahhh. Why am i always so sleepy during the day.......and super awake at night?
It's like 4+am already & I'm still down here blogging.
Suddenly feel so moody. Doing loads of blogging on my own private blog:/
Emo-emo* :x

To: Chia Huimin!

Heys silent killer, happy birthday! Haha.
Another year passed, & you're one year older le, can watch NC16 alr! Hahaa, happy ehs.
But then again, this year is your important year uhs, O lvl alr.
Buck up yo (: I suggest you take pure science now den drop later around mid or end of the year. :x
This is totally for your own good yeahs! (after looking at the previous batch, it's best you drop to combine:x)
You'd probably have a better foundation anyways, & more chance to get distinction :D

Oh yeahs, hopefully you'd be free this sat to celebrate .
BUT , i'm working night shift uhs :/ So can't stay out too late. Sorry!
Will prepare something for your birthday (:

Arghhhh !@#$%^&*
Some guy on facebook called Ng Wei Jian is really getting on my nerves.
I don't even wanna talk to him lah.
Plus he keeps declaring war with me on mafia! Gosh.
He's lvl is like 400+ and I'm only 100+ lahhs.
Bullyyyyy T.T He's a freaking irritating faggot asshole. GAH!


Domo is cute. FULLSTOP.

Back, like finally .

I'm back from Genting ! :D
Will post the photos asap when i get them ,
cause it's kind of with my sis's "boyf" now .

So yeaps , (:

Off, off & away~

Alright .
I'm leaving for genting soon .
Like real soon .
In just 3.5hrs time .
I'll miss you guys aye !
Miss me too . LOL

But ,
idk how i'm gonna travel there ._.
By bus ? By car ? By plane ? Idk . ^o^V

Anyways , I've been playing facebook games for the past few hours .
Getting kind of tired & my sis asks me not to sleep .
I guess she's afraid that I won't wake up in time ? Lol :x
Oh wells , I'm off for more facebook games now . (:

Choosing of courses~
Went to Sharry's house on Tuesday to choose & submit courses .
Halfway through , we went to White Sands to eat , and meet some other people .

The 2 guys were like late for 1hr !?
I was so hungry I ate first .
After that we changed seats , & zi lian-ed . Lols .

After around 3 plus or so , they finally reached .
I went for a second round :x
I hope i grow fatter soon =DDD

After that we took bus 3 back .
@ the interchange we saw JIAJIE . His hair long alr siol .
Then he's like a bit paiseh cause we kept looking at him . Lmao .

Anyways , we submitted our courses & that should be it already i guess .
Just hope that we'll get what we want lohs .

On Wednesday , finally took my pay cheque .
$300+ only though :s Cause i started work in mid dec .
Have to wait for like 2 days before the money is banked into my acc ):
Which means i won't be using it yet...cause i'm in genting . Sigh .

Anw , I brought along a storybook which was VERY thick so i won't be so bored .

See how thick it is ? Haha ! :D

I'll be leaving for Malaysia in 9.5hrs time .
I'm soo gonna miss my beloved juniors, friends & that idiot JH la !
If i got enough money to spend i'll buy something back yeahs :D

Genting trip in 2 days.

2 days & I'm off to have fun ! ....i hope at least . (:
Will be waking up dammnnnn earlyyyyy T.T
5.45am need to reach the somewhere le , sigh .

If got extra cash I'll buy something back :D

There's always a glimspe of hope.

To all those people who were disappointed with their results , just face it yeah .
Obviously you didn't try hard enough , you know it , i do too .
But still , it's not the end of the world yet .

I'm just gonna say cheer ups , & JY if you're retaking ,
Or , go ite and study well before moving on to poly yeahs .

All the best people . ♥s

No one said love was easy.


Watched "Old dogs" with Jon last night .
It was hilarious ! :D Hahaha , the gorilla is just so cute .
& it was really funny when one of the guys forgot to take his medicine and smiled like a retard :x

Gonna catch my next movie on 28th @ The Cathay !
The title's called "My Ex" , which is a horror movie fyi .
Totally can't wait cause it's been a long time since i watched any horrors (:

Went bugis to shop for clothes with my sis ysd .
Had a fruitful trip ,
Cause all my new year shopping for clothes is done . :D
Only left sandals & bag not bought yet .

Had our dinner at Bugis junction the foodcourt there ,
Plus coke with ice cream on the top! =D

After that went to PS before going to Cathay for a movie;
"Did you hear about the Morgans?".

Was a pretty good movie, worth the $.
(Even though it wasn't me who paid for it. HAHA)

The movie ended at around 11:30pm ,
reached home at like 12pm or so .
Was so tired but i had a great sleep on the car .

Howeverrrrr , i overslept today .
Woke up @ like 6:32am . (ps; i have to reach my workplace @ 7:00am)
 I woke up , got changed , and cabbed there .

Reached at 7:15am .
Good thing not that late . :S

Trip to SP cum NP :D

Hey peeps!
Just a quick update here:)

Went for SP & NP open house today .
Along with Elynn and Zongwei :D

SP , was big , but somehow boring to me .
NP , on the other hand , was pretty cool !

Hahas . Had a tour at the FMS .
Gotten a little interest in it alr ,
but the cut-off points are too low for me D:

I wanna go to Business schoool .
But then again , NP the cut-off points all very low !
I think I cmi .

Hackcare lahs , see results den decide :D
NP was pretty generous though .
Gave notebooks , teenage , nescafe & donuts !!

At night dinner with family @ loyangpoint.
Ate curry fish head , some vege , and fried sotongs !
Yummyyy . So full , still bloated till nows :x

Saturday should be going to TP open house .
Or maybe tmr . Haha ! Can't wait :)

I believe.
I believe what I said the day before yesterday.

I know what I said,
& I know that's how I feel,
and, well,
I'll just assume that’s how you feel too.”


Can't find a suitable blogskin
Gahhh !
I just keep changing & changing my blogskin .
For what reason , I do not know .
Just can't seem to be satisfied with it .

Sians .
This few days have been rotting at home .
I wanna go work !
Friday , Saturday , Sunday faster come !

Boohoos ):

GCE O-Level results to be released on January 11
SINGAPORE: The results of the 2009 GCE O-Level Examinations will be released on Monday, January 11.

School candidates may collect their results from their schools at 2pm that day. Private candidates will be informed of their results by post.

They may also access their results through the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board website at www.seab.gov.sg from 2pm on Monday.

Students can apply to enrol in junior colleges, the Millennia Institute, polytechnics and the Institute of Technical Education via the Joint Admissions Exercise, using their GCE O-Level results.

Students who wish to apply only to polytechnics could also apply via the Joint-Polytechnic Special Admissions Exercise.

The posting results of the Joint Admission Exercise are tentatively scheduled for release on January 27.


Sigh, so not awaiting for this day to come.

A bunch of lies i have to keep which is not mine at all.

Why the hell am i even doing this.
Why should i keep this kind of promises.
This is ridiculous.

Why is there such a person in this world.
Doesn't she know that what she's doing ain't right at all.

This is the fucking last time i swear.
If i ever help her again, i'm a jerk.

Just lost a big brother :/
Sigh. My sis broke up with her ex boyf for a 27 year old guy. Was it really worth it? How can my sis just break off so easily like that.. I really don't understand.

19th Feb 2010 was gonna be their 4th year anniversary.. If they were still together that is. They've went through such a long way till now.. How could she just break off & act as though nothing had happened?? Kinda ashamed to be her sister. Ashamed that she could be such a heartless person.

Damn. I wonder how her ex boyfriend is feeling now. Sigh. To me, it's like i just lost a big brother :/ He was good i thought, not those unfaithful kind. Tsk. It's my sis who's the one being unfaithful.

& maybe someday she'll meet another guy, and go off with him. Who knows, perhaps a 30+ guy? Tsk. Totally ashamed.