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Shit all that crap out!
Had fun with amazing race plus the flour war today ! hahahaa . I looked like i just bleached my hair lahs! Lol:x Will upload if got pic. (:

I'm so exhausteddddd. Came home shit all the crap out still stomach pain, den go shit again. LOL:x Opps. I'm supposed to be refined, refinne-j mahs. =D Hahaa.

I think got so much crap to shit cause I ate pizza today plus fruits plus chocolates and my bubbletea! :x Dinner ate mixed rice den after that eat watermelon ): Ew, i hate watermelons.

Boohoo, where did my durians went to? D:


Just cut my hair a few days ago. Fringe become shorter liao (: Today went to school for cca! :D Hahs. Played my yangqin for awhile.. Skill rusty liao lor ):

Anyways, had fun stealing the fishballs and eating them! Hahahaa:x Only the zombies know what I'm talking about. Going to shcool again tmr as usual. Gonna play with water bomb! Woots. Can't wait, hopefully it won't be TOO memorable! :x

Try by Asher Book
Really nice song that weiqin intro-ed meeee ! Gosh , i'm lovin' it .

4th Dec ; Watched couples retreat @ plaza sing

Okay , so i did not watch paranormal activity cause there was only one timing , @ 00:05 . Well , my trip there was not wasted though . Met Kaixun @ white sands mrt outside , he had to smoke first before going-.- So yeahs, we chatted while he smoke .

In the mrt we continue chattin a lil , den i fell asleep . Was soo tired due to previous night :l When reached we booked couples retreat @ 6.45pm. He wanted to pay for mine but i insisted on paying myself . Don't wanna owe him anything .

Went to find stairs , cause he wanna smoke again-.- He went to buy popcorn and stuffs , i tell him i dont wan anything alr he purposely buy the combo with two drinks . Grr . I don't like bringing drinks inside cinema cause later watch halfway surely wanna go toilet one . & it really did happen .

In the cinema , watched some movie trailers , OLD DOG seems funnnyyy . Wanna watch watch watchh ! There's this group of angmors infront talk very loudly . Then kx keep telling me want throw popcorn at them , when he didn't even wanna on his phone to silent mode -.-

Oh wells though no horror , the movie was quite funny :D They talk about 4 couples who just wanted to go on holiday and relax @ this Eden Island for some couple bonding session and of course have fun at the same time . Loads of funny stuffs , especially the yoga section . No wonder NC16 . Hahaa . Enjoyed the movie overall (Y)

After movie , smoking session for him again -.- When go take mrt , there's this phua chu kang's poster on the mrt door . Then he go touch pck's hand , and ask if im jealous cause he's touching pck's hand . I literally lol-ed at that point of time . How lame can he be .

Inside mrt , people keep staring at him , then he keep say cause he too cute . Brr . Bhb to the max . People look at him cause of his bigger than 50c coin ear hole and 20mm lip stud and tattoos whatt . Rofl .

He crapped alot & etc , still say he can predict when will singapore snow . I still stupidstupid go ask him when? =.=" Obviously singapore WON'T snow one . Lols , my brain just malfunctioned la . He alight at pasir ris also , den go downtown find his friends while i go home luh .

5th Dec ; i love him (:

Boring boring Saturday lahs . Stayed @ home the whole day while my daddy and mommy go out since 6pm till now , 12plus going 1 am le still NOT HOME . What kind of parents are they siol . Setting good examples for me eh :D I'll learn it one day don't worry .

Batam trip cancelled ! Changed to genting trip on Jan T.T Sian , thought still can go shopping . Lol . nvm la . Go have fun also same . Now i know why my sis ask me go . Cause if i don't go , my sis cannot go ! Hohoho . I'm fully sponsored so no worries :D

Baby's got a lil flu alr , hope he's not sick later today . Or else cannot meet him liaos . Want him to stay at home rest also :/ But then again , he maybe got what wedding , den his "brother's" birthday also . Chances of me meeting him is still low afterall . Tsk . He still dare say most probably meeting me . Yeahhhh right .

Saw a video of baby today in facebook . Laughed my ass off . He's cuteeee to the max! :D

Lasting long with my love (:

Finally found a job
Finally , the person from changi airport called . I'm not sure if i'm glad or what . Cause i've just decided not to find a job then got job pop out alr . But then again , maybe it's a good thing bah :D

Going off to plaza sing later on to watch paranormal activities . There are good reviews & of course also bad ones . So i don't know which to believe la . Some people say boring but some people say quite thrilling . So hopefully it's the good ones :D

What a brat .
My back is still aching from all that bending ysd . OLD LIAO LAA .

Anyways , a few hours ago , received a call from a girl , not really a close friend , but i guess she needed a friend to talk to . Here's her story.

One day , she found her mom's atm card . So she decided to go to the atm and try her luck to see if she could get the pin right . Who knows , she really got it right . Since then , she started stealing the money . Unknowingly , she took out $10k from her mom's bank alr . & $10k is not a small sum okayy .

To make matters worst , her father found out , & called her today in the early noon , asking her since when she turn so bad , learn how to steal parents money etc . She flustered , didn't know what to do , thinking of the consequences that she may need to face later on . (Which should be around this time alr)

She mentioned that her parents are rather strict . They not only scold , but will also slap her and all ._. Well , she asked me to help her but what can i do . I don't even know her seriously . Besides , she stays in sembawang which is kinda far away from pasir ris . She even asked me if she can stay overnight at my house -.-

Well , this kind of people is really no medicine can cure alr . Right now all i can say to her is , "all th best , & prepare for the worst .(:"

& i just realise my hair really is brown under the sun ._. I prefer pure black hair :/

Tiredness ruling over me .
Boooo . Reached home around 7.15am today . Was quite exhausted from all that dismantling & stacking of lego bricks from 22:45 to 05:30 today @ ION .

Before the start of the thing , i thought , wa dismantle only , need 120 people meh ? o.O But after the whole thing , we only manage to get 2300 packets . I realise that wasn't good cause we didn't hit our target of 3000 packets ._.

These packets were to be given to poor children & also for elderlies to do some fingers exercise:D Haha . Overall , i have to say i've had fun ! And of course the songs were great ! Jaychouuuu ♥

Howeverrrr , i'm pretty tired right now , so i should be going off to sleep in awhiles' time .
Nights all !