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Time for miracles

Twilight Saga : New moon !
Went to sengkang wait for mathew off work den go e!hub book tickets :D Stupid pong . Keep tickling me on the way to mac D: But mac alot people so we went to BK . He then ate his dinner when i noticed that his eye lashes really damn long . ENVY CAN . Haha .

Talk cock till around 8.35pm , we walked to the cinema . Otw , saw nicholas & zhiyin o.o Plus many others la . But i didn't say a thing . Lol . Anyway , the movie was quite good ! Enjoyed the parts with jacob in it . The wolf was cuteeee >.< Ahahaa .

Edward not bad laaa . But i prefered Jacob still :D I hope Bella turns into a vampire like real soon . Every detail i read in the new moon book , it seems like everything is the same as what the movie shows . (Y) Maybe it's the book that's good . Lol .

The movie ended at like 10.56pm ? So the movie was almost 2 hours long . Took bus 21 back home . -- There is no way the flower's gonna die la . Lol , hope you mean what you said on the bus yeah . IYOU . Signed (:


I'm so bored. I'm so bored. I'm soooo bored. Argh. Later gonna go out with francis & co. At least got something to do .

Currently eating mac for lunchhh :D Chicken burger + nuggets + shaker friesss . Yummmmmy .

Went to church alr , the session was great ! Awesome songs , really cool dancers , interesting videos and all . I've had a good time . It's sad that this is gonna be my last last service for the year i guess . Haha . Thanks Francis & his cell group . They're a bunch of fantastic & awesome people i've got to say . (:

Recent updates with lovable people ♥
24 Nov; Bugis , Tampines Mall .

Off to Adel's place to tune her instrument, her place is pretty "neat" eh ! ahaha . Mine's no where better thou . haha . Went off to whitesands to meet Huimin:D This time we were actually earlier than her ! *clapclaps

& so , we went off to bugis , SHOPPING . But we didn't bought much thou . A shirt enough took them like 45mins alr . haha ! I bought a shirt along with an eyeliner . Still have many many things more to add to my shopping list ! (:

Went over starbucks for a drink & chat , gossip-ed and reminisced the past . haha . I've had a great time bonding with the two crazayes :D Organized an outing again on december . Out to some japan restaurant makan ! Can't wait can't wait can't wait ! Gonna eat to my fill =D

Went back to bugis before heading to tampines mall . Well , we were supposed to be window shopping , but each of us still ended up buying a similar hp strap tgt . Haha . Before that they went for dinner @ mac , then i taught them how to make hearts with 2 straws . It's been a long time since i did that . ahah .

No problem for tuning your instrument girl ! Haha , 18dec18dec18dec come quick !

25 Nov ; Job training @ ZOO

Woke up at 9pm , prepared to go to the zoo for my job training . Took train @ pasir ris , jon saw me ! haha , den i took to cityhall before changing to the red line . There's this guy , who's botak , came talking to me in the train . This was the conversation:

Guy says: "Hi, may i get to know you?"
(The train was really noisy cause we were underground)
I raised an eyebrow saying: "What?"
Guy repeats : "May i get to know you?"
I said , looking surprised : "Erm okay ."
Guy says: "So where are you heading to?"
I said: "Erm , the zoo . For job training ."
Guy says: "I see , so how old are you?"
I said: "16 . You?"
Guy says: "20 , currently serving NS ."
I said: "I see ."
(Guy passes me his phone.)
I looked at the phone and said : "Nice phone. Smiles*"
Guy says: "Can i have your number?"
I said: "Erm sorry but no ."
Guy says: "Why?"
I said: "Cause i'm attached alr , so i don't really give out my number to guys . So yeah ."
Guy says: "Nevermind la , make friends also can ma ."
I said: "No thanks ."

We continued chatting for a little while before he finally alights @ orchard -.- I thought , that was pretty random . First time encounter such a guy in a public train .

After that i took bus to the zoo . When i reached , they asked me if it was okay if they changed it to next week . Well what could i say ? Of course i agreed .

So walked back to the bus stop , while waiting for bus looked @ some posters on the walls . Then there was this taxi uncle that signaled to me if i wanted a ride from about 3 metres away .

I shook my head at first . But then i couldnt get what he was signaling so i walked towards him . He said he could give me a free lift if i want . I didn't accept it at first , but in the end i still got on into the taxi -.-

So yeahs , he talked alot , passes me a paper and pen then asked me to write my name and number . So i was like , give you my number for ? He said can keep contact or what . Inside me i was thinking , wtf , you're like 40+ ... but of course i gave him my number la , later he drop me off anyhow @ some wulu wulu place .

He then passes me his taxi namecard or something , with his name & number -- David Lim 93627312 :s Anyone wanna prank call feel free to do so k . LOL

Haha , he dropped me off at the nearest mrt station which was at khatib . I then took bus to tampines , cause i suddenly have a craving for the cheesy hot dogs . :x

BBQ @ Caroline's chalet
After that went home used comp . Then bathed & ate dinner , all prepared to go for caroline's bbq . First time in my life to a chalet , excited ! Walked from my house to e!hub . Saw kah hui and co. at basketball court .

After that met Sharry den went to Aranda tgt . We ate otahs and chicken wings . The otah was really spicy for me . Lol :l Talked on the phone with Mathew , had a funny quarrel , even Sharry was laughing at us . Rofl .

Sharry had to go home soon after , so i pei her to bus stop . Then continued chatting on th phone with Mathew while waiting for that stupid jon who's in some meeting .

He finally reached . So had to stopped the conversation and went to the chalet area . Ate chicken wings again , they're really good ! hoho . Then jon played with me "21 points" after we had our fill . I keep having 21 den he dulan . Lol , i'm seriously very lucky ysd . xD

Wilfred came back and he bought cup noodles ! Gosh i feel like eating also . Then he let me eat some :D We played taidi , before going up to the chalet room to put their stuffs cause we're going for a walk later on (:

Th room is bigg :l Then on the table got food ! :D Ate more chicken wings , muahahaha . Then finally , when eat okay we went to Pasir ris park ! While walking , Caroline told me about someone she liked .

I was pretty against it at first cause she's attached alr , but then again , her current kinda sucks . So i asked her to go for it . Haha .

Walked to the maze there , cycled wilfred's bike . Then i cycled faster then jon want compete with me . He ran , i cycled . Guess who won ?............... Me of course ! Bike sure faster one mah . Hahaa . We went over to the big playground , and started playing :D

First stop , the swing ! Haha , i challenged jon , he lost again . I think cause im light , den can fly higher . LOL .

Second stop , The satellite ! I went up first , being the lightest den one by one sat up . Got dizzy after rounds of spinning . Then they all go down , i had to go down last cause lightest . Then they just left me there on top don't let me go down ! UGH . Haha . But i still manage to come down myself :D Jon sat alone on the satellite . He got his own weight , so the cycled was continuous . Haha . Pretty fun , had a great laugh .

Third stop , flying fox . Only caroline played thou , she had a pretty hard time getting on the thing thou . Hahaa .

Fourth stop , star webby . Was pretty stable , so we sat there and gossip-ed for like 45mins . Caroline's brothers then came . After awhile went down for a sip of water . Chit chat for awhile on ground level (:

Fifth stop , spider webby ! Didn't went to the top , took off my slippers den stupid wilfred and jon play with my slipper .

Last stop , star gazing on rock #10 ! ♥ I laid down on the rock , looking at the sky . Amazed at the sight which was totally AWESOME . First time i had such a good view of all the stars , there was really ALOT of stars ysd ! Haha . Plus it was windy , felt like natural aircon . If only time could stop at that moment .

Went back to chalet at 3 plus am . Took stuffs and jon gave me a lift home (: Reached my block we gossiped for awhile again , till 4am , till i was really tired alr . Thanks jon for making me tired . LOL , cause i had insomnia this few days and can't get to sleep .

Home sweet home .

Beautiful skies

Quotes :D
Love is like a butterfly -- The more you chase it, the more it eludes you. But if you just let it fly, it would come to you when you least expect it.

Girls are like cell phones -- They like to be held and talked to, but press the wrong button and you're disconnected. Guys are like buses. If you miss that one, another will be along soon. (Y)

Words and hearts should be handled with care -- For words when spoken and hearts when broken are the hardest things to repair.

The best thing about an enemy is that he tells the truth about you.

Why do we close our eyes when we sleep, when we cry, when we imagine, when we kiss? Because the most beautiful thing in the world is unseen.

When you run so fast to get somewhere, you miss the fun of getting there. Life is not a race, so take it slower. Hear the music before the song is over. (Y)

It takes three seconds to say I love you, three minutes to explain, three hours to demonstrate, three days to appreciate, three terms to produce it, but a lifetime to prove it. (Y)(Y)

Tired + tired + tired .

Now i know why the company selected me and sharry so fast ! Cause their kind of sales is really tough , plus it's based on commission(meaning there's no basic pay) , they don't release you on time when it's time for you to go off from work plus the bonuses are always made by the same people . Boohoo .

Should be quitting tmr with 7 other people . LOL , so many people wanna quit :x So yeahs , the only good thing is that the pay given is weekly . Other than that , nothing lor .

Today so sotong laa , bought one pair of covered shoes , den went for interview @ Singapore Zoo :D Then after that left my shoes there . Lmfao . Hopefully they'll keep it for me . Ahah . If the zoo job also cannot alr then i think that's it . That's enough for me . Lol . After poly den sayy alr . (:

It's been quite some time since i've last updated also . Rarely have the time to even touch the keyboard lahs . I missed the old school days totally .

My current boss suck BIG TIME . (Y)


Job hunting is indeed tougher than expected.
Kind of helping an online friend to sort of like advertise his blogshop (guys products?) , here's the link: http://budget-place.blogspot.com


Just updating what i've been doing lately .

Walked around the neighborhood for jobs ,  but to no avail . It's kinda tougher than what i had expected tho . ahah . Probably because i had no work experience or so before , so it's kinda harder for me to get one now .

Went for a job interview @ airport today , thanks to caroline :D Haha , bumped into Irwan after we went to visit caroline at her work area . Lol , what a small world eh ? Airport so big also can bump into him x.x

But i guess if really cannot find a job it's okay . I shall just relax all the way till get results luh , just that not much $$ to spend only mah :x Hahaa .

Been laughing my ass off watching the Batsu game recently , & also watched Bloody Monday which was quite good too :D Can't wait till Liar Game Season II comes out ! (:

Been eating ALOT recently , especially at night >.< I don't know why , i just keep buying snacks , snacks & more snacks . Damn . Lol , i hope i get fatter :D

I love my blog song !

Yise Loo's 别再哭了

Volunteer @ ion orchard
Just realised i've hit 300 posts alr (: woot . ahah .

Anyways , went to Ion Orchard today with Jon , Mel & Shermeen . Jon so-called invited us to be volunteers to help out with the lego thingy so yeahs , it was quite fun plus we get to have a free tee shirt (:

We get to escort the kids(mostly) to the open area @ B4 and stuffs . It was fun playing with the kids tho:x Had a great time laughing & all , especially the school , telok something ? which is located at bedok . They told me the name but i forgot . stm ! :x

Then some of the primary 5 boys must've thought me and melvin was a couple or something cause they were like giggling away lol -.- After that , volunteers were also given the privilege to put 3 lego bricks for free :D

Ahaa , after that a lil photo-taking session & we're off for food hunt . Not me actually , but them . lol .

Till like dunno what time , went back to pasir ris , jon went to his lover's house while I accompanied melvin to loyangpoint for his dinner i think .

It has been raining throughout the whole day ! Even until Melvin finished eating , it was still drizzling ._. So i went home & yeah , facebook-ed . Lol , plus a lil bit of viwawa-ing =D

Os has officially ended !

Wheee ,finally we're all free :D hohoho . but for now , it's time to find a job and work our asses off before we start get back our results next year D: Sian .

I wanna playplayplayyy , mahjong , bbq  , movies , swimming , anything ! arghh .

The upside down world in me

Booo . Boring weekends @ home is killing me . I'm dying to go out ! Rawr ! O levels ending pretty soon , can't wait to go out with my beloved juniors (: & of course can't wait to celebrate the end of O levels . :D

Howeverrrrr , I have not been saving much money -.- So i guess the real playing starts @ dec , most probably after i found a job and got my pay that is :D Haha , can'twait can'twait can'twait !

Ysd watched COMA , on channel u , alone , in the living room , all dark and creepy . I lied down on the sofa , cover myself with my blanket >.< The show watched once before alr , but dunno why still will get scared . LOL :x

Anyways , tmr's f&n paper and i'm right here blogging plus facebooking -.- Sian , gonna flunk this subject anyways , just give it a go . =D

Whydoesallthesestupidstuffshavetohappentome , itotallyabhorit . ROARS .

What a day .
Some damn asshole came and talked to me , ruining the rest of my day . Totally pissed off with him . RAWR . Nvm , better not talk about it before it spoils my mood again .

Went to Jon's house ysd for daidee cum mahjong =D Melvin getting better la sial -.- First round he won alr . Wth . Lol . When dunno what time , switched to playing mahjong . Jon and yewsiong taught Mel how to play . Not bad , fast learner:D

Haha . After that we played for like hours . but only 2 real rounds . As in dong & nan only , den stopped alr . Cause Yewsiong won 4 times in a row , i also won 4 times in a row , den like keep being the banker . Lol .

It was fun anyways , i want more of the playing after Os :D After all that mahjong-ing , Mel accompanied me to downtown to study my f&n . Studied for like 1hr plus only , den went to mac and eat cause i bth alr . Lol .

Eateateat , talktalktalk , laughlaughlaugh . Then saw brian and angela at mac also . We never fail to meet any siglapians when we go downtown :l Anws , after eating i walked melvin home , den walked home slowly myself . LOL . My turn alr:D

Gahh , went to school @ 10plus today for f&n remedial . Did papers , papers & more papers . Damn . Got some kind of buffet at the canteen den Miss dai , Mr ang , Mdm wu , all come tell us can go eat . Lol .

The guy who's hiring called me @ 12 plus , 6$/hr , gonna meet him tmr :/ Not sure if i want the job yet leys . Might be job hunting with Sharry .

I didn't really eat my lunch i realised , cause was kinda full from my bread . The hooo ah , really true blue singaporean . Rofl , Take water bottle go refill with the drinks there . Lmao , still full full ley ! Hahaa.

I went off at almost 2pm . Took bus 53 , so packed , ugh -.- Reached home slept on the sofa alr . Super tired , can't wait for Os to end man !

Random photos taken previously.

Rain rain, don't go away D:
Rawrr. Tired alr. But will just have a short post .

It has been raining the wholeeeee day man ! But it was nice though . ahah :D

Went to loyang point "study fnn" with sharry and huayu . Not that they study fnn la , is me . Lol . Then they all talk about chinese phrases which was really funny , so i couldn't help but joined in .

There's alot of funny idioms that i've memorised today ! :D Then the huayu say i from study fnn become chinese . Lol. Cause huayu sitting in front of me , he tried to take my slippers off but failed , haha !@#$%^&*

Then sharry saw alr go kick him also . Lols . Anyways , at around 5plus we went for haircut ! There was not much of a difference though , only the length like shorter by a bit niahs -.-

Tmr most probably going mahjong @ jon's place , hopefully jon found the 4th person to play with us . Off to sleep !

3 more papers to go .
Physics today , screw it . First time physics harder than chem . how can that possibly be lahs . zz -.-

After that went to mac study . Leechye & co. came , sat behind us . Pretty noisy , couldn't concentrate . Plus hengquan and clifton kept calling me aaron plus pasting stickers on people's shirt =.=

Then shifted place to somewhere near th bin , wow -.- Then also cannot focus , cause Sharry keep playing with Don . Ugh . Bad environment = studying efficiency low :/

Irwan and gang made salty milo . Ask me drink . I drank one sip , don't know what taste , drink again , and again . Lol , then they ask me not salty mehs . Lmao .

After i went back to get papers for hq , they made another cup , this time 8 packets of salt . Ew . It's damn f-ing salty . YUCKS .

Then after all that crap , we finally switched place again , peace at last . But by then , i don't wish to study anymore . Ate mac for lunch , stomach pain after wards . Screw it . Then afterwards headache . Dammit . !@#$%^&*

This time gimme fever , ass . No mood after that . Didn't really talk much . Thanks zongwei for sms-ing me while he was just in front of me . Lols , thought that it was pretty lame . Did laugh a bit though (:

Walked back to school along with jon and mel . Thanks jon for talking alot , arbo also quiet .

Reached school , took out my stuffs , wanting for another short revision , 5 mins later , need to go up alr -.-

Went into exam hall , head super pain , it feels like it's gonna explode anytime . rawr ! No mood to do anything , the geog paper so indirect , make me need to think so much .

Don't let someone become your everything, because when they're gone you have nothing .

Study study study ....
Recieved sms from yewsiong @ 10plus , asking if wanna study physics . I said okay , but i wanna slp more first. Lol , den asked jon along . Went to e!hub , stupid jon and yewsiong playing mafia @ some place outside arcade .

Studied at teasire again , not much of studying done though , discussed about how to go have fun after Os nia , steamboat party , jb outing , mahjong etc . Lol . Saw clara & huiqing there too .

After awhile , Melvin came . Then continue discussing about the steamboat thingy before they went to play pool . Melvin forgot he no IC or ezlink card , then cannot go in ._.

He was like , angry , which was pretty scary . Lol , then like very bad to ps him :l So yewsiong and jon went to play while i accompany him go makan (:

While he ate , we played poker , out of 5 rounds he won 3 ! Not bad at all eh ! Master daidee so fast . Haha .

1hr later , we went to find the 2 stupids who're hooking onto the comp playing ffs -.- Saw lisa , heng quan & clifton along the way . They keep calling me aaron siol ._.

Thanks Melvin for accompaning me go teasire first . :D Cause really bth the 2 jon and yewsiong lahs , play till so shiok hor ! Rawr !

When the 2 finally finished playing , we decided to go BK study . Thanks yewsiong for patting my head and wishing me goodluck for tmr before he went off -.-

Sat down , some time later , realise nadhirah was sitting just beside out table . Lol . After like 1 hr plus , Abhinav came to study with Nad ? Lol . Then me jon and mel walked home .

I hate long posts but i just can't help it , my life's boring (:

Venice didn't came out ! :3
Overslept today ! D: So took a shower and cabbed to school today with sharry .

Venice didn't come out today ! :3 But so did governance nor healthcare :s Nvm , it's okay ! Still got bonding singapore to fall back on :D Today's chemistry paper was alright , just that got some careless =/
On the way to school today for chem paper , me and sharry took bus 109 , den i closed my eyes for a short nap , just when i opened my eyes , i realised that we've reached ! The sharry dunno doing what la ! Reach le also dunno . Lols , luckily i woke up in time to see where were we ._.

Anw, all the best to people taking dnt paper tmr ! jyjy .

I'm really really bored right now , don't feel like studying yet , don't feel like viwawa-ing . siann .  No one to talk to either . SUPER BORED AHS . RAWR !

I sooo wanna watch 2012 ! D:

M&M :l

Woman power !
“Women are cuter animals but with bird brains”, so said all the grumpy husbands.
But when women have normal brains, men are in trouble. Read this:

Conversation (1)
A couple drove down a country road for several miles, not saying a word.
An earlier discussion had led to an argument and neither of them wanted to concede their position.
As they passed a barnyard of mules, goats, and pigs, the husband asked sarcastically, “Relatives of yours?”
“Yep,” the wife replied, “in-laws.”

Conversation (2)
A husband read an article to his wife about how many words each woman uses a day : … 30,000 to a man’s 15,000.
The wife replied, “The reason has to be because we have to repeat everything because men are absent minded and not so intelligent.
The husband then turned to his wife and asked, “What?”

Conversation (3)
A man said to his wife one day, “I don’t know how you can be so stupid and so beautiful all at the same time.
” The wife responded, “Allow me to explain. God made me beautiful so you would be attracted to me; and stupid so I would be attracted to you!

Conversation (4)
Husband and wife were in the midst of a violent quarrel, and hubby was losing his temper.
“Be careful,” he said to his wife. “You will bring out the beast in me.”
“So what?” his wife shot back. “Who is afraid of a mouse?”

Conversation (5)
A man and his wife were having an argument about who should brew the coffee each morning.
The wife said, “You should do it, because you get up first, and then we don’t have to wait as long to get our coffee.”
The husband said, ” You are in charge of cooking around here and you should do it, because that is your job, and I can just wait for my coffee.”
Wife replies, “No, you should do it, and besides, it is in the Bible that the man should brew coffee.”
Husband replies, “I can’t believe that, show me.
“So she fetched the Bible, and opened the New Testament and showed him at the top of several pages, and indeed it says….”HEBREWS”

Early in the morning,
I was happily in my dreams , and towards the good part of the dream , my mom had to shout , waking me up & i totally forgotten what i was dreaming in the first place -.- So i'm like thinking to myself , so early in the morning you all quarrel quarrel quarrel , people want to slp one sia , wtf lahs . RAWR !

So it all started thanks to my sis , for coming home "early in the morning" , and kinda like lied to them that she was @ her boyf's place last night after the movies . The quarrel stopped for awhile , but my mom insisted on calling her boyf . Oh wells , & so my dad called her boyf .

(Before they called , i tried to sms my sis and tell her about it , but sending error den i didn't notice . damn -.-)

Her boyf said that he wasn't with her last night , therefore , the quarrel continued -.-

My sis was then being lectured by my father , cause of my mother being the unreasonable one . My father actually didn't wanna probe , saying that she's old enough alr . But my mom was like , "ask her who she go out with , i want to call her friend and ask" . So i'm like ... wth? My sis's alr 19 ! Come on luh .

The lectured continued for like 10mins . I went out to the living room and slept on the sofa . Damn , they quarrel till outside -.- My mom said , got this boyf not bad alr , still want to go outside and "gao" (if you get what i mean) .

So it's like , wth lor , say until she like some prost. like that ... Then the quarrel continued , so i just plugged my ears with my earpiece and listen to songs .

Jennifer's body
Rawrs . It has been quite a day today . Went out studying with sharry & huayu , before going for movies with mel , dawson and jereld , then go for supper with jon and mel .

It's november alr , so many things i wanna do , watch , go , buy , play . But so little time , money & energy D: Tired tired tired , stress stress stress . Humans coming ! If fail humans how to go business courseeee . Think of it jiu sian alr .

Movie rating for Jennifer's body: 3.5/5 i guess . Wasn't much of a horror , so not scary enough to feel the tension >.< Anyways , me and mel went seperate ways with dawson and jereld right after the movie to find jon for supper @ one of centrals' kopitiam . Lol . Didn't know that one of my ex was there too until he smsed me just awhile ago ._.

Anyways, i'll be studying with sharry tmr ! Hopefully it'll be super effective for the upcoming exams on monday . Wish me luck !