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Im Jennifur 19 years young, lovely attached.
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Teeth falling out dream, real true .
Psychological Meaning: Dreaming of teeth falling out may represent insecurity. These dreams often occur at a time of transition between one phase of life and another. When we lost our milk teeth, we also gradually lost our childhood innocence. Loosing your teeth therefore show that today you have similar feelings of uncertainty and self-consciousness as you did in childhood. The dream could also highlight your worries about getting older or your sexual attractiveness.

Cute . (:
Men Are Like
They only show up when there's food on the table.
They usually run at the first sign of emotion.
..Bike helmets.
They're good in emergencies but usually just look silly.
..Government bonds.
They take so long to mature.
You need them in reproduction but that's about it.
..Lava lamps.
Fun to look at it but not all that bright.
..Bank accounts.
Without a lot of money they don't generate a lot of interest.
..High heels.
They're easy to walk on once you get the hang of it.
..Curling irons.
They're always hot and always in your hair.
..Mini skirts.
If your not careful they'll creep up your legs.
Keep one around long enough and your gonna want to shoot it.
..Floor tiles.
Lay them right the first time and you can walk on them for a lifetime.
..Parking spots.
The good ones are taken, and the rest are too small.
The older they get, the less firm they are.

ahh whatever~
A man was walking down the street when he was accosted by a particularly dirty and shabby-looking homeless man who asked him for a couple of dollars for dinner.

The man took out his wallet, extracted ten dollars and asked, "If I give you this money, will you buy some beer with it instead of dinner?" 
"No, I had to stop drinking years ago," the homeless man replied.

"Will you use it to gamble instead of buying food?" the man asked.
"No, I don't gamble," the homeless man said. "I need everything I can get just to stay alive."

"Will you spend this on greens fees at a golf course instead of food?" the man asked.
"Are you NUTS!" replied the homeless man. "I haven't played golf in 20 years!"

"Will you spend the money on a woman in the red light district instead of food?" the man asked.
"What disease would I get for ten lousy bucks?" exclaimed the homeless man.

"Well," said the man, "I'm not going to give you the money. Instead, I'm going to take you home for a terrific dinner cooked by my wife."
The homeless man was astounded. "Won't your wife be furious with you for doing that? I know I'm dirty, and I probably smell pretty disgusting."

The man replied, "That's okay. It's important for her to see what a man looks like after he has given up beer, gambling, golf, and sex."

Female Comebacks, hilarious !
Man "Haven't we met before?"
Woman "Yes, I'm the receptionist at the VD Clinic."

Man "Haven't I seen you someplace before?"
Woman "Yeah, that's why I don't go there anymore."

Man "Is this seat empty?"
Woman "Yes, and this one will be too if you sit down."

Man "So, wanna go back to my place ?"
Woman "Well, I don't know. Will two people fit under a rock?"

Man "Your place or mine?"
Woman "Both. You go to yours and I'll go to mine."

Man "I'd like to call you. What's your number?"
Woman "It's in the phone book."

Man "But I don't know your name."
Woman "That's in the phone book too."

Man "So what do you do for a living?"
Woman "I'm a female impersonator."

Man "What sign were you born under?"
Woman "No Parking."

Man "Hey, baby, what's your sign?"
Woman "Do not Enter"

Man "How do you like your eggs in the morning?"
Woman "Unfertilized"

Man "Hey, come on, we're both here at this bar for the same reason"
Woman "Yeah! Let's pick up some chicks!"

Man "I'm here to fulfill your every sexual fantasy."
Woman "You mean you've got both a donkey and a Great Dane?"

Man "I know how to please a woman."
Woman "Then please leave me alone."

Man "I want to give myself to you."
Woman "Sorry, I don't accept cheap gifts."

Man "I can tell that you want me."
Woman "Ohhhh. You're so right. I want you to leave."

Man "If I could see you naked, I'd die happy
Woman "Yeah, but if I saw you naked, I'd probably die laughing."

Man "Hey cutie, how 'bout you and I hitting the hot spots?"
Woman "Sorry, I don't date outside my species.."

Man "Your body is like a temple."
Woman "Sorry, there are no services today."

Man "I'd go through anything for you."
Woman "Good! Let's start with your bank account."

Man "I would go to the end of the world for you."
Woman "Yes, but would you stay there?"

Found a picture of me when my fringe was still quite short then :l
It has been quite some time since i last had a hair cut . Next hair cut would be after Os (:
Ps; my hair's quite messy cause i took it very early in the morning, bad hair day -.-

Poker Tower (:

Hoho , no cards were spared ! (including the jokers !) Built this tower with all 56 old cards :D But still not enough cards so ended up with the highest floor got 2 triangles den not very nice :l It's a good thing that the cards were old , so more friction , den can build tall tall . haha .

Went out to study alone today , @ downtown , alone . Ate burgerking for lunch . There's a quote that's damn nice there which says ;
You have the right decision to have what you want , exactly when you want it . Because on the menu of life , you're "Today's special" .
Real cool right ! Ahaha . Okay , that's lame . I'm bored ! RAWR .

Bad bad dreams
D: Had pretty bad dreams last night again . Firstly i dreamt about cars that can talk, den woke up at 3am? Really short dream. Lol, can't really rmb much after the second dream which was awful. :(

Second dream was that i was stuck in this lift, and during that time my teeth rubbed against each other and i could feel like they're really fragile . When got out, walking home, i felt my teeth slowly crumbling away D: Like those biscuits crisp.

Damn. The feeling was horrible. I rushed to the toilet, looked in the mirror, seeing that almost all of my teeth have crumbled away i thought that was worst enough alr.

To add on, my gums were like falling off like the paint on the walls that fall off. Then my gums became really old looking. Must have been that orphan show coming back to hunt me. Damn -.-

Anyways, went to eat supper with jon and mel during midnight, till like 2plus in the morning. Saw hengquan, leechye, jiaxuan & desmond. suay ah -.- Hq keep "Hi aaron." Talked, ate, crapped, listened to jon's stories. Some were pretty interesting tho.

Home sweet home after that.

Clifton + Hengquan = Failed pranksters
Called me dunno how many times, both voice also recognisable laah . Lols . Thanks for the goodluck after that prankcall anyway . To HQ; goodluck to you in failing  your o levels too ;D ahah.


Sigh, feeling pretty blue today. Idk why. Don't probe, don't try cheering me up.
Math paper was easy. All the best to those taking a math tmr.

Ysd when to tampines after school before going home. Reached home at like 7plus 8 or so. Can't rmb. Was chatting on the phone then go inside lift got this woman quickly rush inside the lift with me. Looked at my school logo, then asked who's my principal.

At that point of time my mind was like blank for 1 sec. Then i'm like ermmmm, siglapsec. I thought she was gonna complain to my principal or something -.-

Then who knows, she told me she was an ex-siglapian in the 1970s. I'm like ohh, cool (: Then she's like walk out of the lift still talking, telling me her principal's name . Something something juddinn or something. Dunno la . Then i don't dare to press close door . Lmao.

After that random conversation, i reached home bathe etc. Ate dinner for 2hrs. Hit my record le. Plus only eat 5mouths -.-

Anw, today's paper was alright. After doing, i heard someone shouting my name, yuen lai is mr ves. Then he asked me how's the paper, i told him it was very easy lo. It's really easy what -.-

Tmr's paper 2 i hope it'll be tough, like as in SUPER TOUGH. :D So that it's easier to see who's really good in math right :l Paper 1 seriously can't make any difference between good and bad ones. So yeah. All the best to all .

O level - English (how dumb can i get)
Went into the hall, sit so infront -.- But quite cooling, alot of fans blowing. Lol.

Paper 1: Letter format is a mess, wrote formal letter style, hope it's alright. But the recipient i go put alumni of Siglap secondary school, den the address of the school._. die! Then the composition even BETTER, wrote wrong question number T.T went out of the hall, mr ves pass me this moist tissue thingy, thanks! (: Then he asked how was the paper.. I told him it wasn't good at all :l Do question 3 but write question number as 4. Then he ask why i so goondu. I also dunno!

Paper 2: Finished doing the paper half an hour before like that. Ms tan came to me and asked if i wrote the wrong question number. I said yess. Then she let me change :D:D!!!! Ask me next time don't so sotong alr x.x

Hahaha. weehooo. Won't fail liao =D Yayyy. Happyhappy. haha. Two thumbs up to mr ves! =DDDDDDDDD

Just wishing my un-beloved bloody brother HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
& of course, not forgotten huiqing over here =D haha. Thou i don't really know you. Lol! (:

Both of you sec 2 le! Which is erm..... 14? Yah i think so. Err, just saying, all the best for your exams! If you finish exams le then have a happy holiday bah ;D

&, goodluck to all who's taking their o lvls this year! O levels starts tmr officially. Gambateh! :D:D

Went out to study in the afternoon with Sharry and Huayu @ mac. About half of the people in mac were studying for Os. Lol. After that at night went to study with Melvin, den saw Adriel & gang over there. Then huayu say me 2nd round of studying. Ahah.

Ate mac for dinner last night again-.- I think this week out of 7 days, i eat mac for 4 or 5 days le. Sian. UNHEALTHY YOU KNOW. duh, i know. But bo bian, go mac don't eat mac, like very wad, sit down use up people's space nia.

We switched place to the other side of mac, then Mel told me he once thought loyangpoint mac got 2 storey one cause very small. i literally LMAO-ed at that point of time. hahahaa.

Did finish math paper 1, then doodled -.-

Found a photo of me when my hair was still short den :l Things change really fast don't they (:

Dunno what's wrong with my mom today, while i was still lying on my bed there was a short conversation with my mom.

Mom: "Why you everytime dinner never eat finish? Sian of outside food le isit?"
(still closing my eyes & resting.)
Me: "Yeah, kind of. Plus i always eat so long, food cold liao i dowan eat le:x"
Mom: "I should cook like twice a week hor?"
(I opened my eyes, staring at her as if she's gone mad or something.)
Me: "Yeahyeah(:"
Mom: "If not you always eat outside one also will sian."
Me: "=D"

Wooo. Dunno what's with her. FINALLY realise that man. Yipee. But of course, actions speak louder than words. We'll see about that. An hour more before i go out & study with Sharry (:

I went to school today!
Yes, i went to school today:D Haha. Had science practical today. Was pretty do-able overall i guess, though i was a little shocked upon seeing the tables filled with circuits all over.

Ended at 9.30am, but was quarantined till like 1.30pm -.- 4 hours in the hall, started revising a lil bit of humans. Then elaine asked me math questions and went running off to dunno where. We play chika chika bang bang after that, forfeit was to answer a truth or dare a dare:D Had pretty much fun playing. Laughed alot. Haha.

2nd shift people came in, played a lil while more before switching to something else. Got bored, me and sharry drew our own deck of poker cards and started playing. Haha. Then before we even knew it, it's 1.30pm :D

Gastric all the way since last night till today noon. Pei sharry and weisiong go subway. They eat, i see them eat plus study humans again. Lol. Then went home, stomach okay le-.-

Went to bathe, after bathing, pain again.. Onlined, viwawa-ed, chatted, mafia-ed, slacked.

Slacking more than ever
Just reached home, after half a day spent "studying" with jon and mel. Lol, notice the "" :D Studied a lil bit of chemistry practical stuffs, or browsing through the book rather and nothing much alr. Lols:x Pretty lazy to blog right now, so for more information, please refer to melvin's blog @ here.

4 more frigging days to Os!

Yesterday went out to study with Sharry at loyang point mac, saw JIANMING, donovan, jiayi, zainudin(dunno how to spell). Jianming's name is CAPS cause he complained why didn't i blogged about seeing him there. Lol. He came to out table, sit down, talk cock a bit, den go study. I was really happy to solve a math qn that don asked! Cause no one managed to solve it. Hahaa. Then went to e!hub's teasire and studied with Jonathan and Melvin. Went to have our dinner first @ Mr Chicken Rice. & because jon brought like 200$+ he paid more:x Hahaa.

Went back to teasire after that, the soda fizz drink not bad, just that drink le will keep want to go toilet. Lol. While studying, we talked, from jon's lover to disadvantages of being a girl then to sex related issues. Lmao. Found out something too, Melvin likes cleanliness? Just like Weisiong. Rofl, really bth that weisiong. This one dirty that one dirty. ahahh.

We studied till like 10plus before going up to lvl 5 and played big 2! :D Woots. Till like 11.40pm den go for the movie (500days with summer). Actually wanted to watch the somewhat horror show, sorority something one, but no more le-.- So went to watch that. The movie was so-so i guess, pretty funny at some parts. But overall, not very boring, but also not very entertaining. Maybe i don't really like that kind of movie la. lol.

After the movie, home sweet home.

& I realised that being a girl ain't that bad after all (:

Two dreams in a night !
I had two dreams last night, pretty cool eh. Haha!

The first one, was about my ancestors. Nothing weird about that i guess? But the weird thing was, i dreamt that my ancestors were TOADS. Yes, big, fat, ugly, TOADS. They were really huge in fact! Like the size of a bungalow (is that how you spell it?). Then when they came hopping to me, & it was like so scary (cause i was a normal size human in my dream & they were really big) that i quickly woke up as i find it reallyyy disgusting!

Then, i went back to sleep again, hoping that i won't have the same dream-.-

The second one, a more funny one i guess, was about my family. Nothing weird about this too. But the funny thing was, we're a super hero family :D Hoho. If only that was real. Haha! This dream is a lil bit blur in my head now, can't remember much, cause it has been hours since i woke up. :x I only remembered, i was running away from my "elder" brother. In my dreams la-.- (cause i don't have an elder brother.) Then, i ran around the block, up and down the stairs. Everywhere i ran, he seemed to be catching up. I was really scared, idk why. lol! Then i flew out from the HDB corridor, above greenview sec, my brother came chasing after me. Then i kept trying to fly higher but it feels as though i'm going downwards everytime. (I realised flying ain't that easy at all!)

Then i'm tired of flying so i woke up, & it was like 9am. Wayyyy too early for me to wake up. I was planning to wake at 10am-.- So i woke up & bathe, etc. Went out to meet sharry to go airport study with weisiong.

Well, i slacked pretty much. Lol:x But did managed to study quite a bit of humans, and recapped a lil about chemistry. So yeah, thats about it for today, too wordy alr-.-

Mugging @ airport.

Tmr going airport to study with sharry and weisiong :D Hopefully it'll be productive ! Two days ago went to study with Jonathan & Melvin. Thought that it was rather productive cause there was lots of interaction, den jon kept asking questions. Lol.

Going to sleep soon. Dowan tmr cannot wake up den no mood study . Yawns*


Woke up, den my mom rant at me. Say why didn't i took the $6 from my dad to pay for my chinese o lvl fee. Then i'm like, come on la, only $6 i use my own savings cannot meh. Then she was like, you stupid la, he give you money pay you dowan take, use own money. I'm like, wtf lor. I dowan take money from him also i stupid ah? Then you what? Very smart la.

I was like so dulan la. Use my own money to pay also wrong. Argh! !@#$%^&*

Emotions sometime cause us to become angry at a situation.
Our mind causes us to become angry with others and release our despair.

Oh btw, i've learnt a new word ysd, just by checking jon's dictionary. Lol. The word's "DON JUAN". Cool huh? It means womanizer. To the guys out there . (:

'O' my god, 8 days!


Currently it's 2:14am in the morning !

i'm still awake .

haha! been facebook-ing like siao. die liao la. o levels in 8 days and i'm still down here facebook-ing. shit! ahah.

hungryyy to the max man . this friday is practical debrief? don't plan to go back to school anyway.

time check: 2.17am

shall go to sleep in 13 more mins! (:

Random post

Lalalala. Math was rather do-able. But dunno the answers correct anot. LOL. This coming thursday going out to study with Sharry and co. Cause there's no school i heard?

Started playing mafia in facebook :D Lots of guys are playing -.- I wonder why. Got so fun meh!? Lmao. Gonna be offline soon at 9pm. Brother wants to play his windslayer -.-

Home alone tmr ! Boohoo ):

Twist :D

Leaving home to school in a few more mins ! Having mock exam later on . Wish me luck people ! (:

Peace out ~

Officially missing you by JS :D

They're really good ! Like seriously ! Pretty plus can sing . By2 is totally owned by them man ! They rock , so enjoy ! (:

This is just an extra one, thought that the kindergarten song that they learn is like damn cool !

Home alone.

Bahh. Today's weather is so coolinggg . Haha . Woke up and went onlined today, till around 2plus went to sleep for an hour more before my brother came back . Then, i realised i skipped lunch . No wonder i'm so angry . Lol.

Woke up and bathed , then revised a bit of chem. Received Mr Ves's sms asking me to go back to school for tmr's mock paper at 2pm. (wonder how i did for paper 1 anyway .)

My mom came back , got noodles , so i ate them at like 5plus . Lol , what an early lunch i had :D

Later at night online a while more jiu go slp le . Tmr still waking up early to revise my math . Havent been touching it for days .

PSLE math? It's a killer man.

"Jim bought some chocolates and gave half of it to Ken. Ken bought some sweets and gave half of it to Jim. Jim ate 12 sweets and Ken ate 18 chocolates. The ratio of Jim’s sweets to chocolates became 1:7 and the ratio of Ken...’s sweets to chocolates became 1:4. How many sweets did Ken buy?"

Can you imagine a primary school kid alr has to do such a tough question? Looking at my school's math exam paper, i feel that seriously, my school sucks -.-

I miss the ice creammms !

Miss the ice creams there ! Feeling hungry again right now. Just finished my lunch like half an hour ago ? Haha. Anyways, today i was woken up by a malay wedding somewhere around my neighbourhood. They are so damn freaking loud ! Like hey!? It's a sunday, most of the people are sleeping till late in the afternoon! Dammit . They ruined my sleep ):

Yummy Chendol .

Skipped school for 2 days alr . Ves called . Told him i'll be studying at home from now alr. He say just provide a letter? Hmm.

Ysd had pizza for lunch :D Pepperoni & hawaiian flavour . Then at night went out with my family, eclud. my brother. Cause he wanna play cs at home. So we went to tampines one food court eat . There's this really nice chendol ! :

It cost like $2.50 per cup? Usually it's served in bowls la. But i noticed something funny there. Everyone was queue-ing up at the deserts' stall but no one's queue-ing at the drinks stall ! Lol. Everyone wants to grab a cup of chendol i guess. haha.

After that we went to tampines mall to look for laptops as my sis is planning to get one. She wanted to get a VAIO laptop. The price was $1499, if she wanna pay by instalments, it'd be $70.78 x 48months which is twice of the cost price ! Definitely not worth it . So she decided to come again when she got enough money. Who ask her to keep buy insurance till no money. Lols.

Took bus 3 home, played poker from 10plus till 1plus? I lose money ! But nevermind la . $1plus nia. :x haha. Going out to study later . *twist* :D

Lost time is never found again.

Had pizza for lunch ! Was a pretty late lunch  cause ordered at 2.30 and it came around 3plus.

Currently listening to my blog songs . Like so emo sia :l Haha. Anyway , have been writing geog notes . Hopefully it'll be easier for revision next week so that my notes are not written "just for the sake of doing something when i'm not in school" .

Kumar drag queen

I bet you'd laugh like hellllll ! Just watch it !

Should have .


Shit . Should've went to school today .

I'm so bored right now. I guess they took back their math paper .

I wanna know my results ! Damn . !@#$%^&*

Editted; on the other hand, maybe not .

Cause it's raining cat & dogs out there !

I wish i could dance like them; it's k-ooool :

Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes.

Had physics mock paper today , which is the N level physics paper this year . Was pretty easy . Did it in half an hours' time . If only O levels was that easy :l Hah . In my dreams eh. Speaking of dreams! I had a terrible nightmare last night .

I dreamt that there's this guy who had a girlf , then the girlf died , then he and me went steady , and then for some reason he had her wallet . And then the girl suddenly poped out , with the face so so soooo scary . Then the weird thing is that this girl ghost , she can mutate into anything as a disguise or something ! ._. Then they went back tgt . And then i was being murdered by them , and was being squashed into a transparent box , with my body parts all twisted tgt . Omfg . The image is still in my head right now . The girl then mutate into a phone, then the guy hold the phone and pretend he was talking on the phone and then the two of them somehow went to look for more victims . Weird dream eh :S

It's roughly like that la , i'm bad at descriptive writing..so yeahs.  Lol. The girl was seriously f-ing scary . And with my body parts twisted and all that ! Brrrr . It's scaring the hell out of me man. But oh wells, we can't control what dreams we're gonna have everyday ..

Like what my post title said;
It is foolish to fear what you cannot avoid.

The human heart.

"The human heart cannot love the whole world. And if you try to put the whole world into your heart, you will eventually lose touch with your own humanity."

Real Live Preacher, 05-01-07

Self mugging at home after this week

Yay. My mum has approved to me studying at home from next week onwards :D So i'm not planning to go back to school alr after this friday (:

Today Ms Yong gave us like 4 practice papers to do :O The previous time she already gave us like 5 papers!? I wonder where does she get all these papers from la. Sian. All E math. I had enough revision of E math alrrr . Somehow or rather, i feel that i'm focusing way too much on E maths.

Mr Ves didn't came to school today, had 3 boring periods in class . MORE math papers. Siannn . Jarel sat beside me, so he showed me his way out of point chinese compo. Lols. But i bet if he had known what was 信用卡, he caould have done it better .

Looking at my results now, i really wonder what can i do with that kind of grade ._. I'm aiming for at most 15 points. So thats like 17 points without cca. I hope i can like improve in my science and humans by one grade :S

Graduated....or not?

Update of results:
English: C5 - 55%
Math Overall: A1 - 84%
Science Overall: C5 - 56%
Chinese: A1 - 77%
Humans overall: C6 - 50% (phew~)
F&N overall: ?

It's been quite some time since i've ever wore any formal wear.

Had grad day a few days ago, but still have to go back to school. It's like what the hell? Aren't we suppose to be like graduated already ? So shouldn't we stop schooling & start mugging at home yet?

All i can say is that our school, is kiasu cum cheapskate.

Anyways, i feel even shorter right now. I wish ms wee was here. LOL.

Today had school as usual, f&n then physics. During physics did the "turn head" wave in class, was hella funny.

Then during recess i had to pei Sharry to the toilet cause of some reasons. Then that damn toilet cleaner knew we're inside and locked us in! We knocked at the door but she didn't even bothered. At first i laughed, cause i thought the cleaner was somehow joking. Besides, it was my FIRST time being locked up in a toilet anw. Lol.

& therefore, we had to sms/call other people to get help.....BUT at the same time scared of being laughed at. Lmao. Sharry even slipped a paper underneath the door to kind of attract other people's attention. After 40mins inside that stinky and dirty room, Shahirah & co. finally came to our rescue. So TADA, we're out of that stinking toilet. Rofl.

Then when for humans, and played the National builder game. English lesson afterwards, got Mrs Jay really pissed cause 18 people didn't do homework. Woops. I'm one of them :x

End school, 2hrs do Math mock paper 1. Was pretty alright. 20mins left, Mr Ves collected my paper and started marking. Got 4 careless mistakes currently, out of 3/4 of the paper? Haha. Hope i'd get 65 and above. (:

Mooncake/Lantern festival :]

The only 2 photos taken with my phone before it blacked out.

In the process of making the candles stand.

Me & Sharry with the candles :D

Sharry 'n' Jennifer (:

Aiya my eye gone.

Haven't ok sharry take liao. Lol ; Stupid wind is piss-ng me off! Ugh.

Take 1, used timer, too fast so i didn't go in. She looks good in this pic anw! thumbs up*; Take 2. Wonder why we're blurred? Cause the timer took so long to snap. So much so that i couldn't help it so i burst out laughing and made sharry laugh too. Lol.

Take 3 & 4. Better a bit :D

Heart-shaped; before and after lighting. :D

While clearing up, saw this candle that still has the string left unburnt, i found it amusing so took a photo of it. LOL:x

Miracles do happen....right?

I wonder how will i do for my O levels . I still think i won't be able to have all the motivation i need and end up hugging the buddha's leg like how i did for prelims again . :S -- *Praying for miracles to happen*

The subject i'm most afraid of failing is my humanities .. I need it to go into a business course ! Oh god pls, just lemme conquer the textbook aight! Like what Ves said, the textbook contents ain't gonna change at all , the 10 year series questions ain't gonna get any tougher , we're the ones who're gonna get smarter ! :D

Had graduation day today , with those big big gowns . We look like some junior wizard school like seriously . Lols , even the teachers were wearing them . When the teachers went up for their speech , some of them got emotional & of course cried . When Mr Ves said his speech, i almost cried but controlled my tears . Haha , mh cried till her whole eyes were red la . Miss chin's speech was also really touching . Though she didn't teach me before , i could tell she was a really nice teacher . Haha .

Don't know what's wrong with mixpod.com nowadays. Anyone knows how i can get back my mp3 player ? Sian half . I'm a lil hungry right now .

Anyways, going to play candles later @ night w/ Sharry! Whee. hahaa. It's been a long long time since me and my siblings last played w/ candles . Still rmb hanging out at nearby playgrounds lighting up candle by candle under the big & round moon and leaving the playground with the floor full of candles wax . Ahah. Those times are looong gone .

Enough of this wordy post . Just a short quote to end of my post.

It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.

Judge only actions

"I have long since come to believe that people never mean half of what they say, and that it is best to disregard their talk and judge only their actions."

Dorothy Day