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Im Jennifur 19 years young, lovely attached.
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Alright, school has started. No more fun and games i suppose.

& yes, once again, i'm being called a freak, in Mathematics.

Okay.....i'm good in Math, very good in fact, but so what!?
My Chinese is quite good.
My English is acceptable.
My sciences are weak.
& my humans are not so bad.
Don't even talk about F&N.

There's only Math which i'm really good in. So what people? So what.

Anyways, recently there was this F1 show thingy right, i wasn't really interested so i didn't watched it, even on tv. Then ysd, one of my teachers made this comment. "Why the people want waste sooo much money on just the ticket to the F1 show? Just come to Siglap la! Then can see F9s everytime already. *Laughs" And of course, everyone burst out laughing. Even me.

Hah. I guess even our school teachers felt that our school has no hope eh. Tsk. Though I find it quite true, i also found it quite demoralising. But whatever~ Who ask me to be not smart enough to go to better schools in the first place. No point complaining eh (:

Blahblah. Results time.
Math Overall: A1 - 84%
Science Overall: C5 - 56%
Humans overall: C6 - 50% (phew~)
English: P2: 22.5/50

Yay! Science go up one grade! :DWooooohoo! Math & SS still the same. English have deproved a bit :x Will mug harder for Os.(:

But if this is the real results i think i'll get 21 points - 2 cca points = 19points . Wth. Where can i go with this kind of grades la. -.-

If I Have 100Mbps (diff version)
Enjoy (:

Motivation doesn't last

"People often say that motivation doesn't last.Well, neither does bathing -that's why we recommend it daily."

Zig Ziglar

Today I.... forgotten to bring my calculator for physics paper!

Today I smiled, and all at once things didn't look so bad.
Today I shared with someone else, a bit of hope I had
Today I sang a little song, and felt my heart grow light,
And walked a happy little mile, with not a cloud in sight.

Today I worked with what I had and longed for nothing more,
And what had seemed like only weeds, were flowers at my door.
Today I loved a little more and complained a little less,
And in the giving of myself, I forgot my weariness.

If only i remembered about my calculator.. If only. Ha.

I wish I knew how to dance.
I wish I knew how to play the piano.
I wish I knew how to be successful in life.

I wish i was smarter.
I wish I was an einstein.
I wish I was better academically.

I wish I could fly.
I wish I could be taller.
I wish I could change my life.

I wish I had my own house.
I wish I had an older brother.
I wish I had everything I wanted.

I wish I didn't have prelims.
I wish I didn't have to get up so early.
I wish I didn't have to study for tmr's paper.

I wish I lived somewhere else.
I wish I understood people better.
I wish I could be someone I'm not.

& I wish my parents didn't annoy me so much.
I wish I wish I wish.

I don't want problems solved for me.
I want the fishing rod, not the fish.

Stupid ads. Despo ads. Horny ads.
The ads make it look like a cyber sex game but its not.

You have to pay for game coins (that explains the ads.)

There is an Evony ad that is a picture of a clevage and nothing else. It says play secretly now but the game has nothing to do with clevages (which seems to be their method of advertising: big clevage!) =.=

I bet it's a game that no one plays.

Okayy.. I guess this is slowly gonna be someone elses' blog rather than mine =.= Thereforeee, i've removed him to blog already. So even if my blog's dead, at least it's still my blog. Lol.

Hmm, today's a sunday. So i guess most probably 3/4 of the day i'll either be sleeping or mugging a lil.

F. I typed a whole lot and i accidentally clicked shift and up and there goes my paragraph =.= Lol-ed. Shall skip that part then.

Zen intro-ed me to a 15 year old guy, Justin Bieber. He really can sing well! Falling in love with him already. HAHA. Anyways, gonna credit Zen for teaching me for the past few days.. So yeah, that's about it. (p.s; he crap alot too.)

Gonna continue eating my lunch. I think it's the longest record i've ever had. 2hrs and still going~ Don't really have much appetite lately. Ciao~


Morning people! (: blogging b4 tution again.....hmm....today will be the same as yesterday i guess....tution-study-eat-study-study-study-eat-study-sleep.....yes, thats how boring my days are getting....honestly it really sucks....

when you cant solve the sums, it sucks!
when you dont understand the questions, it sucks!
when you cant seem to concentrate, it sucks!

But trust me, it sucks the most, when you are dumb, stupid & idiotic!
shit, did i just describe myself?
life sucks!
exam sucks!
freaking cucumber hard to score an A
what's the world becoming to man? (what am i becoming to? i'm suppose to be an optimist? :/ )
just for an A, we risk the colour and thickness of our hair?
tsktsk, however i am willing to do so!
give me my As please!
give me give me give me!

oh well, i'm turning nuts again
but dont get too happy yet...
i will be back,
guaranteed! plus chop chop!


i stare back at the uncertainty,
maybe i wasn't truthful to myself after all....
what do i really want after doing so much?
i really wonder......


sign off-
bright student with a bright future whose life has just been blured by a fog, but hey! it's clearing soon!
thought of the day.
if everything goes your way,
and nothing goes wrong for you,
that's NOT life....u want something?
work your ass off for it.


Spent my whole day mugging....homework is like never ending! i done many but i am still left with many. aiya, my time management and discipline and determination can go kiss the floor lar....zzz

learn to love what you hate.
will you then excel in it!
i love maths and chemistry!
will i excel in it?
guess so! ahhah!

it's not easy
but i will try my best
 i miss talking to you
neither can replace either

Friday! hmmm...i like how slack fridays feel.....but exams are coming and nobody really goes out much to enjoy friday nights now :/
Always after the meaningless cracking of meaningless jokes at school, come home and cool down (Sort of), then can start to think about zheng jing shi.
School only seems to be a time to talk cock sing song and study ABIT...lols!
We have a choice everyday,
regarding the attitude we embrace for that day.
We cannot change our past.
We cannot change the fact that people act in a certain way.
We cannot change the inevitable.

The only thing we can do is play on the one thing we have, and that is
our Attitude.

Life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.

makes lots of sense huhs...
well...i guess thats all!
nth else in this world ever matters more to me than you....i hope u're better in the morning! 
trying hard to think of a chim chim line to put here
but i just dun have a clue on what to put.
oh well. hahaha. dun force myself, no happy-ness will come out of it (mian qiang shi bu hui you xin fu)
LOL, have a good night people (:

2.26am in the morning
Miss Swan!

had a great laugh watching this. lmfao-ed.


Is it because my friend is shy with everyone except strangers that these
strangers, and merest acquaintances, seem to us as our truest friends?

cool line huhs...kinda meaningfull?

haha! today is thursday and  tmr will be the last day of the week! i always look forward to fridays bcos weekends wld be up next! (wells, who doesnt?) mmmm...glad u're better alr! thats great! (:

I was struggling through an emaths mock paper, i behave like a total idiot when i faced numerical terms. and i completely had no feel for the paper, i was instantly turn off when i saw the cover page. so yea, i struggled through it. so i guess that banana paper is seriously mocking at me =.=

anyway, had a talk with my friends regarding life after cchy. it's interesting. (: hahhah!

studdied alot, i'm going crazy soon

history poison

maths poison

F&N poison

physics poison

chemistry poison

so many posions, someone get me antidotes please!


P.S. i really should kick the habit of hogging on the computer  for hours. (but me wanna talk to u :x )


stay till the end,
never say die,
energizer battery



Have you ever heard of marble like sounds tapping against the floor from upstairs? Or have you heard sounds of shifting furniture?

Have you ever wondered what that actually is?

You might have thought that maybe the kids upstairs are playing marbles, or perhaps someone was shifting the furniture. Or probably even, a pair of newly weds are having their "honeymoon" upstairs. :x

But then again, who on earth would shift furniture in the middle of the night, and which parents would actually let their kids stay up in the middle of the night to play marbles right??

Have you actually checked if there are actually kids upstairs? Are their floor carpeted? If so, there shouldn't be any sounds, right?

So... what makes these sounds?

I went to read forums and some said that it was because of contraction. It seems so that furniture contract in the night because it's cooling and therefore, it contracts and the furniture shifts.

For the marbles, it would be some sort of stuffs in the cement that's contracting, causing the marble-like sounds.

But, come to think of it. How true can this be? ._.

Just watch out.
Wheeeee~ A.math paper today. &yeap, there's no reason for me to report to school:D Woot.

Mug a lil bit of chemistry ysd, with the help of a FREE tutor, i've understand stuffs which i've absolutely no idea what the hell it is before -.- Lucky ain't i. hahaha. Gonna continue mugging in awhile, but i don't really have the mood D: Later he's gonna keep asking me go study le.

I'm obsessed with the song you belong with me by taylor! so nicee eh :x hahaa. Anyways, i think i'm gonna have fever again. I feel like i'll blow my nose out any time right now -.- Keep sneezing lahs. Brrrrrr.

"Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become your character.
Watch your character, for they become your destiny."

Just watch out.

I've realised that.

"Perfection is for robots; great is good enough."

Spotlight Issue 1 (Some SP magazine that they posted me.)


Blogging time! haha, glad that the paper wasn't too difficult for u! (:

Humans' nature are so terrifying. wadever man, life is getting boring. people just dun blog as much as they do. sians. i am bored now! nvm my life will get better. (:

to get something, you got to lose other things. Isnt that what's everything about?

Sometimes to suceed and excel in one thing, you got to lose the other one. but strange and funny, in the past i choose to held on to both and thus not exceling in both. but now, the present i have make up my mind to sacrifice one inorder to suceed in the other. no regrets now. i believe in future, i will be able to hold both in each of my hand and juggle both effortlessly.


some one posted a question to me just now,

"what if you were to die tomorrow, are you prepared?"

hmm, i answered,

"ok lor, i will regret not having sex"

okays, tt was the humour part, but true enough, obviously i am not prepared! i still got so many things to do! my ambition and everything, got to live my dreams first right!

a dream unifies your mind, soul and body

live your dream.

hahaha (:



Lols, this was from one of my friend's blog...


Today is one BORING day in school! I shouldnt have come =.=.....only 1/4 of my class came to sch....its like  "lets all pon tgt day" so....i spent the time in class sleeping once again, since there was no one to talk to (my clique all ponned too =.=)

well after months of hiding....my tatoo on my left thigh has finnally been exposed!....so i'm grounded by my parents.....till dunno when....quarrelled all the way from 10pm-2am...lols i was so dead tired by then....hmmm but one thing is that i've never regreted putting the tattoo, it was my choice.


P.S i have been having weird dreams these days. super weird ones, for example, green apples in a durian? btw, the green apple is super tasty, unlike usual ones.

Do well for Prelim? Tough luck.
Shit.Today's Math paper 2 is damn tough cannnn. =.= I bet lots of people couldn't complete the paper in time cause i just managed to do everything i know in the 2.5hrs. Questions like vectors, similarity, forming an equation etc were taking a hell lot of my time to solve lahs -.- Hopefully with the help of paper 1 it'd still be an A.

Anyway, tmr's chinese paper. I guess i'm gonna flunk cause i haven't touch chinese for the past few months. Zzzz. I'm sooooo gonna screw my prelims D:

Monday blues. !@#$%^&
Woke up, got fuck-ed up by lots of stuffs. Then dunno who's number is 91569547 & 91662477 called me saying they're Mathew's friend (they sounded like ahbengs though, so i didn't know) and said that they wanted to help Mathew. They even asked me not to help my friend from yishun.

What the fuck even happened in the first place!?!? I was f-ing pissed off and confused at that moment as i heard that there was a fight.

The 2 unknowns asked for Mathew's number cause they said they lost his number. Like how the hell can you lose your friend's number just like that? I got suspicious by the time but still i gave them Mathew's number. Then Mathew called them & they said it was a wrong number. So who the hell is that Mathew lahs O.o

Okay.....I better cool down. I'm having my prelims and I'm not letting this bring me down. Be lucky it's math, and it was an easy paper. If not i'm gonna f-ing find that person even if it's the last thing i'd do.

Sorry if i'm using alot of F words here but i just can't control my emotions right now. Just look at this fck-ed up world of mine. ARGH.


My passion has been rekindled! thanks!

Everything you do requires passion huhs, isn't it so? and i feel i'm kinda losing it! wait....i know why i dont have passion le!
Cause i dont have passion card! LOLS! =.=
I've been mugging like mad and now i've got no passion to do anything..lols
I need a source of motivation!
I preach more than what i practise...haha.
my passion had all been put out
someone find a way to rekindle it,
will ya?

Obligations and other random thoughts

Morning! lols i'm here to blog again before my tuition starts...Yesterday's dream was the BEST i ever had for the month. maybe for the year i guess. leaves me smiling like an idiot even after waking from it! haha :D

& YES, of course i know it's a dream! therefore, i won't harbour much hope for it to come true. haha. (well, maybe just a slight hope that she might make it come true :x )

I realise...

Half of life is obligations.

You don't want to go to your husband's company Christmas party, but you do.
You don't want to sell candy so your kid can use the money to buy a better handphone, but you do it.
You attend your third cousin's wedding.... you pick up the dry cleaning from the laundry...

well...all the mundane stuffs that u're obliged to do =.=

that's life - - it's obligations.

do you know what they say about kids?
that you can't imagine having them until you do and then you can't imagine life without them.

Definition of sex

Sex is a sensation caused by temptation when a man put he's location into a woman's destination.



now do you understand my explanation or do you want to see a demostration? lols!


And i think my english super tok kong! ahhas. =]

tuition is super fun and exhausting! =]

lets hope i will be more happy in the next few days! =]

even thou you never deliver what you promise, i will still choose to believe you =]

chioong for Ns now!

post-N-activity! i have been planning alot! haha, too early! i know. LOL =]

make the best out of everyday! =]

and my finest moment is yet to known! =]

i believe in myself

you say it's arrogance

i call that CONFIDENCE


Thoughts for today

Warm dark red liquid started to ooze out from the deep incised cut.

a moment later, i felt the pulsing, and bright red ones started to spurt out.

great, that sharp cold creation slice open both my vein and artery.

and so i applied first aid knowledge as fast as i could and stopped the bleeding in no time.

i am so grateful that i joined NPCC and not any other cca.

okay, so i cut myself while cutting cabbages. hahah. like so crap right? my mind was preoccupied by some other stuffs,(mostly abt her lols! ) that's when i cut my middle finger from the left hand. initially, i though it was nothing big, since i always manage to injure myself somehow. but when i see blotches of blood in the kitchen sink. i sense something was wrong. i must have cut something wrong this time round. true enough, i saw a piece of my flesh with skin dangling from my middle finger and blood is trickling down like as if it was free! of course, it's not, it's precious! lols...

Today afternoon went out to bball after tuition a lot of people smiled at me. 1st was this old western (cute) couple drinking Starbucks,2nd was this elderly guy i saw while waiting for the trafic light to turn green ,3rd was Sales assistants... and more. Today's like a Give-this-guy-a-smile day (guy referring to me). The funny thing is I felt happy. So what if we never knew each other?

So what if we never knew each other. many a times, u thought u knew a particular person, and u are so naive to held on to every single promises u two make together, so tightly. u thought your priorities were the same, well, that's what you think only. when that person met new people, all these changes. not a single vestiges of the past is left. nope, none of it. & u, u are left sitting at the corner with your ever so faithful shadow and yourself, sulking and moping around. thinking what the hell have u done wrong, when the cruel fact is that, circumstances changes, priorities changes, and yes, ultimately, people changes. Honestly...i think i'm just like that....i'm not ready for a change, i need friends around me...i need you beside me..

Anyway, to people out there who LOVES to slit their wrists. GO GET A LIFE for heaven sake. u cant die by doing so, idiot. got so much blood go donate to blood bank or sth larhs. sickening idiots. really damn freaking idiotic. they claim that by slitting their wrist, it can numb the pain they felt in their heart or some crap that is similar. dont be stupid larhs. pick any tom, dick or harry on the streets, they will tell you this does not help for heaven sake. are you all airheads? i bet so. want cut den go ahead and cut, why the papaya to take photos of your ugly wrist and put it in public sites? trying to gain more sympathy by doing so? dont be an idiot. anybody with some amount of juice in their brain know you guys are idiots. really, sickening idiots. =.=

random thoughts~

I'll need a little more luck than a little bit
i think i need more than luck to pass my Nlevels


"Is more important than "say-so." "

Pete Seeger


Morning world!...yups i'm up early to blog since i've got nth to do....well...tution in another 30mins time. mmm....i thought abt it and i realise, the way to go is not to take things too seriously...really i should really start to lead a care-free life....whats the point in being so serious and always worrying, life's too short to do that! If there's a problem and we can solve it by taking action, what for worry? If there's a problem and you cant do anything to change it or anything to solve it, then again what for worry when its out of your control? I shouldn't really keep seeing too much into things, it makes me worry and think too much...too stressfull already (later grow more white hair)....so people! enjoy by Living Life To The Fullest!  and ofcourse NEVER EVER REGRET the choices you made and the actions you did!  (:


"Sometimes, the more you yearn for something, the more you are unable to get what you desire. However, when you've finally give up and take things by your stride, it just return to your arms, like it has always been yours.."

P.S. THERE ARE THREE RINGS TO MARRIAGE. namely, the engagement rings, wedding rings & sufferings. nice one? i thought so.


Its a fuck-up world out there.....and i feel seriously fuck-up too (:


i believe tomorrow will be better.

for you, i will. ;D

Gridiron gang

Addicted yet? hahaa. continue watching in youtube bah {:

One goal. A second chance.

Gridiron Gang -- quite an inspiring show! It's mainly talking about this group of teenagers in a juvenile detention center, formed a football team with the help of the supervisor and former football player Sean Porter. This group of teens previously lack of discipline, self-esteem and have many enemies but later proposes to prepare a football team to play in one league. Sean Porter is supported by his superiors and his successful experience changes the lives of many young kids.

If you guys wanna watch it can be found in youtube, just search for gridiron gang ;D Or maybe i'll post it on my blog :D

It has been raining quite a lot today, so didn't went out.. Will be mugging later at night! (:

Akon - Keep you much longer

Wouldn't it be interesting if...

"Trust that little voice in your head that says "Wouldn't it be interesting if..."; And then do it. "

Duane Michals


N levels for this month are over! but still cant slack...sci and maths paper all next month...so gonna be mugging all the way till then! mmm... english paper was easy today! i found the questions rather direct and the answers could all be easily found in the passage without much difficulty. haha!  well...overall i feel today is rather fully well spent! went here and went there together, did this and did that together, haha walked alot, but it was fun! lols! i'm happy! (:


p.s i like ice lemon tea (:

Year One (NC16) -- Rating: 3 1/2 stars :)

Caught a movie this evening at cathay, it was quite a funny show, however too many christ stuffs so i didn't really uds the whole moral of the story. But, i still enjoyed it though :D

Went to study @ white sands library with sharry today. We were supposed to order something, if not we aren't allowed to stay in the cafe. There was this guy, who speak really poor english, didn't buy anything & had a so-called big quarrel with the staff there. In the end, he kinda lost the "fight" and his friend suggest that they go somewhere else instead. Moral of the story: Don't quarrel if you know you don't have enough support for your stand, & bad english -.- Just leave quietly & save your face. End of story.

A few hrs later, weisiong joined us. We saw lots of schoolmates; Caroline, and quite alot of my guy classmates. I was a bit shocked though, as in, they visit the library too? o.o Lol:x

Anyways, i got bored of doing math. So i slacked. Oh yeah, the drink we ordered, Ice chocolate? I think it should be more of "chocolate drink. Cause most of the time all i could drink was chocolate. Lmfao.

I'm going to my cousin's house tmr, cause it's my grandma's death anni. So yeap, doubt i'll be online :)


I hate it. I really do.

Ryan higa's videos
Rants on musicRants on Asian DramaChildrensBOPCopyrighted (He can be quite sarcastic too. Rofl)


"I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life's realities. "

Theodor Geisel

Chinese Toy Factory

North Korean Scientist

N levels

hellos! i'm wei qin here... ok, this is my first time i've ever posted and the first blog i have....ok , maybe it aint my blog but i'm kinda like the writer and she's the publisher? share-share i guess....i'm in the NA stream and yes tmr is SS paper...tsk, studying for SS is such a BORE....to me at least :/  people study for so many reasons...because their forced to? cos to ensure a good job in future? i should really start to chiong for N levels as i havent been doing so...about time to start huhs,(i know kinda late to start) i need to get a gd score! then i can go sec5...cos i spent 4 years just to take that fucking exam! SIGH. 4x365....do the maths....thats alot of days....









the amount of things u can do in four years! HA.HA.HA

lols! ok thats all for tday! bye! (:

Love me and I may be forced to love you.

"Flatter me, and I may not believe you. Criticize me, and I may not like you. Ignore me, and I may not forgive you. Encourage me, and I will not forget you. Love me and I may be forced to love you."

William Arthur Ward

Good advice

"Good advice is always certain to be ignored, but that's no reason not to give it."

Agatha Christie

Too much of a coincidence

Sorry that it's such a wordy post cause i couldn't upload the photos! D:

Woke at 10plus as i was rather excited to go for ice skating with my sis along with her boyf. Didn't charge my phone, so it was running out of batt, sorry if i didn't reply any of my messages!

Walked to bus stop, saw Adriel, didn't say hi :x Took bus to inter, den switch to mrt. & our journey to kallang starts! :D When we sat in the Mrt, a few mins later, Adriel & gang walked by. The people i rmb seeing was Seeyu, Et, Hooo, Vanessa, Xinyi, Hancong, Huayu, Noel, Brian, Reiner and of course, Adriel. My sis say, skarly they also go ice-skating. But i thought that this was too much of a coincidence.

Later in the afternoon, which is like damn hot! We reached Kallang & took bus 11. To my surprise, the whole gang were standing outside the MRT station. Rofl. Then i was like, "whoa, they're really going ice-skating!" Cause why would anyone go kallang if not for ice skating, right?

So yeahs, we went for our lunch at koufu, & when we were queueing up for the tickets. There comes the gang! Then they were like, "yuan lai ru ci~" I was like just waved and faster went in, cause like a bit ps idk why. haha! So yeah, we got our skates and began skating! :)

My sis's boyf skate like a robot. Okay... I didn't say that! My sis did. Haha. But because of his height, he's damn fast okay! So yeap. When i saw ET (the 190cm boy) skate, i thought it was kinda funny. Because of his tall height, he had a lower centre of gravity, thus enabling him to fall more easily as compared to people like me :x

Hahaa, anyways, found out a few good skaters in my school: Brian, Vanessa, Reiner. They can really skate! Okay, i'm not saying the rest not good lahs! :) Seeyu, hancong, adriel and huayu were not bad either. This time huayu wore long pants, making sure that he doesnt leave the ring with loads of bruises:x

I fell twice today :( Not injuries though. Okay maybe just a blister on my ankle. Idk why, but the skates seems to keep rubbing on my skin! And it hurts like a million ouch. D: But i'll get over it. I hope there's no scar .__.

Because of the blister, my sis had to pull me around the ring, so i just had to stand still :x After that she got tired, so her boyf pulled me (it felt weird though -.-) Then both of them pulled me:D I had great fun (cause i ain't doing all the work.) haha! ops:x Then we three fell tgt. First my sis (with her hands and legs above), followed by me (in a sitting position wherevy my legs are in a M shape.), then her boyf (on his knees) LOL. I laughed hard at that moment:x

It was seriously funny. Alright, enough of the laughs. There's also this small little girl, she's really cute when she skates. There's no words to express it, cause when you see her skate and feels like she's gonna fall anytime but she didn't, you'll really think she's terribly cuteee!

When the time's up, we went to arcade. They played basketball (adult den children one), then i joined in when they played this game where there's alot of small balls and you had to throw at the screen. When the game's over, we keyed our names, & who knows....... we got the highest score! woot. xD

Went to bought some chocolate & muffins at some chocolate shop, den walkwalk, & finally HOMESWEETHOME!

(Ps; i still have unglam photos of Hooo & Huayu.) =D

Blackberry VS Apple?

Blackberry seems to be a threat to Apple somehow eh? 

Six candles by FM Static

You're amazing but you're taking too much time
I've only got six candles left
And I'm trying to keep this off my mind
It's getting darker but it's the way they make me feel
They try to fill my head with questions
They all doubt you but I know you're real

If it takes time then I'll be patient
Know that I will still believe
I'll take your hand and hold it tightly
'cause I know you'll carry me

Take me high, Take me in, Take these last six candles
And when I'm tired, and wearing thin
Give me the strength to carry on
Here I am, see my hands, take these last six candles
We're moving on, we'll keep, keep, moving on

And I'm so thankful for every breath I take
There's not a moment that goes by
I waste wiping tears out of my crying face
Don't look so sad, you've missed the point
I'm still so glad I knew you against the odds
I'll take my chances and burn this candle through you

If it takes time then I'll be patient
Know that I will still believe
I'll take your hand and hold it tightly
'cause I know you'll carry me

Take me high, Take me in, Take these last six candles
And when I'm tired, and wearing thin
Give me the strength to carry on
Here I am, see my hands, take these last six candles
We're moving on, we'll keep, keep, moving on

If I could ever see the way you understand me
When no one else can see it
I know you surround me

I'll be the one who listens only when you tell me
Not walking but running, not talking, yelling

And they might never understand why I do what I do
But I can only speak my mind
And what I feel is true
I'll take a vow to be the only one who stands if it takes
All that I am, I will be standing, there, there

Take me high, Take me in, Take these last six candles
And when I'm tired, and wearing thin
Give me the strength to carry on
Here I am, see my hands, take these last six candles
We're moving on, we'll keep, keep, moving on
(Repeat x2)

Wheee~ Holidays le, though i know it's not right for leisure time, but i just can't seem to mug. Probably because its Math for the first paper so i'm feeling kinda relaxed.___.

Oh yah, my current phone has no caller id, so when you people call, rmb to tell me who you are, cause i'm not that super to rmb all of your voices. :x

It's been a long long looong time since i last blogged right. :x Haha. I'm in the midst of having my prelims currently, so definitely won't be blogging much. Anyways, just a very important update.

I've lost my phone a few days ago, want my new number get it from me directly or in msn yep.

Happy Birthday Chen Chow Chin! :D

Three things that i'm gonna talk about in this post. A batam trip that i'm gonna miss, ice skating and of course mugging.

Oh well, my mum was supposedly going to sponsor me to Batam for shopping tgt with my sis, her bf and another couple. (But my mum's not sponsoring my sis la.) However..... I need a partner to go with. Okay, maybe more of a companion. So my sis asked if i wanna ask my boyf along -.- Then my mother was like, "She still so young, cannot bring boyf hor". Then i'm like lol. When i told my sis that none of my girl-friends could make it, she said to me secretly say if i wanna bring boyf she can hide it from my mum. I'm like okay.... but no thanks:D Haha. Oh well, there goes my Batam trip T.T Oh wait.. or should i say shopping trip? ._.

Secondly, it's ice skating!! Woot. My sis is sponsoring me to go ice skating next week. Wait.. I seem to have a lot of sponsors from my family members nowadays eh? Haha. Thats a good thing though :x Hoho. My sis ysd went ice skating just to practice a little bit so that next week when me, her and her boyf go, at least she more experienced alr xD

Mugging. Hopefully i won't die on throat ulcer thats if. I have this sickening, irritating, disgusting ulcer on the right side of my tongue that hurts ALOT everytime i move my tongue. This ulcer just like poped out of nowhere!? I have it 3 days ago, it's supposed to be better alr, but i ordered KFC delivery for lunch and ate BBQ chicken wing rice for dinner which is practically tasteless cause i'm having fever now-.-, and sooo....... yeap, my ulcer's somehow back on my tongue! =.= Oh yeh, back to mugging. I haven't really start though. Hope i'll do really well for all my subjects, even though I know it's not possible for me. But i'm gonna try! :D So people, wish me luck!

All the best peeps{: