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Goodbye, my friend.
ZhuYilin is going back to china alr. I last minute den rmb! Shit. So didn't go send her off. The next time she'll be back will be somewhere before or after Chinese New Year. Then we'll play mahjong tgt. LOL.

I just realised that my tummy is somehow getting bigger!? Omgomg. I better do something about it. I hope. LOL.
I just realised that I've been slacking alot, compared to the first half of the year. And my math results are slipping!
I just realised that I haven't ate any chocolate thing at all D:
I just realised that there are so many movies that i sooo wanna watch! Orphan, UP, G.I.Joe, The proposal & many more more more D:
I just realised that I've been sleeping quite late recently. Ysd was the latest, around 3am. Was up playing poker (laabee; or whatever thay call it) with my mom and sis till we forgotten the time. LOL.

Anyways, i guess lots of people have alr started mugging. That really scares me. Cause i haven't even started yet. O.O But that alone is not giving me the motivation to study! Crap. I can only study if someone forces me to. As in, go out study with me. Friends, ask me out to mug pls! D:

Coursework finallyyyy submitted.
Went to school, first period chinese. Got practice exam, but went to comp lab 3 with caroline to do f&n coursework. =x teacher so dumb, let us go when we havent even complete. It's supposed to be an exam, done IN SCHOOL. haha.

Nothing much happened during a math, then had recess, and then SS and finally english.

Released from school, went to seoul garden directly with sharry, weisiong, jiajin and hancong. We paid a total of like $60plus going $70. Then eat eat eat, me sharry and weisiong cabbed back to school for remedials.

Completed my coursework! Written my name, signed. Woots! hahah. But only managed to finished it at like 6+pm. So when i reached home it was alr like 7pm. Bathed, slept awhile, onlined.

Once again, i can't help but came online! Shit. I need to complete my coursework like by today!? I bet Mr Ong's really disappointed with me. Hoho. But i just can't help it. There's too many distractions in life!

Okay, just one last sentence.

Happy belated 16th birthday Alekxander Marcus Lim :D
Happy 16th birthday Donovan Peh :D

Okay maybe that's 3 more sentence. -.- Bye!


dedicated to ah puay :x

Pretty faced boys
I've read this somewhere online & i think that it's pretty true!

Some facts about pretty faced boys:

.Pretty faced boys are indeed charming with their pretty faces.
.They're brainless, so it's a minus point.
.They're heartless, just like an empty vase.
.They're ambition-less, they live a day as it is.
.They're penniless, the live off women(like gigolos).
.They're good for nothing. They hang around like hooligans. (Maybe they really are.)
.They think they're so good when they're not.
.They're a total waste. Those pretty faces should be stuck at some good brains.

Throughout the pass two weeks, had practice exams. Didn't do very well for math even though i passed, compared to those who failed, i wasn't happy with my results. The shocking thing about this was that, there are people getting like 20+ marks? over 80 to be exact. Thats definitely a very very bad fail.. I guess we all ain't prepared well enough yet, so mug even harder for prelims bah:D

Mrs Jay have been absent for this whole week, AGAIN. Ugh. I've been thinking about next tuesday's oral, with Mrs Jay's absence, I wonder if my class can make it through as Mrs Ng said my class de oral skills quite bad._. I'm a little bit scared that i'll get out of point though:x

Today we were asked to write out what we were stressed about on a piece of paper, crush it, and throw to the other side of the classroom. Cheryl's & Nadee's was being read out. Cheryl's one was as long as an essay, and it was rather contradicting. I think that's probably the reason why she couldn't scored well in compos. Lol:x While Nadee's one mentioned that she had lost 4KG when she's already so skinny! Omgod. She's now 36kg & 157cm tall. wth? :O

Next week's humans practice exam is SS, i dont think i be able to make it. Lol. Though pwq says that stm can be cured. But it's not cured yet! That's all i can say:x Tmr will be cooking pizza, my final dish. I hope nothing turns out wrong!

&&Happy advanced 16th birthday to Weiqin! ^-^

Going out with Sharry & co. on sat, i guess it'll be fun! Adios~ C:

Happy birthday to you~
Just came here to wish those August babies a happy birthday, be it belated or advanced:x

Happy belated 13th birthday Esther, (3rd aug)
Happy belated 16th birthday Bryan, (7th aug)
Happy belated 44th birthday Singapore, (9th aug)
Happy 13th birthday Janice, (10th aug)
Happy 16th birthday Leechye, (10th aug)
Happy 16th birthday Fauzi, (11th aug)
Happy 16th birthday in advanced Jiajin, (13th aug)
Happy 16th birthday advanced Weiqin, (14th aug)
Happy 16th birthday in advanced Sharry, (17th aug)
Happy 19th birthday in advanced Jiphang, (19th aug)
Happy 15th birthday in advanced Adelene! (25th aug)

So many people's birthday falls on the month of August right! This is the month where my pocket has a really big hole -.- Sian. Anyone have any ideas what i should get for those who haven't had their birthdays this month yet? ._.

KFC is no where near fingers linkin' good! ):
Although it's only a day, i felt like i haven't been online for a very long time lahs. Yesterday didn't went for the discovery centre trip. I bet you guys had loads of "fun" there eh. hahaa. Anyways, i went to tampines with my mum cause i lost my ezlink card. Good thing it was in the lost & found list at tampines inter luh. If not need to waste money to make another one when it's already my last year in secondary school =.= Then we went to KFC for lunch.

After that went to Jon's house to revise as usual. Studied till 4.15pm before we started mahjong-ing but we san que yi (as in lacking of one more person), so Yewsiong(Jon's neighbour) called one of his juniors or something to play with us. The guy Yewsiong asked to come was called Melvin, & coincidentally, he stays in the same block as me! :O So we now have 2 person from siglapsec, 2 from greenviewsec. & me and that Melvin same block, Yewsiong and Jon same block. Lol!

Haha, so we mahjong-ed. Wa that Melvin is one MAHJONG PRO LAHS. Though he's only sec 3. Lmao. Jon as usual, lose till drop pants. BUT THIS TIME WORSER. One round also never win until. haha! I got win got lose, should be win overall la:x Went to eat dinner after that at e!hub. Walking halfway, the Yewsiong say to Melvin, "If you notice, there is one ai dong gua over here." Then i'm like ><"! Haha XD Whats worst is that, Melvin replied saying, "Got ai dong gua here meh?" I'm like more ><"!!!! I got so short mehs! Lol. D: Then they all laugh laugh laugh. Ughhh =.=!

Went to eat KFC as Yewsiong works in KFC so got a discount voucher or something. We ordered family meal of four. Talk talk talk, eat eat eat. Jon ate the most la! Lol:x We each paid like 5$ only :D:D Eat okay alr saw this big poster thing or something, on the movie "Where got ghost?". Decided to watch it when it's released! But still not confirm lahs:l Walked back to Jon's house, bathed there as i felt quite sticky alr. Then we did math questions on ace-learning tgt. The Yewsiong's math sure is good, he can calculate like damn fast! Then we studied till like 9.45pm? & played 1 or 2 rounds of poker before going home.(:

Actually Jon's supposed to tompang me home with his bike one, but his bicycle's tire bo air alr! Haha! So he walked me home. And we started talking about alcohol & stuffs. lol? XD Anyways, by the time i reach home, it should be 10pm. Reached home, the electricity sot sot like that. Then very hot. Cannot sleep. So wait until my daddy fix it before i go slp.

At 10.30pm, it's finally fixed. So I laid down on my bed, from 10.30pm. Tossed and turned for dunno how many million time, then at 11pm i bth alr, so i sat up & felt like vomiting. My stomach felt damn uncomfortable at that moment-.- So I decided that i don't wanna vomit it out, and went to sit on the toilet bowl:x LOL. & yeah, i had diarrhea i guess. Cause i sat on the toilet bowl for half an hour with a lot of watery waste. LMAO. I hope you're not reading this when you're eating or anything. Haha! Then today morning wake up, had diarrhea again! So didn't went for tht oral session.

Anyways, i'm having a hugeeee headache now! :( (If you noticed, i had KFC for the whole of ysd. lol! & i think thats what caused my diarrhea cause i told Jon & he said his stomach pain from ysd till today too. haha! Thanks a million kfc XP)

On tuesday, Al-idris brought a vibrator to school?? Ahahaa. Cause during english lesson, he was my oral reading partner (i wanted to write oral partner, but it sounds damn wrong), so he sat just next to me. He suddenly show me some small & cute thingy, and asked me to press some button called durex. Though i know what the brand stands for-.-, i didn't knew what that was in the first place. So i pressed on the button. The vibration was so strong luhs! Omgod. At that point of time, then i realised that it was a vibrator. Rofl.

He then showed it Jinho & co. who sits behind us. After that the Idris keep put the vibrator on my leg lahs-.- Damn itchy la, so i keep siam-ing. Then he ask me itchy ah? Like duh. lol. During recess/after school, I was queueing at the burger stall, but didn't know that i just happen to cut into Jinho's line 1 second before he get into the queue. Lol. Then he stand behind me ask, so how did you feel when Idris use the vibrator on you? I'm like, HE DIDN'T USE IT ON ME LAHS. ONLY ON MY LEG CAN. XD Like lol lor. Then Jinho say wad, dont bluff, i'm sure you feel ahem when he use that on you. I'm like WTH! rofl.

I told Sharry about that, she don't even know whats a vibrator la! Hahaa. So puree hor? haha :D Anyways, I pon PE on that day :x While walking downstairs, Jarel tapped my back and say "Eh be my girlfriend"-.- I'm like what the. The the Alif follow say, "Be my girlfriend kay" Of course i know he was jking lah, But I'm still like NOOO. Then he just say "okay from now on jennifer's my girlf, okay, set. whoohooo!" I'm like Nooo~~ Then give the wth expression=.= Then Jarel today ask again. Lmao -.- -.- -.- I mean, whats with everyone!? Suddenly all go crazy ah??

Today, Mr Ves sang us a song, in a happy & sad tune. As in, he sang it twice lah. The first time, we all had to close our eyes, and like to the emo song. But the second time, he sang it in a more cheerful manner & adding in actions that made us all laugh. Haha. Mr Ves has a great voice eh (: I nominated him for the most outstanding teacher award as i seriously think he deserves it =D

He told us briefly about what was being mentioned in the meeting ysd. Everyone was being discussed on=.= Then Mr Ves say he was angry at my decision on dropping Add maths when my maths is so good & only regretted dropping it now cause i wanna drop f&n. Hahaa. That time my maths still wasnt so good mah, so i thought i CMI alr :l

Did i mention before, my 4th math test, i got B4(32/50)? Terrible eh? My grades are really like the stock market? or something like that. Keep going up and down just like what Ms Yong said :x Hoho, hopefully during O lvl exams, it would be going up (: And science test, i got 24/30 & thats an improvement from the previous which i got 17/30! Stupid donovan. Before start say want challenge me. Actually i can win him de luh! I forget write the Propene nia cannn. Then he down there yaya say we got same marks! Nvm luh, still got next test! XD

Today when taking practice exam halfway, PWQ called me. Luckily i got put silent mode ahs! Then i kup, twice. Smsed him that im still having exams. Lol. After that he told me he come Pasir Ris find me. I'm like WHAT!? Lol. Then i dunno what to do lahs. Sharry keep laughing at me! Lmao. Then when going home, saw him at the void deck, i stand there very long, he no turn back & see, so i just went up and bathed first. Rofl. After that go down meet him. Walk around my neighbourhood cause i didnt bring anything down either.

I'm damn tireddd right now. Haven't went for my nap, cause I'M SO HUNGARY RIGHT NOW. RAWR. Got so many homework laaas. How to complete. Yay, tmr meet yilin again:D Have fun to those who are going to the discovery centre tmr! (:

Wa my post so wordy, i feel more sleepy after reading it myself. Lalala

Pretty lucky
Last sunday went to Elias CC with jon to support Andy for his performance. When i went down to the CD shelter to get my stuffs, saw Andy practising.
Andy was like: "eh, it's been so long since i've seen you alr."
& im like, "err ya, i came cause Jon said there was a performance, so i came over to support=)."
Andy: "Wa, so good ah"
Me: "Of course:D"
(I quickly left the CD shelter then as it was kinda awkward:x)

Saw xianghao there, smsed to confirm. Lol, he was performing wushu stuffs. After Andy's performance, went to jon's house. While waiting for bus, xianghao was at the opposite bus stop, then when he take bus he waved to me, so i waved back. Lmao. The funny thing is, we've never met before, but we were from the same primary school lahs.

When reach Jon's house, we waited for Yilin to come. Since she didn't know where to alight, me and Jon waited at the corridor and looked down, it was damn windy! =D Then we see someone who dressed like some aunty or quite old one, we thought, hmm, can't be yilin bah. But who knows, IT WAS HER. Then me and Jon laugh like mad la XD

Anyways, we studied for like 2 hrs only? Halfway through, Yilin was bored, so we went for a puff. At 2.55pm, Jon's neighbour brought the table to his house & we can start the mahjong session! & yilin was like damn happy can. Lol! So we started our mahjong session but that ah Jon kept losing :x Hahaa. I'm proud to say i won 1$! LMAO. But we never play real money la, it's just the token. ahahh.

At around 5.30-6pm we packed up, Jon & his neighbour bully me lahs -.- Say me ai dong gua D: Cause i short. But okay what! I think. Lmao. Then i cock eye, as where is yilin when she's just sitting on the sofa in front of me =.= Then everyone laugh again. Lol.

Yilin wanted to eat mac, so i pei her go downtown makan. She ordered a hell lot & didn't even realise it and ended complaining she's very full. Rofl. After eating she went back home while i went back to Jon's house to mug.

Jon wanted to study science but i psycho him until he study math. lol! :D When his neighbour came again, he kept watching tv. Then hor! That Jon ah, say i not tall enough, if not can block him from the TV-.- Cause he sitting right in front of me mah. Lol. We all did math at night. It was fun as all of our math were good:D Oh yah! The practice exam was do-able, but qns like number patterns, probability and sketching of graphs is way too tough for me. I suck at those lah D:

At night, around 9.45pm we played poker to end off our play-mug session. Jon never even win until one round, it seriously ain't your lucky day yo! Ahaha.

On monday, while going home with sharry, on the bus stop found 5$! Finders keeper, losers weepers:D On friday gonna mahjong with Jon, Yilin and his neighbour again. We'll be having our weekly session from now i guess! Haha. We play hard, & study hard too!

About my tagboard, Nicholas has already apologise(: So it's over already. Thanks to those who've helped, appreciated:D So don't have to say him alr k! Hope that everyone would have already start mugging by now yeh (: All the best for the coming practice exams, prelims & not forgetting of course, the final O levels!

Practice exams
Firstly, me & my boyf's fourth month was just 2 days ago. Didn't really managed to hang out tgt as i was quite busy during both weekdays/ends..

Next week, is gonna be another long week. Practice exams. Is there even such a term? tsk. My school is really absurd huh -.- Might as well call it prelims I. Then the prelims II would be at the end of aug or start of sept i guess. So many exams. Want to kill us even before our O lvls start =.=

Met ZHU YI LIN already! Heh:D She looked slimerrr. From her back, i couldn't even recognise it was her can -.- The same thing was that she still talks the same, and of course smoke, but more than ever. The sad part about meeting her was that; SHE & JON, BULLY ME LA :( Howhow!! I stand between them then they pretend cannot see me CAUSE i'm too short D: They both at least 170 lahs. Not fair. I WANT MORE HEIGHT PLEASSSSE.

The oral workshop today was interesting:D Even though i was really tired, i didn't want to sleep cause i didn't wanna miss out anything! The speaker was really friendly and stuffs. Good thing i'm not one of those who kena the mike in their faces. haha!

Got to go meet jon early in the morning tmr, for NHCO performance, den go his house study, den meet zhuyilin again and play mahjong. woot! :D:D