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Coming O lvl oral & Prelims.
Just here for a short post, knowing that i haven't posted for a few days alr, though i said that i'd post more XD Haha, anyways, night self study classes are starting soon. Once again, people would get excited. Once again, people would start getting bored. & once again, people would slowly stop coming. Tsk. How typical of us huh.

Gotten back math test 3, got 33/40. Thats A++ wor! Haha. But had a lot of careless mistakes that i shouldn't have made anyway =.= But nvm, there's always the next.(: The next would be on mean and standard deviation, speed time graph, variations, probability and of course similarity(i hate this!). English compres also gotten back. Did much better than what i've expected. Never thought that i'd even pass at all. 31/50 for compre 1 & 32.5/50 for compre 3. But i guess the main reason was that we had much more time to do than the actual paper itself.

Boohoo. Saturdays need to go back school for some oral programme. Siannn. But still got time go study la :D Next sat is national day eve! But still need go back school -.- Jy everyone for the coming o lvl orals & also prelims(:

India Eclispe, damn cool!

Its a pity we couldn't experience it here in singapore. I mean, wouldn't it be so cool if we get to experience how an eclispe felt like :x Ahah.

Had the third math test this month. It's seriously getting more and more difficult luhs :l PLUS I DIDN'T BRING MY CALCULATOR LA. Then had to lend from Mr Ves =.= The physics also do until i want die luhs. No calculatorrrrr.

Shyte. Tmr got F&N. My coursework is like so incomplete :x Haha, nvm. Tmr then chiong in school (:

Now going to youtube for westlife songs, toodles~

有谁会在乎有谁会想念, 有谁能看穿我的笑脸.
Teacher after teacher, MCs after MCs. It really is a disadvantage to my classs :l As usual, Mrs Jay did not come to school, so did Mr Eugene Lim. Tkcare & have a fast recovery, teachers. That's all i can say i guess.

Maths test. The first one on probabilty only, i got A1 (25/30). The second one on probability, i got A2 (21/30). I wonder, would i get B3 for the third, B4 for the fourth & so on? Hais. How how how. Everything's not going on well..

Problems stacking. What to do with it? I don't f-ing care anymore. Be it with friends or family or studies or whatever. I'll just play my part in each and every of it. If anyone's not happy with it, i'm not gonna give a damn to anything.

And yeah, i cut my hair last friday. It's a bit weird now, cause you guys are not used to me looking like that :x But some commented saying it was nice, but idontthinkso :l Thanks anyway (: I wish people would stop looking at me & my fringe. tsk.

Stress-ed up post
"No girl would like an emotional guy as they are very emotional themselves already" - Mr Ves.
I soooo do not agree with the very emotional themselves already part!! :x Ahaha, okay la. But i do agree about the part where us girls do not like emotional guys (: I feel sorry for Mr Ves and other subject teachers though. Cause i feel that, being an express class, we seriously have no discipline & can even be compared with a normal technical class. =.=

Family issues. Friendship issues. & maybe even BGR issues. I have them all too Mr Vess. You ain't the only one (: Hahaa. But then again, i'm still trying my best to study hard already :D I don't mind losing those friends, who study = no study, those friends, who always talk lame jokes which are really lame and i have to give that fake laugh just to let them have that "hey! you're funny!" kind of look, those friends, whom i don't know whether do they even cherish their friends at all or even try to fix that misunderstanding. I'm tired. Really tired.

And firstly, to people who reads my blog, once again, i do not need unwanted tags as written in my disclaimer. If you don't understand simple english, den i think i can understand. Secondly, if there's anything you're unhappy about, talk to me face to face, or at least, tag with your name rather than acting like some coward using a vulgar name or something. Cause i really hate it. thanks(:

Lastly, just wanna tell everyone that i'll try to blog more nowadays, as probably during mid-august, i would start to be MIA. So yeah, thats all C:

"What the fuck"s do happen in life.
Oh well, "You both should really get married" tsktsk. What a comment huh? Plus it's commented by a relieve teacher who took my class today. Even outsiders would think that way, what do you think insiders would think then? The people who seem close to you, might then again, not seem the way it is.

I'm someone who will say out the truth. & girl, try putting yourself in other people's shoe. Well, that's if the person knows that i'm talking about her. Imagine yourself seeing your friend doing all those things, when you know it's not right to do so. Would you say it out? I guess the answer is yes. Those people whom you call "friends", might not be who you think they are either.

Anyways, today had p.e. from 4pm to 5pm. Joined 4E3, volleyball-ed. It was fun {:

Went home, super tired, still have a report to write but haven't even started :l I don't feel like doing ley, sians :x

Fever ):

In the morning, daniel suddenly came and ask me, "Did you have sex?" I'm like "huhhh!? O.o" Then Jarel came over and overheard daniel's question. Lmao, so he asked me, "Do you want sex? I can give you sex." Then i was like wth! XD During pastoral care lesson. Mr Ves read us a short story called "My dog named sex." Then Stella & Tinghui was like laughing away. Hahahaa.

Anyway, I'm sick today!! Went to school, cause i thought i had sore throat cause i eat heaty food. When taking bus from home to school, i was coughing away and my throat really hurts! Then i felt my face burning for awhile. When we alight, i asked sharry if my face is warm, but she say is my hand cold ._. Then there's this stupid phlegm thats stuck in my throat! Then i talk to Sharry she say my voice very sexy lei. LOL. :x Haha, we chatted while walking to school laughing away too.

Before school started, i tried taking my temperature. It got up to 37.6 degrees. So still like okay la. After that took after singing national anthem, i got 37.7 degrees, o.o So i took again to make sure before telling teacher. 37.9 degrees -.- crap. Told mr ves, he ask me to take again after 10mins. Then i got 37.7 degrees again.. So i went out to take my temperature, yes again -.- 37.6 degrees. I was given a mask to wear, went back into the class to take my stuff, the first i heard was, eh Mas Selamat - Idris! -.- lmaoo. Then i was escorted down to the isolation room.

TOOK TEMPERATURE AGAIN. Wa how many times do i have to take la. Got 37.8 degrees. I was asked to sit there for people to monitor me. After 1/2 an hour take again =.= So i took temperature 1/2 an hour later, still 37.8 degrees. Then the stupid goat come kp me, say why i sick still come school, i tell him, how i know i'm gonna have fever la, i thought i eat food that's too heaty then throat pain right. Then he say, you are in 4Eexpress class ley, don't you know how to be more responsible? Teacher never teach you ah. Wa then i'm like damn pissed la, its not like i wanna fall sick luhh -.-

After another 1/2 an hour, i took my temperature again-.- 37.7 degrees. And so, my mum came to fetch me home. When we board the bus my mum sit next to me mah, den she suddenly say she "还是我自己去那边坐啦,可以放东西。" Like damn bad la. Cause she's only like carrying one plastic bag -.- Zzz. Then nvm luhs. I sit alone. Reach home le, changed to home clothes den slept for 2 hours. Woke up, bathe, eat.

Yinjia tagged me:D

Write The Names Of 21 Friends You Can Think Off The Top Of Your Head , And Then Answer The Questions . Say You're Guessing If You Don't Know , But At Least Guess On All of Them . After Doing This , Tag Your 21 Friends To Do The Same .


How Did You Meet 7? (Elaine)
-Schoolmate(: Same class for humanities.
What Would You Do If You had Never Met 15? (Derek)
-Erm, idk actually. He's my school cum cca senior but i've never ever met him before. lol!
What Would You Do If 20 And 1 Dated? (Yizhen&Adelene)
-Hmm, i wouldn't know if they'd date though. haha!
Will 4 And 16 Make A Good Couple? (Jiajin&Melvin)
-Nah! But who knows, besides jiajin is attached alr! :x
Do you Want To Be 13's Friend Forever? (Bryan)
-Errr , zombies forever. XD
Do You Think 11 Is Attractive? (Leechye)
-NO WAY. He's chubby though. haha!
What's 5's Favorite Colour? (Jianming)
-Erm, black or white? lol, just guessing.
When Was The Last Time You Talked To 9? (Clifton)
-Today in class, when he came to disturb me=.=
What does 8 speak? (Hengquan)
-Singlish plus chinese .
Who Is 13 Going Out With? (Bryan)
-Sihui? lol :x
What Grade Is 16 In? (Melvin)
-Sec 3.
Would You Ever Date 17? (Tessa)
-I'm not les lei :x
Where Does 18 Live? (Tonghwee)
-Tampines. I think. Lol!
What Is The Best Thing About 4? (Weiqin)
-Hmm, i think i'll need a super long list then. XD
What Would You Like To Tell 10 Right Now? (Yeeling)
-Nice haircut! LOL
What Is The Best Thing About 20? (Yizhen)
-Erm, not sure. lol
Have You Ever Kissed 2? (Huimin)
-No?? lmao.
What The Best Memory You Have Of 5? (Jianming)
-The way he peels the bun's skin and slowly eat mouth by mouth. LOL.
When's The Next Time You're Going To See 4? (Jiajin)
How Is 7 Different From 6? (Elaine&Weiqin)
-They have different name, gender, height, weight & school. LOL.
Is 2 Pretty? (Huimin)
-Yea. (:
What Was Your First Impression Of 15? (Derek)
-Erm, i can't rmb though. haha!
How Did You Meet 3? (Sharry)
-Same class in sec 2, plus same cca.
Is 15 Your Best Friend? (Derek)
-Hmm, not really, but he's a good friend :D
Do You Hate 12? (Yinjia)
-Why would i !
Have You Seen 18 In The Last Month? (Tonghwee)
-Hmm, yeap, though it's been some time i havent seen her.
When Was The Last Time You Saw 16? (Melvin)
-Today! It seems like i see him wherever i go!!
Have You Been To 5's House? (Jianming)
When's The Next Time You'll See 10? (Yeeling)
Are You Close To 11? (Leechye)
-Okok la, used to go out as a clique.
Have You Been To The Movies With 4? (Jiajin)
-yeap, i think? lol. can't rmb.
Have You Gotten In Trouble With 8? (Hengquan)
Would You Give 19 A Hug? (Weisiong)
When Have You Lied To 3? (Sharry)
-I doubt so.
Is 11 Good At Socializing? (Leechye)
-If he wants to.
Do You Know A Secret About 8? (Hengquan)
Describe The Relationship Between 12 And 18 (Yinjia&Tonghwee)
-Same cca:D
What's The Best Thing About Your Friendship With 9? (Clifton)
-He will disturb me in class. -.-
What's The Worst Thing About 6? (Weiqin)
-bad in chinese! (that's seriously the only thing i can think of-.-)
Have You Ever Had A Crush On 12? (Yinjia)
-Er nope. lol!
How Long Have You Known 2? (Huimin)
-About 3 years i guess.
Have You Ever been In A Fight With 13? (Bryan)
Does 11 Have A Bf/Gf? (Leechye)
-Not sure, but i think he has someone he likes. (:
Have You Ever Wanted To Punch 1 In The Face? (Adelene)
Has 21 Met Your Mother? (Tinghui)
How Did You Meet 11? (Leechye)
-Pri sch mate to Secondary sch classmate for the 4th year .
Did You Ever Accidentally Physically Hurt 3? (Sharry)
-I think i did, but can't really rmb. lol!
Do You Live Close To 7? (Elaine)
-Both in pasir ris quite close alr right? lol.
What 8's Favourite Food? (Clifton)
-No idea.
What Kind Of Car Does 1 Have? (Adelene)
-hokkien car.
Have You Ever Travelled Anywhere With 9? (Hengquan)
-Used to, last time.
If You Gave 14 $100, What Would They Spend In On? (Joycelyn)
-Why would i give her when i can spend/save it myself? LOL

Well yeah, thats all for the quiz. Lmao. Had a hard time looking at the question then find the names and repeating the whole process.

Anyways, went out to study with sharry and weisiong at BK ysd. From 11-2pm. I was wearing tanktop then sharry say very lou=.= Lou meh. Lols. Actually i thought go loyang point one luhs, so anyhow wear. Then i got the venue wrong:x Ps! Haha , when weisiong arrived, went to eat subway. I shared a meal with sharry cause we sure can't eat finish if each order a set. Haha.

After eating went back to study till 2plus den i go off le. When i was walking to the bus stop, got a bunch of ahbengs like literally shouted my name??? I was shocked like duh-.- It appears that one of my primary schoolmates was one of them.. He still remember my name though, haha! Anyways, i was waiting for the bus, then got one fat guy, who's ahbeng la. Got piercings, tattoo and stuffs, had this girlfriend, who's like my size!!! Damn, lucky guy or unlucky girl? :x

It was like raining heavily when i reached home. Luckily i went home early, so wasnt drenched (: Then meet boyf at around 4? Because of the bus ? lol. We went to his mom's place, i did my maths and studied a bit of geog. But today also no test -.- The whole process is rather boring, so yeah. After that went home, bathe, online, ate:D

Today, school was as usual. Had 3 periods of maths, which passes like damn fast D: Then had a maths, which i wasted my time on studying geog, (cause no test) =.= then had SS, wrote essay.

When going home that time, saw melvin, walking into sch? Then the next thing i know, he's at the bus stop =.= Me and sharry took bus 3 home, guess what, melvin's on the buss!! creepy eh. haha! he asked where i was going, where i stay, all these -.- then he knew i stay roughly what block! then i say hor, you must be a stalker right, stalk me. lol! then he hit his face with his hand. HAHA. he's really a game maniac luhs, inside his handphone got like 10+ games =.=

When reach home, bathed, slept. Wake up used comp, ate dinner, then wq go clone meee . ahaha , it was fun anyways. :D tmr got probability test, now doing a bit revision :D

To those who had the plastic surgery oral question today, did you talk about michael jackson? lol!

The things you did makes me hate you more
Can you please stop all this shit that you're doing . There's no need to cause up such a fuss about it i know , but then whats with the "i won't care what you do anymore, as long as it makes you happy, just go ahead?" You and your crap huh. How am i suppose to trust what you say next time den. Oh wait, i forgot. You dont trust me anyway, why should i then.

Thankyouverymuch MrBoyfriend _l_

;&Yeah, that's how pissed i am.

Random stuffs, random me.
Firstly, Happy belated 16th birthday to a few of my classmates; Jiayi, Haidar, Jinho & Dorothy (:

Indians very hot ah, cause they absorb alot of heat. - Farhan M.
Lols luh, when idris told this to Clifton i'm also like laughing. :x But i'm not the one who made the racist comment uh!

Hmm, i wonder how Mr Ves always draws such nice diagrams. Don't you think so too? His circle is always so circle, his lines are always so straight.

I'm transfered to Mr Phang's class for chemistry! The room is like so budget cans. So dim. So hot. So stuffy. Tsk. Then Mr Yap came by to kpo, say he never see this room before so came and take a look. Before he left, he still joke "Where's your aircon?" Like wth luh :x

There's a new HOD for science department! Some Mr Lim guy. But he's kinda friendly though :D Jiayi commented that he always wear tight fitting clothes. Lol.

Siannn. Next week 2 tests. Geog(full paper) on Wed. While Maths(probabilty) on wed, i better master my probability now.

Went out studying with sharry & weisiong. Played psp at the start, den no batt. Sian :x Should've charged first :/ Then i studied geog(rainforests). Ate 2 apple pies :D Though i don't like apple pies, but i'm still kind of craving for it though. Ahah :x

Well thats all for now, there are some things which i do not wanna talk about it . So i won't post about it (: