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Bonjour Fellas !
Im Jennifur 19 years young, lovely attached.
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H1N1 video
Hilarious video :DDDD

What i wanna do before i die
Since i'm bored, i shall make a list of things i want to do before i die :D
- go skydiving/bungee jumping is a MUST. (though im scared) :x
- see real snow & then bury myself inside. (or maybe get someone to bury
me in it) LOL
- to ride in a helicopter? Hmmm
- to feel how it is to be able to fly by myself (idk how the
hell this is gonna happen)
- to grow at least 10CM TALLER, or maybe 5? pleaseeee._.
- to make my first 1 million bucks by myself.
- bite someone
- to go to Korea.
- to meet and play with a dolphin and play with them for hours :D
- to go to a chalet (for god's sake, i'm 16 already but haven't been to one
- go Genting wit friends/boyf.
- ride the largest roller coaster in the world (or at least a really big
- live in my own house with friends/boyf
- be a grandparent LOL i know it's lame.. but whatever la. lmao
- have someone whom i can feel comfortable to confide in
Yeap, & that's about it. Hopefully the world doesn't ends in 2012 or whatsoever. Cause i wanna live till i'm old. really old :D

Too Late
Found a rather inspiring video, lols. With lots of nice quotes with a really nice song playing called too late for us by some guy whose name starts with C la. I forgot how to spell. Lmao. So here it is.

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlsP3QsTOoo

I just did it -.-
omg i'm so sad. I did so badly for midyears.
Yes you've read it. BADLY. I got C6 for english, as usual huh\(-.-) A2 for Maths, the only subject that i did well in.. I've got 2 other D7s, C5 for that damn chinese because of YeBiJiao,A for civics, and yes, F9 for science. L1R4? TWENTYNINE. oh yes, a huge 29.

But guess what? I've got 12 for class position, 36 for level. Can you imagine how bad the others did then?... Most of them probably got more F9s, oh well.. Maybe we all just didn't study enough huh? Of course i know that we shouldn't compare with other people who are weaker.. But judging at this rate we're going, everyone's gonna fail o lvls for sure.

However...... I've got 33 cca points, which is A1, which is also something that I'm proud of (: & with this, i think it can help me deduct 2 points from the total. Haha. I really enjoyed my cca. Maybe i've put in too much in there, resulting in my poor results. Who knows.. We had CLV, then SYF, it was a tiring year for us.

Oh yeah, just wishing a happy birthday to mrs jay & yinjia! Mrs jay's 37 this year :x thats pretty old! haha. but actually she has a really pretty face, just that she's a bit big in size.. If she was slim, i must say, SHE'S BEAUTIFUL. not just pretty, but beautiful. Yinjia's 14 already! haha. jiayous. this year important eh. streaming le. study hard! (:

Today released at 12.30pm. Very early huh. This was because its parent's meeting. Well surprisingly, Mr Ves didn't need to see my parent. That was a good thing i guess? Cause he didn't need to see either jianming or elynn's parents. Lol.

Sometimes I wonder why stella wants to walk instead of taking buses. Isn't ezlink card suppose to pay for your transport? I mean, that is what the card is for right.. But she just prefers to walk. Lol. Its kind of weird though. Haha. Is it because of menghwee? Hmmm..

Note to self: Do NOT turn on holiday mode. i repeat, DO NOT.

Next saturday is flag day le! Haha. the venue is at some place called bartley? Lols. weird name eh, it must be far cause i've never heard of it before. Lmao. I went to check the mrt lines, this is roughly where it is:

Looking at it, i realise that we just need to take mrt to paya lebar den change to the orange line, and drop off at barley. Quite fast aye! hahaha. Needa wear class tee. So hot! I hope there's no sun OR rain. lols :x

Today during maths, we learnt about squares being a subset of rectangles and rombus, and kite is also a subset of rombus and rectangle. then it all started to get confusing. lols.

Can't wait for the bbq the coming friday! :D

Bloated, hohoho.
I watched Night At The Museum II with boyf some time last week i think. :D IT'S A MUST WATCH MOVIE KKKK. If you haven't had a great laugh, this is it. Haha. It's so so so much better than the first one. But of course, it's better if you have watched the first part of it. But even though you didn't, you'd still have a great laugh out of it! It's really funny & cute in some of the scenes. And sometimes when the audience laugh, it's really damn funny. So you hear they laugh, you automatically also will laugh. LOL.

Almost like everyday, it's been intensive intensive & more intensive. The best part of it, it's CHINESE INTENSIVE. D: Sian. Now my stack of chinese practice papers more than my math one already sia! Sad. I wanna do maths maths & more maths! haha. :D

Planning to go for study group with sharry, jianming and mingkai. It's good cause jianming is good in sciences, mingkai is good in english. while im good in math! haha. & all of our chinese are not bad la. So it's good=D The study group is gonna be starting next sat i guess, if everyone's conifirmed free. cause SHARRY didn't wanna interupt my 2nd month this sat -.- lol. weird eh. haha. thanks anyway (:

Next monday is chinese o lvls le, not very nervous, cause already got a B3 in my hands, i really do hope to get an A if possible. Hmmmm.

Now maths learning sets&venn diagram. A bit confuse at times, i hope it doesn't get out of hands. haha. when mr ves ask me go out do since i already did, i a bit scared get wrong la. lols. but in the end correct. phew~ i thought what i did was wrong :x

YAY! i still havent finish my f&n coursework to where im suppose to be at. \(-_-) i wanna do, but just cant. lols. keep slacking. someone, please help me! oh god -.-

Sometimes, i feel that my post title, has totally nothing to do with my post at all. LOL. anyways, it's "bloated" mainly because i just ate finish & am feeling really bloated now. lmao :x

Those restless nights.
Today woke up really damn shag. Every monday sure very tired one lor. Lols. Then keep sleeping in class cause i'm really very tired. Lmao. Maybe i just can't seem to sleep when school starts on Monday again -.- Now doing bao zhang bao dao.. Again. Dunno do how many already lor! Sian. Better go do my homework now le. Poor me.

Busy, busy & even more busier than ever
answers are in RED.

Last beverage → Longan syrup counted? lols
Last phone call → To my beloved junior lor, adelene:D
Last text message → bebe (:
Last song you listened to → Not Matured Enough by By2!
Last time you cried→ Some time last week......

Dated someone twice → Er, yeh?
Been cheated on → Nope.
Kissed someone & regretted it → Hmm, yes i guess.
Lost someone special→ Definitely.

Fallen out of love → Yes/No/Maybe/Idk. haha!
Laughed until you cried → Yes, till i got stomach cramps T.T
Met someone who changed your life → Yes!
Found out someone was talking about you → Hmm, didn't found out, but i suppose there will be!
How many people on your top friends do you know in real life? → what does this question even mean?
Do you want to change your name → Nope. It doesn't matter whats my name.
What time did you wake up today → i woke up THRICE dammit. once at 3am, second time at 8am and once more at 11am-.-
What were you doing at midnight last night → Dreaming about how i'm gonna fail my overall midyear papers.
Name something you cannot wait for → Friday.
The last time you saw your father→ This morning, before i went out.
What's one thing you wish you could change→ My life.
You ever talked to a person named Tom → Yes, i know people named Tom, Dick or Harry.
What's getting on your nerves right now → the stupid mosquito bites thats damn !@#$%^&* itchy.
What's your name → Jennifer Lim Zi Hui.
Elementary/Primary School → Whitesands Primary.
Middle/Secondary School → Siglap Secondary.
High School → I've not even graduated from Secondary School .
Hair color → Black.
Long or short → Shoulder length.
Are you a health freak → No!?
Righty or lefty → common righty D:

First surgery → on my forehead, played crocodile, fell and hit my head on the board, alot of blood rushed out, but imma brave girl, so i didnt cried=x ouch though.
First piercing → Ear.
First best friend → Joycelyn(:
First sport you joined → Basketball was my cca in primary sch.
First pet → wu gui wang ba dan! haha, just tortoise.
First vacation → Genting highlands counted?

Eating → Longans.
Drinking → Longan syrup la.
Waiting → For many great things to come=D

Want kids? → Duh?
Want to get married?→ Yes.
Careers in mind? → Idk.

Kissed a stranger → No la -.-
Drank Wine/Beer/alcohol → Obviously.
Lost glasses/contacts → Nope, how can someone lose their contacts??
Ran away from home → Nope.
Broken someone's heart → Yes, i think. lol
Been arrested → Yes -.-
Cried when someone died → Yes, cause people cry, so i cry. LOL.

Yourself → Yes/no/idk.
Miracles → No.
Love at first sight → idontthinkso.
Heaven → No.
Kiss on the first date→ Yes, provided if the guy is not some cheekopeh.
Angels → No.

Is there one person you want to be with right now? → Yes.
Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time? → I do have many girl-friends.
Will you date someone of a different race? → Uh. malays, yes. angmohs, maybe. indians, 100% nonono.
Do you believe in God? → No.

Have been going out these few days with bebe, friends & my junior. So shag, but i enjoyed it (: Haven't finish my homework and stuffs -.- Damn. Thanks meihua for wishing me belated birthday on her blog:D If adelene never tell me i think i also won't know. Haha.

Went to town ysd, had some trouble finding the lan shop that bebe was in -.- Lols, so called him. Sorry to disturb you playing CS:x Then when i FINALLY found it, met bebe. Went to eat dinner (though i have already ate) with 4 of his other CS mates.

After that i didn't wanna continue hanging out with them, so me and bebe went walking around. Then go meet his other friend, keong. Meet le, go walk walk again. They went to buy ice cream and stuffs. The weather is so damn hot! Though i wasn't wearing something thick or what -.- But it's still very hot! Lol.

Was very tired already, so took mrt den walk to the cathay (it's a mall!) lol, to meet bb's another friend. So he drove me back home, den i went home, bathe and slept already. was really shagggg.

Went to meet khaishuen to pass him his birthday gift, a very very last minute gift in fact -.- & erm yeah, thanks for the chocolates:D Two words, it's superb. haha. This coming june holidays i'm so so so so packed. Everyday needa go to school from 8AM-5PM FOR THREE DAMN LONG WEEKS sia. No joke no joke. Lol. I miss my sec 3 life!

I better go and start finding recipes for my f&n coursework now..

Stupid YBJ, i'll rmb you >(
These few days so shag. Going back to normal school weekdays. I HATE IT. More homework coming in. Intensive chinese remedials. Stupid humans(social studies) lectures. Gosh. I'm getting so bored soo bored sooo bored!

How can anyone in the world FAIL CHINESE? I just don't get it. Stupid Ybj. Also dunno what she marking la. Anyhow one. EVEN DANIEL CHOR WON ME. How can that be possible!? That's soooo totally a form of bias-ness can. Ugh. Pissed.

Well, i did well for e maths, & i drop a maths. What's wrong with that? Ms yong asked me since i did so well in my e maths, why did i drop a maths? The obvious reason is of course i don't need it for the poly course that i wanna go to. Besides, other than engineering courses, a maths is useless i guess.

Thanks adelene(again! haha), gracia & tessa for wishing me happy belated birthday =D Tessa even gave me a hug! Thanks! hahaha. I'm old already la. 16 liao ley. Siann. But can watch NC16 movies la. Haha!

I wanna watch night at the museum tooooo!

Happy birthday to me

Thanks to those people who wished me happy birthday! I love you all :D

The order is from the first who wished me to the last:D

Ahgirl: Thanks girl!=D
Bff: Haha, you stay beautiful too girl~ =)
Pigu:Thanks for being the first to wish me on 17th may :D
Sugar: 2nd person to wish me, thanks! (:
Adelene: Thanks for wishing me like 3 times. lol! I love you guys too! =D
Khaishuen: Thankyou! Your birthday is tmr! Have fun yeh :D
Jonathan: The only one who typed me a birthday song. haha! Thanks (:
Chengpeng: Who's elder than me by one year but call me teacher -.- Thanks ar! haha.
Esther: The only one who wished with chinese words, but my phone can't read. So sad! Haha. Thanks though :D
Huimin: The one with the most number of !!!!!!! hahaha. Thankyou(:
Yinjia: The only one who said hello! haha. Xiexie ^^
Sharry: Cotton wool! haha. just jking. thanks! :D
Jinho: Thankyou=D
Yeeling: Xiexie! You study hard too(:
Mummy: Thanks for the $50 angbao! :D
Margaret: The only one who said i'm welcome when i said thankyou. haha!
Leechye: Thanks for wishing me on facebook too. haha!
Jianlei: Thankyou. Happy birthday to you too! :)
Longlong: The only one who wish me happy birthday and scolding me! Lol :x
Long hao: Thankyou:D
Guowei: Idk him, but thanks! Lol.
Donal: Thanks(:
Kaiwen: The one who forgot! But still wished me. Haha. Thanks (:
Janice: the only one who said i looked young & pretty. LOL. Thanks:D
Siying: Let's go out end of this year yeh! haha. thanks girl=)
Terence: The only one who wished me belated when it's still my bday. Lol.
Sis: She said happy birthday, i say "what"
Sis's bf: Then he wished me happy birthday, i said thankyou;D
Then my sis ask why she wish me i never say thankyou. Lmao. My reply was cause don't need. Lol. :x They gave me $30 for my birthday. Thanks la! :D
Joel: Thankyouuuu(:
Blood Bro: Thanks ah, first time you call me sis in your sms ley! hahaha.
Jiajin: Thanks for wishing, sincerity is enough :D
Lisa: Thanksss (:
Jianming: Good luck for your o lvls too! Get A so that you can focus on other subjects le :D
Marcus: Thanks non-virgin. lol!
Chianhwee: Thankyou! See you after Os (:
Some "Kano Ichigo" guy: I think he's i from my school but idk who the hell is he. Lol.
Elly: tyty =)
Adriel: Thankyou:D
Creal: Thanks! (:

And of course not forgetting my boyf- who was with me all the way till 2+am in the morning, & giving me the birthday present with a card bigger than my head! ._. I love you:D
Thanks again people! (:

Fetched my bb to boonlay today. There so many banglas la hor. You don't believe one day you go there see! Gosh. Then took bus with him to his camp area, good thing got seats:D Then took bus back alone, took mrt back alone.

Went to tampines, bought stuffs, went to pasir ris, bought a small piece of cake for myself & some kinderjoy. Lols. I got a dinosaur hiding under an egg shell! Haha.

Gonna get back more results tmr. Hai. Don't even wanna see them.

Happy birthday in advance khaishuen!


So dead asleep
Photo splash credits to me:D

Yay i love fridays :D hahaaaa. Cause tmr's sat again. Just now when adelene called me, i think i was still pigging like a pig. The huge vibration on my bed also didn't manage to wake me up. Lols :x I'm sooooooo tired la can. Haha. Finally had a good sleep of like 2hrs? :D

Went to school, got back SS paper. Just passed by one mark -.- Wtfff. Geog sure fail. Then lidat die liao. Lols. I currently only pass maths la sialllll. Gosh. This is so not me. haha! But don't worry. I know when to be good and when to not be :x Mid year my results all like shit anyway -.-

And currently our school is having a shortage of humanities teacher. Like wtf? Geog for 4e/5n all is Mdm ros teach. Then now, we're familiar with her teachings, she's gone for that damn maternity leave. Don't you know when to get pregnant & when not to be?? Gosh. Who's gonna teach us geog students den? fkkkkkk. ugh.

During mother tongue, wulin came to replace daiyuwen cause she wasn't here in school. Hai, all i can say is, HER LESSON WAS FUN. hahaaa. Had fun thinking how many words can you form up with just a 口 and two other strokes, for example; 只 电 占 申 田 目 叶. Cool right. Ahah. I didnt know we can make so many words with just that and 2 strokes. There are a total of 23 words. But we only managed to get 18 with teacher's help of 2 words. Her lessons is much much better than dai-.-

After school have chinese remedial, all i can remember is jarel farting and asking me whether i got hear anything anot (which i said no la, cause i really didn't) lols, and him saying that he needs to go to the toilet cause he drank too much green tea and needs to release. And yeah, its not release pee, something else that guys produce -.-

He keeps asking me questions about how to do the paper. And i'm like, cant you just do it yourself. I need to do mine!! So every few seconds, he would ask me qn, and i would end up telling him the answer. He might as well ask me help him do the whole paper. Lol.

Ended at like 3.15pm. So late la. It's suppose to end at 2.30pm. Teacher cheat our feelings T.T Cause we can't go unless we've finished doing our paper ==

Went home. Slept from like 5.30pm to 5.47pm on the sofa, shifted to my bed and slept till 8.30pm. I think I would be still dead asleep if my daddy didn't shout for me to wake. Lol. Ate McChicken for dinner & milo. I don't know why, i feel awake, but sleepy still. Lols! Haha.

2 more days.

And it's a few more minutes before midnight! Phew. Coursework sent. But actually its not really done cause i only put in 2 recipes. Lol.

Today got back results. I failed combine science =D Well, its my first time failing physics. Lol. By a few marks -.- Thats stupid la. I can be now known as the Science-idiot, Maths-genius. Lmao. Gave out a sigh when i received both my science papers. But luckily, there was maths to cheer me up.\(-_-) Ahah. Only 14 people pass in our class & in the first class 14 failed.

Had chinese remedial today, & will have chinese remedial whenever there are any remedials. Lol. Cause MT Olvl is coming in roughly 20 days. So the school has decided to change the schedule this way -.-

While walking home today, around blk 214 near the carpark there. I could smell something burning. Then i see firemen. Lots of firemen. Maybe it might appear in the news. Who knows. I wonder what happened anyway. Was really tired so rushed home to take a nap before i chionged my coursework. Lols.

I think i should go and sleep now. Will blog again~

BBQ on 5th June I'll be going! :D & thanks adelene for making the decision for me in advance. haha! Zombies forever yeh! \(^-^)

Stress no more (:
Wheeee! MID YEAR EXAMS HAS OFFICIALLY ENDED \(^-^) Hohoho. After the f&n I'm already like "yes-ah! stress-free =D" Hahaha. But heard from faryal, saying that there's Mother tongue intensive tmr & friday ._. I'm like thinking in my brain, wtfwthnoooooo \(-_-)

Well thats all for today's post la. Idk what to post le. Blah.

have a great laugh((:
!@#$%^&!* omgwtfwth! THIS. IS. GAY. SHIT.
Rating: NC16. &Not for those weak-hearted or those who just ate.
Don't say i did not warn you:D

Hahahaha. Nigahiga really is a funny guy. I enjoyed his videos. Though some are a bit way too lame. But it's okay. Cause it's all just for laughs! Haha. If you're sad / moody / bored or what-so-ever, you could just pop over at Youtube & watch his videos! =D

Oh yeah, & media changed to Tongue Tied By Faber Drive. Cool song. \('O')

being young is unlucky..
This was the only photo i took during the jap restaurant trip that Wilfred treated us to.
Lols. High ah! $$$ fly away~Lil Junior! Cute ah. Like lamb hor. Baaah! Haha.
This photo was taken somewhat last month i think.
During one of our trips to airport to mug.
The only think i like about it is the "hole" Lmao. Random-.-
This is even more random than the previous pic la -.-
How it looks like at night from my corridor. Lols.
I forgot when i took this but errr.... Yah, i just found it cute. haha!
Okay, this is also random.
I could've just say every photo in this post is super random -.-

After my sis's batch which is those who are younger than 19 now, if you guys wanna get a car license, you need to wait till you're 21!! D: Oh mann. Why they so lucky one. Or should i say is we unlucky.. Lols. I just found all these weird pics in my desktop. Don't know who showed it to me last time.. Oh well.

This one is really bad.. Lol.

LOL. Don't you think they somehow look alike? :x

Fatty bom bom giraffe, eeeeew. haha.
That duck has got some nice hair yeh!
This reminds me of a pokemon. Hmmmm.
Wooo. This fish sure loves to eat.
Maybe it has 2 stomachs too!

The End:D

How well do you know ME?
Heys people!
Just made this quiz in facbook after doing adelene's quiz.
Do take the quiz if you're free:D
Click here for the link.

Pretty bored right now. Ended school really early today. Haha. Had physics&chemistry MCQ exam today. Was pretty alright =D I love MCQ, don't need to use so much brain.

Anyways, i bought nutella home! Ahaha. Woo. (that's a chocolate jam in case you people don't know what isit) Haha. I love chocolateee! Yawns. Tired. Tmr got alot of subjects de exam ley. F&N, practical & of course chinese listening comprehension.

I'm bored.

Mother's day dinner
Currently waiting for the kfc delivery to be here at like around 9.40PM. Gosh. Now only what time.. 8 plus. Not even 8.30pm la can. Sian. I'm super hungry already. Wish i had something to bite on but all my snacks have finished ): A hungry girl is an angry girl! Argh. haha. Today daddy treating cause it's mother's day. Okay.. Maybe my daddy treats everytime but whatever! ahah. But so sad. My mum's out for the whole day, for some wedding i think. Okay. I'm so bored now. Trying to type crap into this post. Lols. Addicted to jay chou. I love him!! haha. okay, maybe i don't love him. But I love his songs :D haha. his older songs really attract me. its suppose to sound like (他以前唱的歌真的吸引到我了!) , ahah. pardon me for my poor english. =x anyways, i'm so tired right now. didn't revise until anything today. pretty slack. but good thing tomorrow no school! so i can sleep late again :x
it's monday again.

Happy mother's day! :)
Just here to wish a happy mother's day to all the mothers in the world :D
Real mothers know that a child’s growth is not
measured by height or years or grades...
It is marked by the progression of
Mama to Mommy to Mother.

Got a bit emotional lately.. I really hate it when guys play game. Those popular games like dota and CS are one of the worst inventions ever to me. I wonder how can guys get so addicted to them? This just doesn't make sense. Take my brother for example, if he loses a game or whatever shit, he screams and shout like a sore loser. I mean come on, it's just a game. RELAX LA. While others, just get so engrossed, which makes me feel like im talking to a corpse or something. I really hate the invention of such games. A HELL LOT.

But on the other hand, im not saying all games are not good la.. It's just that i hate it when guys really get so engrossed in playing it. Thats why. Oh well.. They just won't understand.

Tmr's a public holiday. Don't have to go school, can study for my f&n. So many topics. Hopefully those that i revised would be out.

Nothing much now, listening to songs. Jay chou's song: Carnival is what i'm addicted to now :D Super nice. I'm lovin' it! (:

Trip to MPPS
Today woke up, went to school as usual. Forgotten to bring thermometer -.- Luckily they never come in class check le. =D Had chinese paper 2. So sad la, the last passage, did before, didn't revise. Lols. Who knows man, it came out for mid year. Hah. Sian-ed. Other classes havent do before anyway, so it was okay la. Should be quite okay i hope :\ I'm always the last few in my class anyway. Lmao. Their chinese all so good ! There's no way of beating them la. Mostly E3 people. Sad.

Went to Mcpherson Primary(don't know how to spell, &sorry if i spelt wrongly) by LORRY, it was a super bumpy ride. Haha. Reached, sihui waved to the students in one of the class, den the students all look here. Then hai dao the student kena scolded from the teacher. Lmao. We went into the storage room, & took the insrtuments back to school. There were so many erhus la. Like 41!!! But some of them were damaged, while others had dust. Lol. So the condition wasn't very good. When we reached school, took out those instruments that can still be used. Phew. I tell you, all that hardwork under that damn sun. Okay maybe we're not directly under the sun, but there wind also dont have la can. All i can say is that it is SO HOT, HOTT, HOTTT! But it's a good thing that we got all these instruments for free though. Ahah. =D Had fun looking at all those dusts & cute cute instruments. Lmao. So small and light! xD I miss my yangqinnn. Losing touch already la. Sian-ed. Can't wait for BBQQQQQ!

Today had only physics paper, so went to school at like 10plus:D physics paper was alright. But won't get high marks.. My combine science gone case lo=D Tmr is chinese paper 2, good thing nothing much to revise. Can slack for whole day!

Nothing much to post le ley. Thats all bah!

& yes, i'm that dumb -.-
Today had geog and e maths paper 1. E maths paper was so called okay la, can pass bah. Lols. I'm sure that everyone felt that it was rather easy too. Half of the questions were really simple, especially question 1. Laughs xD

Then it was geog. Hoho. I'm so dead. My geog ah.. My section A i go do 2 questions!! Wtf. When i only need to do one. Lmao. Then i do 3 questions in total. xDD Lols sia. Got 4 questions, den i thought section A needa do all. Then i just do everything. Lmao. But the good thing is, i still got time. But my humans both add together ah.. I think F9 already T.T

Tomorrow is chem and maths paper 2 :D yay. i love maths. But i kinda suck in paper 2 ._. hmmm, chemistry, idk what is all those haemitite iron ore shit laaa. Need a tutor badly now D:

Enjoy .

No time no time no time!!
Ahhh. Everything seems so packed up all of a sudden. Been slacking a bit during study time with friends, but still, i can say i did study! :x Haha. Chinese and english paper 1 last friday was.......... For english still can la, but chinese is CMI (Cannot Make It) that kind cannnn. Die le lor. Daiyuwen sure will scold scold scold one.

Then today we had english paper 2 which is compre and social studies. Both also die ah. My language sucks la for heaven's sake!! Arghhh. The SS essay that i did was on healthcare, which was rather okay, except that i didnt have enough time to complete it.... I tell you my source base sucks like hell now. I don't even f-ing understand what the sources are telling me! So little details, so many marks. Like that how to doooo. Hmmm, maybe im suppose to write plenty of junk to add on to the number of words. Lols.

I guess that's about it for now. Nothing interesting happen lately. Just that last saturday, went out with enterprise club people. Eg, stella, jj, puay, wilfred, rach, daniel and jess. Went to the japanese restaurant at the highest floor of e!hub. Notice the bold names:x oh& guess what? ......................IT WAS WILFRED'S TREAT. hoho. So we just grab the ice cream sticks den pass it to him. Lols. His eyes open very big when he looked at the amount of sticks in the cup. =x Haha. Anyways, daniel ordered a plentyful lot! Over and over again la can. Lols. Had quite a lot of laughter that day, Rach has grown pretty :D Everyone feels that the cow dung is somewhat interested in sharry, oh well, i think so too! =D hahaha. Best of luck for the both of them. (L)