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When we were all young,

Haha. Looking back at my child photos, like so cute ley. Laughs. Notice my photo, i'm wearing a ring there. Lmao-ed when i saw it la can. Lols.

More revisions!
Happy birthday to ahgirl! :D Heard people singing birthday song today, isit for you? It was really damn loud la. Just wishing you a happy birthday here. (I'm sure you've received loads of gifts today.) haha.

Going to jon's house to study later on. JJ & Sharry should be going over too. So yeh, gonna go prep now. Cya!

Had chinese oral ysd, for more info, go adelene's blog:D haha. i kinda know my marks, 29 for conversation and 8.5 for reading. Lols. Conversation is i see the way wu lin write den figure out one. :x haha. smart ah! :D Distinction for oral, first time in my life. Lols. Went to find bb for awhile, chatted, things didnt really turn out well, so yeah. Waited for adelene, then went to eat kfc at white sands.

Went to airport to study with jon. When i alight from the bus i went to cold storage, then went toilet. After that walked a long way to swensens there, then i smsed jon cause i can't find mac. Lols. Then he tell me it's at the other side. I was like wth -.- Then reach le, he standing there wait, i also cannot see. Really eye got stamp x_x

I was there for like 5 hrs, but i think we chatted for like 2 1/2hrs. Lol. However, there's still some work done okay! :D Haha. Managed to practice quite a bit of maths. Even though i skipped quite a lot of questions :x Got one time i tried looking for my calculator, which was so big on the table, but i never see until -.- Then another time is i finding eraser, find until like dunno what, den it's actually under my calculator. I really need to wear a higher degree contacts le. Lmao.

Did a bit of chinese homework too. Smsed tinghui cause i can't find my paper.. Lol. Then got some words i dunno how to write. So used jon's phone to find. Then got so many choice dunno which to choose. Lmao -.- After that did my english compre, which i have not touched for like weeks. (Actually there's only one question that was left undone la.. lol) I didn't really do it though, since jon did that compre before, i asked for the answer. laughs :x

I bought Mcflurry after that. Jon's fries has been there for like 6 hours. Lol. Then we kept doing the math paper, when left like 15mins, he did his SS, while i continued on my math. Then it was 9pm. Time flies. We packed 5mins before, went to toilet, & headed to the bus inter? (Don't know whether isit counted as a bus inter or not. Lols.)

There was actually a lift near the cold storage, more nearer to the toilet which i first went to. Should have taken the lift lor -.- Anyways, we took bus to the stop after central. Cause bb say wanna meet at e!hub. Then when i reach, bb tell me to meet him at my bus stop -.- So jon walked me to my bus stop, and i waited for bb & his friends. Went to mama shop buy some food to eat. Then go back bus stop.

Slept for like 15 mins, before bb's friend van finally came. Shag shag shag! We then went to some place in changi which i never go since i was like 13 years old or so. Lmao. So long le. The parking loot was so packed la. When finally there was a slot, we went over to the hawker centre. After eating, bb's friend dropped us at e!hub there, then we walked to the park. Chatted, then bb took out something that almost made me cry laa.. ): Next time don't waste money le hor i tell you!
Went home at like 1plus, was really really shagged. Bathed, sleep.

Today, woke up like so late. I forgotten to set alarmmmmmm. Shit man. Then didnt go to T1 and tm to walk. So currently waiting for huimin to take bus. Boreddd.

Real thinking.
Gotten this from Cheryl's blog which has really set me thinking. (but the "today" is not really "today")

Today i really think. think think think. then somewhere today, these flew out of my mouth, "I hate thinking."

im sick of thinking. but how can i survive without thinking. thinking is tiring if you havent realise. every second we're thinking. even maybe when you're not thinking, you'll be thinking still. when im typing, im thinking. when im walking, im thinking, when im sleeping, im thinking, when im eating, im thinking, when im staring into space, im thinking. But then again, thinking is really wonderful. but still, its tiring!

Just something short today. my gosh, think. is thinking a sense? Still thinking of what teachers say, thinking of how i'm gonna complete my chinese without BLABBER FISH!!!!! and im still thinking whats tomorrow gonna be like, im thinking what time will i sleep, im thinking if i can finish me work, im thinking if its possible, im thinking why am i so tired, im thinking why do humans grow from an infant to a gigantic mobile artwork that has gone through so much of dung, im thinking what my mum will say if she sees me on the computer, im thinking of popping the popcorn seeds in my frige, im thinking why im thinking...
i think its about time everyone think.
Really Think.

Omgomgomgg. This weather is so f-ing hot la can! Today was quite boring. Had mother tongue test, it was easy & hard at the same time. Then had a short lesson of physics. Im dead. In physics. I'm so so dead la. The formulas, everytime use wrong one. Only sometimes lucky lucky use correct. Like that midyear how sia. 16 CHAPTERS, omgosh la can.

A maths was next. As usual, i slept. But only for half an hour. The next half i used it wisely to do my homework :D Efficient right! haha. Then its recessss. Ate only a little bit as i've already eaten burger in the morning. Then it was geog, yay! AIRCON ROOM :x BUT AH, this must have been my unlucky day. The aircon in the room spoil, AGAIN -.- wth lor. thought i'd have some aircon after all that warmness. Lols.

Then mdm ros talk talk talk, we went for 1 period of english. Mrs jay continued her shouting marathon, as many people did not do their homework. Lmao. Good thing im not one of them. (Cause i rushed it during a maths) hoho. 12:30pm jiu end le. Went to eat curry mee. Then go ava for chinese remedial (:

Jermaine's class was fun fun fun! Most probably because of the 5n guys who were hilarious la. Lols. Jermaine lim teach very goood! I wish i was in her class. Some of the stuffs daiyuwen teach, den jermaine say cannot use lor! So confusing.
Who's right & who's wrong?? ._.

Congrats to angklung & SNO for getting gold with honours :D Your hardwork has paid off. Looking at all your eyebags, i doubt you've enough rest the past few days. Exams are coming, take really good care of yourself & lastly, goodluck for midyears(:

Okay, been pretty stressed up lately. Quarrelled with my ex out of nowhere. Idk why either. I'm sorry. But whatever. He keeps saying that he's gonna die soon and all these stuffs. Seriously, it's driving me crazy. & i can't stand his nonsense. He says he going to court soon. What should i say? ._. Okay... He was caught for sniffing glue. Well, serve him right. Last time told him not to smoke, he listened. We broke up, he went back to becoming a smoke machine. Wow huh. & now he says, if im stress or what can go find him. I'm like, what for? I don't need you. You're a drug addict. F off yeah. I need no friends like you. (:

What the hell am i doing!?!? I know that i can't afford to slack. But i just can't seem to do anything about it. Someone please drag me out to study. Pleaseeee.

Pretty bored today.
Okay.. This is my third and final post for the day i guess.

Had camp a few days back, had lots of fun, but like what adelene kept saying, THE FUN WASN'T ENOUGH! Most probably it's because of the lesser time we had as compared to the previous camp. The best part was zombie-ing:D Haha.

Mr Chianggg! Hopefully you'll go at the end of the year la. So that i also graduate le :x Lols. Everyone will sure miss you! You've been a great cca teacher, who have done alot for us! We appreciated it aye! ((: Hopefully there'll still be a vacant slot when you're back from whichever country you go to. Lmao. Don't forget us! Haha. Two years down the road, I'll surely be back for CO and help out no matter what! :D

SNO has been training really hard lately. Wish you guys all the best to get gold with honours ah! Haha. I'm lacking of sleep already. Too tired. After the co camp was syf, didn't have time to complete my hw. All of them were done last min. Sorry teachers, don't blame me for my crappy work. I'll do better when I have enough sleep i promise(:

Might lock my blog for some family reasons.
Seriously i f-ing hate my sis. She's driving me insane. I really can't stand all her naggingssss! Help peopleeee!! DDD: Quarreled with her this afternoon when she got back from dunno where. She say herself until like she very good like that, & says that she's the most fillial in the family. I mean like come on, you work le of course you got money to buy stuffs for us la. Being fillial and good does not mean buying things for us la can. & hor, 2 years and a few months ago, i was th first to know you got a boyf. , so what? You want me to tell you i got boyf. for fk? There's no need la can. It's NOYB. You ask me why can't we be like sisters whom share stuffs with each other right? Ask yourself. Do you even have time for me? Well, obviously the answer is no. Cause you're the only one who's busy. I have my things to do as well. This is one of the reason why i hated coming home early. I have never ever felt being in a family seriously. This just feels like a hotel or something. I come and i go everyday, doing the same things, & i can only say i am getting sick of it. I hate being at home. Thus, always trying to find time going out with my boyf. and friends. Thanks to him that i have someone to talk to, thanks to them that i can finally not feel so emotionless. and thanks to my zombies for everything :D Had loads of fun tgt each time during camp, walking all over till we drop to our feet. Everything seems okay now. Only family problems. I do not wish to talk about this anywhere in school. So please, don't probe about it.

Next. Congrats to guzheng for getting a silver. Well yeah, thats all.

Okay, i'm gonna go bathe now. Look at my puffy eyes. I've cried for two days le T.T

I'm stubborn and hard-hearted, strong-willed and highly motivated. I have sharp thoughts & easily angered. I attracts others and loves attention. (Thats not true) Deep feelings. Beautiful physically and mentally. (Nah.) Has a firm Standpoint. Needs no motivation. (So true!) Easily consoled. Systematic (left brain). Loves to dream. Strong clairvoyance. ?? Understanding. Sickness usually in the ear and neck. -.- Good imagination. :D Good physical. Weak breathing. Agree. Loves literature and the arts. (Yeap. But i dont do literature and art.) Loves traveling. Dislike being at home. Restless. Not having many children. (thats good:x) Hardworking. High spirited. Spendthrift.(True!)

Congrats to everyone (:
It feels like it has been days, weeks and even months since i last posted == Anyways, just posting about the syf results here.

Band: Silver (5 years syf all take same award -.-)
Malay dance: Silver (Not bad:D)
Choir: Silver (Shocking!)
Guzheng: Silver (Not bad, you have improved)
Modern dance: Bronze (Jy people. Could have done better)
CO: Bronze (Not bad for first timers, continue to improve!)
SNO: (SYF this wed, Goodluck!)

April birthdays
Happy Birthday in advance to Yeeling, Irwan & Khairunnisa! (:
You guys are 16 already. So fasttt. Can watch NC16 movies ley! *envy* haha. Hope you guys would have funn. Been feeling quite sad lately. Kept thinking that I'll be stepping down from CO after syf. Its really damn fast. Next tuesday, most probably I won't be able to play anymoreee T.T Sad man. But defintely I'll be back guys! Gonna miss my yangqing so so so so much. I've already been with it for like more than 3 years le. Feelings have developeddd :\

Oh well, look on the bright side! I will have more time doing my revisions and playing too! :x Hohoho. But ah, I feel like I've slacked a lot as compared to the start of this year. Been doing well in english though. Have never gotten a mark lesser than 20/30 for compos. Quite glad myself too :D For other subjects have all been doing well. So yeah, hopefully i can do well for my mid-years too.. Kinda losing a bit hope le. Anyways, won't be blogging for the next few days. Would be having camp yo! Haha. It's definitely gonna be fun. Too bad for those who are not going. :D

Shall stop here. Cya~! (:

You're not fit to be my friend
I really despise people like you. There's no such thing as free lunch in this world, you get that?! You want something, then f-ing do it yourself. You want good grades by doing all this shit? IN YOUR DREAMS BITCH. How many times did i say NO to you? And anyway, you didn't do me a favour that i asked, WHICH WAS SO DAMN F-ING SIMPLE, & you want to have what you want in return when i said no. Is that fair? Obviously it's not. And now, being like a thief, you're sneaking behind my back, doing all this f-ing stuffs. Do you know how much it pisses me off? Be glad I'm not someone who expresses it. If not, you should be in hell by now. For those things you have done, you don't deserve it. I don't wanna say anymore nasty stuffs right now. You know who you are. Oh, and so much for calling you my friend yeah. *Pui* You ain't fit to be one.

Fast & furious 4
Went out with bb today. I apologise for not being able to meet up with chinhwee they all for the camp stuffs. Sorry aye. He's only out on weekends. So my weekends are really precious :x Haha. Anyways, accompanied bb to buy his NS stuffs then went to catch fast & furious at e!hub. Not bad la, lots of hot babes in there. Lmao. Rating: 4/5

Bb's friends came to watch movie too. But too bad the movie is NC16, so i couldn't watch it. But no worries! I ain't sad. Cause what's mine is mine. & what's not won't be no matter what i do. So yeah, if i can't watch it, then so be it :D

The new tampines 1 mall that's open somewhere near tampines inter is really crowded la can. I can barely see the ground. All i see is heads, heads & even more heads -.- Then didn't really get to have a nice look at the mall.

Tmr's sunday. Gonna have a nice long sleep man! woots :b

Honours' Day
Later dunno need to bring any books to school anot .. No one said anything :\ Hmm, maybe i should just bring the books that are needed for the first few periods. Oh wait.. All my books are in school -.- Then what should i bring.... Hais sian. I wished i was sec 3, and i wasn't one of the recipients for prize giving. So i don't have to be there for this honours' day thing till 1pm!!!

CO should be organizing a camp soon. Finally dai lao shi agreed to do something good for the co, which is staying overnight during camp! I really do hope that everyone can go. I'd rather MC made this camp compulsory. Since the graduating classes are stepping down soon and it'd really do good if they would all attend this camp.

Currently feeling horrible. My nose feels all puffed up, damn pain cannn. Kept sneezing, and sneezing, and more sneezing. This water thingy fluid keep flowing like nobody's business. Okay, i won't wanna get too disgusting, so let's get on with it.

Will be going out in the evening, probably afternoon go out with family first. So means i can't hang out with my juniors -.- Great...

Congrats to band (:
Just a short update about what's happening,

Firstly, congrats to band upon getting the silver award :D Though they didn't manage to get a gold but they are able to remain status quo is good enough.(: thursday is honours day, being the seniors, we had to stay back for the whole day till roughly about 1pm. Sad case right. Those sec 1 -3 do not need to stay back lor. But the so called good news is that i'm one of the recipients la. So no matter what I'll still have to stay behind.

Syf is next next coming Monday. Jiayou uhs CO. On that day choir and guzheng would also have their syf. All the best people! (: CO is kinda coming out with a camp, but later people might say we copied them. Especially the band members.. Hmm.

Tmr there's geog and maths test. Geog test I'm gonna be so dead. The topic is damn confusing. Goodluck to me upon failing then :D Well, for maths, probably i should be able to pass. Just that I won't be able to score well for it. Cause the topic is on vectors. And i forgotten to clarify some of the questions which I do not know how to do with Mr Ves. So yeah, it's also a gone case..

Going off now. Chiao~

Feeling pissed, really pisseddd
I already stated clearly in my blog that i don't want spams. And thanks for some people who probably didn't understand what it means and still typed craps into it. Never blame someone for being nasty to you back when you were the one who started it. That's what I've learned. And please, apologising after you have said nasty things didn't really help in any way. So I'd hope that you would first think before you spam, and spam the right things at least -.-

For now, that's it. If you wanna continue, don't blame me when someone hunts you down.

Next, Happy 14th Birthday to Sihui. Sorry for not being able to meet up with the other CO members to plan for your birthday celebration. I was going out, so i couldn't meet you guys. Anyways, went out with cardi, wanted to see the sunset, but sadly, those big grey clouds keep floating by -.- So we kinda missed the whole thing. Lols. =x Then we went to take bus, to cab at another area back to my place cause i was supposed to be home by 7 or 8 but I'm still strolling with him. Lmao. Went back, realised that we were'nt going anywhere but ordering home delivery. ==

While waiting, me, my sis, sis's bf, and my mother, played mahjong:D Haha. I didn't even win one match la can. Keep losing. Lols. Then my sis's bf keep winning. Not fair la, his birthday den all the luck with him =x Then when the delivery came AT LAST, we all started eating. There's this bread, very very big! Even bigger then 2 of my head la! Then inside got a packet of curry. Like, you'd need to cut the bread open to eat the curry. Lols. We had both chicken and fish curry. The fish one was delicious! The chicken one not bad also la, but i dont really like.

After eating, they played poker. And kept screaming so loudly la. One poker game only, can get so excited. Lols. And i watched tv, and tv, and even more tv. Got really bored, so i went to play windslayer. Lmao. Though it's a bit weird that I'm playing. But it's kinda fun. A bit like maple. So i playplayplay, then went to surf online, blog hopping, video watching. Found ridiculous tags, told my ex, and guess what he said? --- "Tell me who is he la, I find him out, my hands very itchy this few days, anyway also going in le." --- When he said going in, i asked go in where? NS? His reply was queen something something prison la. I was like... He's been a good bf last time, if not for a small matter, i guess maybe we might still be together now. Hah. It's over anyway..

Night classes starts today.
Heyo! hahaha. Yay, almost time to go bathe and prepare for night class:D Getting kinda excited now. But i think when i reach there it's gonna be the same old boring stuffs. Haha. I doubt it would ever be fun anyway. Studies studies studies.

Okay crap, yijian just called me to say she's going to take bus already. dammit. i haven't even bathed! Gosh. gtg now! ~

Blogger is still the best.
Sian-ed. Back to using blogger. Lols. Realised that it is still much more better than wordpress, even though wordpress is easy to use. But alot of things are not as good as compared to blogger.

Firstly I just wanna say happy 19th birthday to Daniel Ong, my sis's bf. My whole family might be going to have dinner with him to celebrate his birthday bah. Still not so sure yet, but isn't he fortunate? My WHOLE family ley, of course including me la. But I'm going out... So there MIGHT be a change of plans.. hopefully.

Anyways, I'm the best improved awardee of my class? Lols, I never thought I would get that. At first I thought that maybe they highlighted the wrong name. Cause I was kinda more confident in getting a cca award then the academic one. Last year i got 13th in position in class. I mean, it was almost the best i could do already la -.- I didnt imagined myself to improve more than what I have had last year and of course beat other people in studies. Well, but anyway, I suppose I got the award because everyone's slacking anyway.

Hoho, school was boring. But I love science practicals! :D Today had both Chemistry and Physics practical. Haha, chem was fun! Kinda like the topic on QA. It's amazing how the colours change from one to another, either being soluble or insoluble in excess. Hmm, as for physics, kinda blurred cause i was late for class dued to the rehearsal for the honours' day.

Something that almost everyone is pissed about..... Is that JON has gotten the cca distinction. Well not just because of that la, its because...... HE GOT IT AGAIN. twice. Twicee.. TWICEEE! Sia la. Last year he got, this year he got again... Not fair can :x Bryan Mok wanted to have the distinction award but so sad he didnt get it cause he say that Mr Chiang didn't wanna give it to him.

Anyways, the first Night Study will begin this friday, yeah, which is tomorrow. Lols. Pretty excited cause it's my first time going to a night class. But oh well, we need to bring our own things to revise. Nothing is provided there -.- It's like what the hell? Haha. Hopefully people will relayy start studying and stop playing lor. If not i really cannot focus one ..

Okay, time to be tv-ing le. The new channel 8 show is nice!!!! Watch it.

Right... & you supposed to be watching the show now?!?! Gogogogogo!

Why are you still heree.. Goooo & watch before it ends la!!