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Bad bad week.
This week is so horrible terrible vegetable. D:
Had diarrhea since ysd till today sia.
Went to toilet ysd like 4 times in total, no. of hours: 4!

Today stomach felt better, but i think because of ysd..
Too much energy loss. So felt really hungry today.
Then during study time, leechye went down help me buy burger, thanks!
I ate, but still felt like puking.

Tmr still got geog test. Havent revise! shag.
Revise tmr den ><

Anyways, got A1 for combine Sci.. And E maths.
Hopefully still can get one more.
So tired...............

Friday, the thirteen.
Physics common test i got 25/30 .
Could have scored better, but i didn't D: Man...
I've added in a calendar at the right.
Look at the packed schedule of mine ! Gosh la.
Gotta cope with that and studies at the same time.
It ain't gonna be that easy okayyy.

Yay. My mum agreed for me to drop a maths .
If principal don't agree then my mum will go down and talk to him. Lols.
Today had fire drill, and food rationing.
Because of that total defence thingy la. Lmao.
Made us eat porridge or drink sweet potato soup during recess.
Really "very nice lo". Then the only drink was NEwater.
NEwater a.k.a recycled toilet bowl water. Lmao.

Anyways, next week got Chinese and Geog test. Hopefully it's gonna be easy:D

19&20 Feb: (William, Sharry & Stella) in-charge of the rehearsal from 4-6pm.
Teacher in charge: Mc.
25&26 Feb: (Me & Yeeling) I.c of the rehearsal from 3-6pm.
Teacher in charge: Dai on 25th, Both on 26th.
27&28 Feb: (Bryan & Tonghwee) I.c of the rehearsal & performance.
Teacher in charge: Mc & Dai.

I want As ! :D
Wooo, got back physics today, A1! 25/30 (: Hopefully chemistry I can do as well as my physics too. Lols. So if i combine the marks together it would be A1 already :DD Next week got geog test, and chinese on thursday -.- Sian man.

Ahhhh, next next monday got Add maths test. Sure F9 one la, forever that score one can. ohoh! & Tomorrow is Friday the 13th! :OO Whoa huh, may the bad luck be with the people i dislike. Ahah. & hor! Today I saw a bat in school flying siol ! Keep banging and flying everywhere xD At first i though is bird. But the wings were very broad. And it can't fly properly so we thought that it must be a bat la. I wonder whats a bat doing in school anyway. haha. Bats can't really see well during daylight and it was damn cute la can! Keep banging around the doors, etc.general office and HOD room. haha. a rare sight to be seen eh.

Anyways, got loads of homework! not enough time to do. decide don't do le. chall slack all the way till i slp.
Bye !

Great sense of achievement
Yay, maths common test got 39 / 50 :D
First time ever, i felt good about maths.
Lols, cause i won alex la sial ! The maths and science pro.
Hahaha. But now it's not le. The best was Farhan shah, 41 / 50 !
Jianming almost made it! But because of 3sf minus one mark.

Physics class test got 14 / 20 , not say very bad but not good either .
Chemistry class test got 22 / 30 . Bleh. My Chem getting better la D:
Physics deproving. Gosh. Needa buck up.
Tmr got SS test, on healthcare. Hopfeully, it'll be an easy one.
Gambateh everyone. (:

You suck.
Fuck laaa. Everything sucks. Sucks to the core i should say.

Please la hor mr chiang, you always scold us for no reason one.
I got practice wih the sec 1 members you got see anot!
Is you never see until dont put the blame on us can.
And the shirt thingy, you could have asked someone to help you.
It's not like no one is there to help when you need any,
it's just whether did you ask anot. I dont mind helping if you did asked.

Feeling sleepy every hour in school today.
During maths, slept awhile, mr ves woke me up.
For what sia, i did finish the whole paper already lor.
Other people still have like so many questions not done.
Then after school had EL common test.
Hah. I chose posters and booklets. Simple what.
Many people either did video or hold a talk.

Crap laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
Tmr science common test. 2 papers, ONE HOUR. shagged man.
Hopefully i can cope with my physics. Lols.
Sian la. I dont know how to do workdone~
Ask alot people already, still don't understand.
My physics is getting weaker la sial . D:

Big & Round moon! O.O

Yesterday_-_Leona_Lewis.wma -

I just can’t believe you’re gone
Still waiting for morning to come
Wanna see if the sun will rise even without you by my side
When we have so much in store tell me what it is I’m reaching for
When we’re through building memories I’ll hold yesterday in my heart
In my heart

They can take tomorrow and the plans we made
They can take the music that we’ll never play
All the broken dreams take everything
Just take it away
But they can never have yesterday
They can take the future that we’ll never know
They can take the places that we said we would go
All the broken dreams take everything
Just take it away
But they can never have yesterday

You always used to say I should be thankful for every day
Heaven knows what the future holds or at least how the story goes
(But I never believed them till now)
I know I’ll see you again I’m sure no it’s not selfish to ask for more
One more night one more day
One more smile on your face but they can’t take yesterday


I thought our days would last forever
(But it wasn’t our destiny)
‘Cause in my mind we had so much time
But I was so wrong
Now I can believe that I can still find the strength in the moments we made
I’m looking back on yesterday


All the broken dreams take everything
But they can never have yesterday

Last Day of Chinese New Year le! Byebye red packets! :D
Hahaha. Ate steamboat at home with family today.
Had a quick one and came online, didnt really enjoyed it.
After that drank champagne with nata inside! The nata very nice.
Ahaha, i kept eating and eating. I'm so full can!
Plus, this is gonna be a bad week, cause of some reasons. Lol.

Lalala, today maths common test, tried my best, no regrets.
Okay maybe one regret, didn't revise on the topic that asks us to form equation.
I totally suck at that! Hahaha, but whatever results i get...
I think i'll be happy with it. :D

So yeah, tmr is english common test, left all my notes in school.
Hopefully i can pass. Lol, a c6 is enough for my lan english.
That's all i aim for now, maybe a c5 if possible. (:

Now my family all standing out taking photos of the moon! XD
like they never see before. LMAO. but this year's moon.....
REALLY VERY ROUND ! More round then any of the moons i've seen before.
The expert say that at 10.49pm will be half-moon already. Haha.
Sadded. I'll be snoring by then. Ciao people~


Nerd of the day 8-|
Went to yijian's house for night buffet.
Mainly because her father won toto/4D. Lols.
Reached her house around 8 plus. Then played till 11 plus.
Lmao, her brother really don't look like her at all loh!
He's like so ahbeng that kind, & her, so innocent!
Gosh, ahahaha. Anyways, the food was nice! haha.
After that took cabby homeee.

Woke up around 1030 today, went to tampines library do hw.
The atmosphere was rather good until quite alot of people came.
Then it became quite crowded. After finishing my SS and english hw,
Went to have lunch. :D ate mee pok. not bad, just a little too dry.
Walked to the CC and did some revisions, supposedly. Lmao.
Then me and yj started talking about what we wanna be in future.
I suddenly realise there's lots of things that i want!
And they're all achievable okay! Haha, so it's rather realistic.
We talked on that topic for like 1hr plus.
Then she walked me to the bus stop and i went home.

Tmr maths common test, didnt really revise for it, shit.
Nvm, this is only the first test of the year, will buck up soon.
Lols. Now the mood become quite slack again.
Currently doing nothing, and don't feel like revising. Ahah.
So yeah, thats all /♥glq

Prettiest friend by Jason Mraz (Cute video)

Youtubing since 1.30pm. Saw this video, thought it was rather cute :D
Going out later at night. Hope that i'll have fun...

ughh, idk what to do or say.


Hippy happy hoppy
Yayyyy. Got highest in e maths together with jianming.
Haha, but the class's results wasn't good.
We more LAN than a normal acad class can.
Buck up la people.. It ain't that hard, just listen in class.

Mr ves aked people to volunteer be maths tuitor.
The people were hengquan, engteck, leechye, shah, jinho..... and me.
Sadly, i didnt wanna be maths tuitor lor, i said no already.
But Mr Ves still include me ._. Mr ves say guys go find the guys maths tuitor,
girls can come ask me. But i'm like the only female can..

Got 14/20 for physics. Many many careless mistakes. shagged.
Farhan shah is smart siol! he got 18.5/20 i think. almost full marks.
his maths is really super good. so glad that im sitting beside him.
Hahaha. yayy, chemistry test was easy, confirm get over 21/30 marks one :D
after all this reading of notes, i suppose it does help.
EXCEPT, for a maths. i didnt study for it la, so gotten like 11/50. Lols.

Today teacher gave many many homework. hopefully i can finish them (:
got so many homework!! but i'm kinda enjoying doing them now. ahah :x
The joy of having homework. Lolss.
Tmr going to yijian's place! :D for some buffet i think.
haha. yay/ gonna eat my fill :x


Blog totally forgotten
It's been..... 3 days since i last blogged! :D
Hahaha. I totally forgot i had a blog, so i was like why am i quite free nowadays. :x

Anyways, been feeling quite motivated again, all of a sudden la.
It so has got nothing to with me being motivated. Ahaha. So yeah.
Had been completing quite a number of homeworks, & feeling proud of it.

Hoping to do well in all of my subjects at one go seems to be a difficult task huh.
Maybe I'll start one by one, first with my weakest sucject, ENGLISH.
A maths i've decided to drop le, so i can say byebye to it:D
And focus more on my e maths stuff durin a maths lessons.

Woohoo. Almost completed F&N task analysis.
Felt a great sense of achievement nowadays! xD
Being praised by Mrs Jay saying that i have the potential to do well in English judging by the way i speak and write is another form of motivation to me!

Off to studying chemistry. Don't forget the $9 tmr for Math&Eng camp people! :D

Malaysia Trip
First Day:
Leaving for malaysia, had my bag packed all set to go.
Supposedly wanted to take bus to woodlands checkpoint, so took bus to tampines.
Then my uncle called say they reach already, lols. We cab-ed there instead.
Got 6 people so we had to take 2 cabs.

Yay, our cab in front :x

The weather then was like so hot! And i still wear hoodie plus shorts. lol.
Reached woodlands, met aunt, uncle & my little fatty cousin.
He's still as "chubby" as ever lor. hahaha. he's quite a spoilt brat though.
Went past checkpoint after waiting at the very long queue.
Took bus to the inter in malysia; which was super crowded and noisy can!
People were shouting from all over the place la.
Then around 11.15am, we took a super cosy bus to idk where. Lmao.
The bus was super cosy cause i fell aslp in less than 5 mins :x

Woke up halfway, random shot.

When we reached, met up with my another uncle who came to fetch us.
He drove us to a place called, jalan-fernando. Weird name.

on the way to jalan-fernando.

When reached the place where they stay, the atmosphere was so awkward.
Maybe it's because we rarely visit my mother's side relatives.
I even forgotten how to greet them, only remembered that they're really generous.
As in money wise. Lmao. Cause they really give alot if they're happy. :x
Sad thing is, all my cousins there were either too young or too old.
So i get really bored during the visits to their houses etc.
But luckily got ds and psp to keep me company.

Went to shopping malls and walk, quite boring, but stuff there were cheap.
Adults gambled the whole day, sat beside and learnt quite a few stuffs :x

Second Day:
Practically forgotten what i did on the second day. Lols.
Only remember i did manicure, with my sis. :D

Then around midnight ate this burger thing. Lmao.

Crappy but simply delicious.

Third Day:
Woke at 8.25am WITH NO ALARM CLOCK OKAY. :x
Incredible lor, firs time woke up so early with no one calling me up.
But i think it's because all the other people woke up except for my family.
Hahaha, family of pigs :x
I was the first to wake as compared to my family la. Lol.
Brush teeth, washed up. finish le, they still slping la!
I was so bored i starting blogging on my phone. Lmao.

When they finally woke up, ate breakfast, though i usually dont. Lols.
Drank this super sour stuff, yuck! almost puked.
Went out shopping again, cause my sis complain that she bring so much money then never spend until a single cent. Hahaha.
So we went to quite a few shoping malls.

On the car, my "always-smiling" cousin. (Notice he bo-gey in front) :x

In the end it ended up with me spending my sis money. Lols.
I want this i want that, then she buy for me. LOL lor.
I spent over 50 or 60RM. gosh. She only buy one shorts and eyeliner...
She said i dont have to return her the money. But i still did when i got back. haha.
Afternoon went to some restaurant for reunion dinner.

At the restaurant.
Had yusheng, fish, chicken, prawns, veges, red wine, fruit champagne. Lols.
Red wine plus the champagne very nice!
At night played with crackers along the driveway.

So nice horrr. If you see in real life more nice.
Crackers again :D
And again.
And again. Lols.
Went back in, found my fatty cousin sleeping already. Haha.
The most peaceful time. He's super noisy, and bossy!

Okay, thats my bro in white tee at the side, so extra :x
(The white pants is my sis bf) He went there along with us.. so yeah. haha.
Went out again, more crackers XD
fatty cousin woke up. haha.
the skinny one, older than the fat one lor..

and again, crackers. lols.

another small cousin in red shirt, primary 2 i think.

Went back in and gambled, banlak . (21)
Won and loss, won and loss. In the end, won! tripled from 10 to 30 :D
Fourth & last day:
Woke at 5am, with alarm. haha. Just to bathe. Lmao.
Though i know it's a little bit too early, but who cares. haha.
6 plus, went to the train station. nd time taking train, super excited :D
When reach there quite alot of people already. But it was dark out there.
So went to find some sits and listened to songs while waitng.
So dark la, quality badd.
We were then told that the train was delayed till 8am. So yeah...
Ate breakfast at the roti prata shop. Ate a total of 12 roti pratas all tgt with family.
You can never guess how much it cost la. Lesser then S$5 can.
It's freshly made and the curry was so deliciousss! Super nice and cheap la.
Thats my pratas, halfway eaten :x
Went back to the train station. Become brighter le.

Sis bf at the side, and sis sitting beside me.
She was laughing at a joke her bf made. Lmao.
See the black thing on the left side? It's the rubbish bin!
Stupid plastic sticking out, spoil the pic. lol.
Took the train, but the window glass is frosted!
It was quite cold la. Lol.

Finally, arrived in sg. I miss singapore! So glad i was back.
Malaysia can be hotter than sg by alot okay! And that wasnt a good thing. Lmao.
Shall end the malaysia post here.

31st January:
Went to old folk's home perform during the afternoon.
They had singing, lion dance and others.
The lion dance was damn nice! i love watching lion dance troupes performing.
Then the lion face me and threw oranges skin! hahaha.
none of it hit me siol! :D one landed on my yangqin. lmao.
guess i'll be blessed this year :x ahah.

went to elias at night for the nh performance.
phew, one day to learn the scores ain't that easy.
But still managable. performed at 10 plus, supposedly to be 9.
but they kept dragging. i was super tired lor.
And super stressed theb. cause yang qin need to be sitted in the middle..
then the headlights shining in my eyes, cant see the scores clearly.
After performing, went to kept the stuffs, there's this erhu guy.
Very helpful, idk his name. but he kept following behind me when i carried around my yangqin.
in case i needed help. lmao. thanks anyway.
one more thing, super sad la. my family go watch movie.
then i sacrifice it just to perform for nh. lmao.
hope they had a great time watching.

going out later to my cousin's house play mahjong.
shall stop here:D

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