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Bonjour Fellas !
Im Jennifur 19 years young, lovely attached.
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Class teeee
Idris lost his thumbdrive so i'll help him bring it to school tmr,
i really love the design! he's a good designerrr.
The designs are belowww :D

LOGO i guess?:

Front View (POLO):

Back View:

Nice huh! He's creative lor. i like the logoooo! :D

Sayonara peeps!
Goodbye to all my belove-d friends .
I'll be away in Malaysia from tmr till next tuesday.
Dont miss me, call me, sms me or whatever k!
Will try to see if i can blog there :D

New computer in school rocks!

I was playing pet society and at ebuddy chatting that time. lols. see the wire at the left hand corner? i was charging my phone! XD

Loading pet society~ look at that flat screen. so much better than last time's computer la.

Tralalala. Boring school days.
During physics i think, just before greeting Mstan, dunno who the hell go throw water bottle den kena my head la!
Should be meihua cause she said sorry to me.
But nvm, at least she apologise. :D
Hmm, the school was pretty empty ysd, everyone wasnt studying except us, sec 4e.
But the good news is that most of the teachers wasnt around too :D
So didnt had much of the lessons though.
Today had mother tongue remedial, was damn sian la!
Had to write the bao zhang bao dao. Couldnt think of anything to write la.
Though i did watch the video about the girl having birthday bash,
but still i dont have idea on what to write about leyyy.
So didnt hand in the work today. will try to finish it soon. lols.
Ahhh. i'm leaving for malaysia this saturdayyy. so sian siol.
hopefully i'll have a proper haircut there. and hopefully it's much better than sg. :D

shall end off here.

Most guys are flirts
Hah. Had such a "great" day in school today.
Cabbed school with adelene today, every sec 3 had huge camping bagss.
I miss sec 3 camp, i love my class, hyper active people. lol.
Nothing much happened during lesson time, so im only blogging on what happened after school.
Went for CO prac at 3.30pm. Taught sec 1s basic percussion stuffs.
Phew, some were pretty good, but most of them, were not.
But its okay! Practice more and you guys will play it well soon enough. & When next time you look back to what you're doing now, you'll think that why can't you even beat such a simple rhythm when you were sec 1 and laugh about it.
Lols. Heard that bryan and patrick got a little conflict. But it's all solved now i guess.
Bryan had a really hard time coaching the sec 1s,
and i understand it too T.T cause i didnt really need to practice,
so helped him to teach some of the sec 1s.
Some were really cooperative, thanks huh. But only one was not.
But it's okay, she's a fast learner, just that manners a bit not good.
No matter how many times me and bryan demonstrate to them how to play,
they still dont get the rhythm! i dont know what the hell are the brains doing.
Can see that mok was quite pissed off a bit. lols.

thank god i have the sec 1s now, they're really good.
helped to bring in the drums so that i can shift my yangqin in too.
There's this china boy, sec 1, the way he carry drum is totally cute.
Two hands straight straight carry the drum, i almost bol.(burst out laughing)
After that MC talked to us about some things, den we were dismissed.
Ahhh, my precious juniors are not around, they went for sec 3 camp le.
Have fun kids! Will miss you people :D already missing now la. ahah.
Hope you people come back soon horrr.

Currently going off to sleep. Hopefully i won't see aik wei on the bus tmr. Yay.

I'm down with fever! :(
Blehhhhhhhhhh. I'm feeling super horrible now la.
Had sorethroat last sunday,
which developed into a cough,
then further into a flu,
and now FEVERR!

This morning, i can't even project out a sound la!
Then i think i not enough sleep ar, though i slept early ysd.
I took the wrong bus, which end up in another bus stop.
Then change bus meet adelene and co.
This year you're 15 le uh, one year older, sure feels good right!
Hopefully you'll have a good junior, probably vicki.
Study hard! Though this year its not really very major..
But still, study hard! (:

Had performance today, costume was not bad la.
Just that wear already quite hot. And i was damn sleepy.
Watch the other performances almost fell asleep =.=
Had practice after performance. Was a boring one as usual.
Then got a red packet with sweets inside from CO. thanks!
Gave huimin her present when we got out of the school.
And lastly......... Crazy ribbonnn! :D
Took bus with adelene, at around 7pm.
Didnt notice jon on the bus until adelene told me at the inter.

Tada. I'm home.


The greatest failure in life is not participating!

YAYYYYYYY. Finally this freaking workshop is over :DD

Day 1:
The first day of the workshop, everyone was excited, so am i.
We got to school happily, all prepared for that 13hrs in school.
Walked up to the i-room, even before stepping in we could feel the "breeze".
Lols, the air-con inside is really super cold.
And no one told us beforehand to bring a jacket or something.
So for the whole 13 hrs inside i was freezin cold.
Except sometimes got toilet break or lunch break den felt better.
But the wind outside also damn windy one lor~
Got to know this old man, by the name of Ernest Wong.
Follow by Ken (the sexy boy), and Peter (the man you can't see).
Lols, they were really funny. Especially Ken!
Peter was funny too, he walked to the front and intro.
"Hi, i'm peter. And you can't see me." Everyone burst out laughing.
Lols. Then they talk talk talk, wrote down lots of notes.
Might post them one day. Lol. If i ever read them again of course.
Seriously i've forgotten alot of stuffs that happened on Day 1.
So yeah.

Day 2:

Become smarter le, brought hoodie to school.
We also got to learn how to speed read & memorizing names etc.
During the speed reading of many numbers and writing them down,
Peter kept talking and the background music was so fast!
Everyone was chiong-ing, those who couldnt do it need to punish. cause...
Action Has Consequences!
Lols, after that before our dinner Ken taught us (girls) how to protect ourselves.
He say we need to whack the guy's weakest part.
Then he said not only can you whack, after you whack, you still can grab.
Then everyone starting laughing and laughing.
Lols, there's a part when Ernest said about his life, ppl started to cry.
Not just girls, some of the guys started crying too.
Then all lights were off-ed, we were asked to close our eyes.
Ernest started to say about some stuffs and they continued crying.
Then a guy came to me, i opened my eyes.
I was told to look in the mirror and reflect about myself.
But i can't help wanting to laugh. He was showing me my chin.
Lmao. I almost burst out laughing, but i controlled.
Didn't cried for the whole session, felt that maybe on the last day i'll cry.

Day 3:
Lifted Yasin onto 2 chairs, one supporting his head and his feet.
Then May stood on his stomach! She's 47 kg, standing on his stomach!
After that timothy, who's 70+ kg, sat on him! omg lor.
This is so amazingggg. Everyone was both shocked and amazed.
Went for our dinner, quite a number of parents were here already.
After dinner went back to i-room, learned a few korean words from dakyiom.
Sat down, parents came in, everyone cheered.
Ernest talked about how to lecture your child and said his life story.
He began crying a little, many people cried too.
Yan ni was holding her tears, but in the end she cried too.
I think i was one of the few people who didn't cried.
I dont know why, no tears wanna come out.
The only tears produced was when i yawned. So yeah, it was really pathetic.
Walked to bus stop and waited for bus, slept on the bus.
I was really tired. & i almost missed my stop!
Got back home, online awhile, then went to sleep le (:

Which path to choose? So many things, so little time.
photography Pictures, Images and Photos
The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.

But what exactly is the main thing to me now..?
O levels? Hmmm, maybe, could be, should be.
Got our o level chinese results just this afternoon.
Our class really pathetic la, only one A1, thirteen B3s, six B4s and one C5.
Heard that the C5 is psykiat. buck up laa, sleeping kingg !

They got their o lvl results today and we were asked to see them get their results.
Some cried while some were overwhelmed with joy.
Our top student was Amanda i think? She got 5 distinctions.
Dunno whether is that counted good, defintely not if compared to national.

My posts are not gonna get any longer!
Just posting a part of everyday. So yeah, CIAO~!

My mind goes blank everytime i blog
Okay. I'm gonna TRY to blog today. (which is kinda ysd now)
The past few days dunno why i don't really know what to blog about.
I think is I have too many things to blog about till i don't feel like blogging.
Lols. This may sound a bit crap la, BUT IT'S TRUE CAN!

The past few days have been sticking posters around the school advertising CO.
I suppose alot of people have seen them, cause i myself can't keep my eyes off.
BUT, not everything went well. Had some conflicts over it .

Just wanna say something to the choir members.
Eff-ing scram off la hor, you people got nothing better to do isit? Tear down other CCAs posters and replacing them with yours. Can't find people to join also don't have to so what tear dowan the posters one what. Kp sia.
Yeeling told us this after the whole thing ended la. The choir ppl seriously so damn what la.
I don't understand why must there be conflicts between the CCAs and all these.
But comeon la, everyone is from the same school right, need to be so nasty meh.

Went to White sands with adelene huimin and bryan last friday.
Tessa saw us in Mac, den came to us and say tat the guzheng members say CO members talk bad about them.
Then i told her back, "But the guzheng members talk bad about the CO members first, so you also can't say that the Co members talk bad about the guzheng ppl."
Then tessa also nothing to say.
I know tessa most likely didn't say anything about it la, But
I mean it's like fair la, you can say people, people cannot say you meh??

AHHHHHHHHHH. dunno why this post like so pissed off like that.
The reason why i dont wanna post is because it'll make me think back on what happened before la.
Then all these angry memories come back into my head.

Anyways, back to blogging.
O lvl's result releasing on monday! So damn nervous.
I seriously hope to go to normal chinese and i think i can! :D
Monday also receiving our coursework topics. Siannn.
Need to start work soon. lol.
Time now, 10.10pm. This post i was suppose to post ysd. But wasn't complete.
So im continue-ing on 11th Jan, which is today -.-

Chatted withSharry's sis, Janice on msn this evening around 5pm.
Here's a short part of our chat;

(5:38 PM) janice_puay@hotm:
ya lol
u noe tat time go on taxi wan
join girls guide the gurl
wif his bro wan

(5:39 PM) J ennifer .:
yeap why?

(5:39 PM) janice_puay@hotm:
she say u all ..............
say to me

(5:40 PM) J ennifer .:
we all what?

(5:40 PM) janice_puay@hotm:
ur sis join u can dun join wan wat
and if u wn join , go join guzheng better

(5:40 PM) J ennifer .:
she say that? i thought is other ppl ley

(5:40 PM) janice_puay@hotm:

The girl that we're talking about is Gracia la.
I was basically shocked when i know this.
So i sms adelene and told her. She was also shocked i guess.
Blahhh. So much for the friendship they had.

Stayed home all day today, ysd elaine called me and asked if i wanna go out.
Cause most of them went to Sp or dunnot what P already. For some open house la.
But so sorry huh! I was having lunch that time, and just woke up.
Lmao. So didnt really feel like going out.

I super love weekends! Cause i can sleep more.
Hahahaha. Today's post is like so messed up la.
Not in order one. So i anyhow write, then you just anyhow read can already.
Lmao. I'm lazy to write them in order.

Shall end off this messy post now. Bye~

Sitting in an almost empty cca room
I forgot to post about something ysd,
i saw Shaocong riding on a unicycle !
I mean itss not that he can't ride on it or what la .
But its so rare nowadays ! And he actually cycled all around pasir ris.
What a brave soul huh? Ahaha .

Anyways, today Ms yong told us that we couldn't drop a maths today .
As in every other day also cannot drop la.
We're like, huh wth !!! ????
So, we have to pay for the exam fees den take the exam OR
We pay and don't go for the exam. Crap la. It's like wasting money lor!
I forgot to bring many stuffs today; Blue file for english, tie, emaths worksheet!
Luckily first time there won't be detention for anything ;D

ohoh! and i lost my yangqin sticks on the way home today !
Aww man D: But nvm la. Just need to get use to the ones in school then .
Poor me huh. Had CO today, 3.30-6.30pm .
The room is like so empty la, now that most of the instruments are kept upstairs.
Tomorrow have CO and we need to wear the shirt every wednesdays.
Lmao. it's quite weird though. Friday still have to wear for CCA day .

A crappy post today, can't think of what to blog about,
Keep on thinking that i need to faster blog faster blog!
So that i have more time to do my homeworks.
It's like 8.41 already ! Still have geog essays to write. Damn long la can.
Wthhhh. So many homeworks, so little time.
Actually alot of time la, but that time i wasnt really motivated .
So yeah. Lols, gotta end off just like that now.

Off to homework-ing!~

2nd day of school, first day of the week .
Got to school late, all thanks to that stupid bus .
Ended up wit phone confiscated. Great .
Started this day off like that, how damn good isit .

Ughhhh. I havent finished most of them. All incomplete la. Gosh.
Had lessons till 3.30pm today. Tired. Super tired .
I need a rest. It's too much. Too sudden.
Sorry ks! Really gonna focus on doing my work consistently.
Will probably be doing my homework from 9 - 10pm daily .
Don't worry! I still have time during weekends. (:

Hope i dont stress out before i take O's .
Asking me to chill won't help la dey, AHEM .
Got our dairies today! Really liked it .
It keeps me organised ! I hadn't really make use of it all these years .
Gonna start using it wisely .
Tmr have CO, 3.30 - 6.30pm :D Yay, i love my cca.

Going off now, it's almost 9pm.
Gotta do homeworkssss .

1st day in school yesterday!
Everything was so called going well la .
Went to school like damn early, decided to go out of school .
Walked a few steps, heard a familiar voice called my name .
I turned to the left, saw a figure walking towards me.
I didn't recognise who that person was until he was right in front of me .
Guess who was it? Mok .

He had a haircut ! A very Mrves-style haircut . Lols.
Only 3 words to say, short, SHORT, SHORT .
Ahah. Then he asked where i was going, i said i was going out of school .
Then he followed me out too .

Went to West Plaza, 7-11 . On the way, chatted .
Some of Mok's friends walked passed him .
Saw him, but not sure if its him. Lols . His hair is so screwed .
Saw yeeling and huiqi in 7-11 ; Small world huh .

Then i bought Big M - Strawberry, Mok bought water ?
Walked back to school . From afar, saw adelene alighting at the bus stop .
But she walked quite fast, didnt managed to catch up with her .
Went in school with Mok, at lift there, greeted adelene . Lol .

Then went to look for my class sitting arrangement .
Ng, Anwar talked about attire. Hoho, got caught hair .
but whatever la. Lols, just bring a clip, clip awhile can le .
Went to the hall for a short talk . Go back class .

First lesson, Mrves! :D
He first introduced himself, as if we dont know him like that !
Ahaha, funny guy, great teacher .
Got our new timetable, though its not confirmed yet, IT STILL SUCKS .

Then had F&N, coursework getting next next week ! :O
Scared that i can't finish it ! Nooooo .
Getting O lvl chinese results on 15 Jan! So dam f-ing nervous .
Hope i dont get A. Don't wanna take hmt le .
Realise that it has no use to go to a poly . Lmao .

Then recess ! ;D Yay. So long never eat school's food . Missed them !
After recess assemble with sec 5ns and 4ns.
Went to the hall AGAIN. For dunno what .
Then sat down there, mdm ros talked .
Next week, geog test ! aw mannn .

Went for A maths after that, it was damn windy ;D
She talked to us about dropping A maths stuff .
Drop A maths. Don't drop A maths. Should i drop A maths ? Hmmm.
Woooo, first time ever, sec 4es 100% pass their english ! Not bad ! Lol .
Thats somehow a history made in siglap . useless dumbass school !

Then school's over ! Went by quickly. i love fridays!
Went out. Then went to orchard . First thing, walk wrong place .
Walked to far east SHOPPING CENTRE. Hoho, big mistake .
Far east PLAZA, was at the very other side. Lmao .

Nvm, holding smiles, walked to far east plaza. :D
Walked around, trying to rmb how long it's been since i went there.
At least half a year i guess . Was there to perform some hiphop dance. Lol.
Anyway, after that went to makan kfc! just outside .

Blahblah, when it was around 7pm, there's this video clip .
Kinda boring, didnt understand what it was saying anyway.
So lead huimin to the toilet. Cause she couldnt find it . Lmao .
Went back continued eating . Lalala .
Then derek (pronounced as darrick)'s performance start le ;D

Not bad huhh! Did pretty well! You sound better than the mp3 you sent me .
Your father, is super funny. I think he's gonna lie on the white chair if he continue slippin down.
Got this clappy hand thing, super cute. Had fun clapping! Lolss .
Then went to walked around after that. Came back watching some show.
Blahblahblah. Nothing much. Some J3 band was there .
Wasnt very interested, just liked the songs. After that went whitesands there.

Bought Big M - Iced Coffee .
Currently tried chocolate, strawberry and iced coffee.
Next try, BANANA ! :D Hohoho :x
After that went home on bus 358 .

Reached around 10:39pm . Damn tired le .
But bathe finish, wide awake again :D
Online till now, 1:52am . Gonna be slping soon .
Will blog later at night again, or tmr bah (:
Goodnights people .

Sweetdreams .

Happy New Year 2009 ! ;D
Yay! 2009 le (: Gonna be 16 soon :DD
Ysd went to e!hub with adelene huimin and mok.
Sadly there's only the four of us D:
Everyone either going out le or cannot de!

But its okay (: Met adelene and mok on bus first.
The bus was damn crowded . Mok wear so formal dunno for what . Lol.
Went to burgerking, mok ate his meal, we eat le so never eat .
He finished eating, we sat there chit chat, played DJ Max .
Adelene has this 2 swollen things on her eye, mosquito bites i think.

Then mok keep ask her cover it. lmao la.
adelene kept trying to cover it, but couldnt. her hair wouldnt stay, lols.
After that went walking around downtown . Lols..

Went to see got any movies to watch anot, mok watch ip man and bedtime stories le.
While i watch twilight already, there wasnt anymore nice movies.
So we went walking around, it was really damn crowded, stuffy too .
Then they go inside the help center's sofa and sat.
I didnt follow in, cause it's like damn paisey. they go in just to sit on sofa. Lol.

Saw my ex-schoolmate, chatted for awhile (:
There's quite alot of police patroling lor, then there's this ahbeng, kena caught for dunno what. Then the policewoman take his ic and write some stuffs.
He was with this gang of ppl, going 20people i guess.
I wonder what they did .

After that we bought the spraying thing, prepare to play later . ;D
The time then was 23:55. People were crazy, screaming and shouting .
Spraying randomly la. Then after 00:00 le we also started spraying! :D
So funnnnn! But its damn funny la.
I didnt spray bryan den he come behind me go spray inside my shirt!
So i spray him back! !@#$%^&* hahahaa.
We three keep aim him, who ask him aim us .
He sprayed into my face la, the thing damn colddd.

Ahaha, after we had our fun, went to toilet. Omgosh la.
I have the thing all over my hair, neck, shirt. so sticky .
Then we walked from e!hub, all the way to elias mall .
Went to white sands 7-11 first . Bought Big M :D

On the way, we saw the gang of almost 20 people again .
They walked behind us, then we let them walked pass us.
I think they have neck problem, keep turning back.
Then me mok adelene and huimin also turn back look. Lols.
Also no one behind us . Lmao.

Then there's this group of 3 girls, kept screaming so loud la .
I think is malays? Anyway, we continue walking and walking .
After escorting her safely to her mother, actually not so safe .
She didnt look out for cars when crossing the road. Lmao .
Then the car beeeeeep . Her mother was standing there waiting for her .

When reach elias there, i checked my phone.
9 unread messages. Lmao. i was too tired to read every single detail.
Then me, Mok and adelene waited at the bus stop.
There's this post directory, mok read, inside got what garlic avenue and some funny names. lmao.

I kept saying that i dont think there'll be any buses.
Then Mok say i like very scared no bus lidat. lmao .
The reason why we walked huimin home is cause we thought got bus.
But in the end really no bus lor!!!
But my mother said very late, around 4 plus den have .

So we walked back home, pity me, i live the furthest from huimin.
Walked from elias, to whitesands, to central.
Then me and adelene needa use the toilet, so we stopped there.
After releasing we went home. Lols.

Many people wished me happy new year, wanna wish you guys back;
Happy New Year to alll (:

I thought my legs were gonna break after all that long walk from places to places. Lmao. Walked more than 2.4km already la.
Finally reached home, went to have a quick shower.
Then went to slp .

Home sweet home.