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This girl by Nikki Flores

Hey hey

There's a girl livin' in this town
She's got her head up in the sky
But her feet are on the ground
There's a girl livin on my street
She knows outside her little world
Somehow ends are gonna meet

And when the road gets kinda rough
She keeps one thing in mind
The longest journey always starts with one step at a time .

And this girl's seen a lot of pain
But this girl's gonna smile again
She knows that a flower grows, every time it rains
And this girl's got a lot of dreams
She knows that tomorrow's ain't what it seems
She might not solve a mystery tonight
But this girl's gonna be alright

There's a girl walkin' in these shoes
And she knows that everything she's got is all she's got to lose
There's a dream right behind these eyes
And she finds a reason to be strong
With every tear she dries
Tryin' hard to fight the way things are
So she leaves her world behind
When the sound of doubt is turned up so loud
She turns the music up inside

And this girl's seen a lot of pain
But this girl's gonna smile again (:
She knows that a flower grows every time it rains
(Every time it rains)
And this girl's got a lot of dreams
She knows that tomorrow's ain't what it seems
She might not solve a mystery tonight
(No no no no)
But this girl's gonna be alright .

Alright, oh no no, hmmm ~

She knows there's so much she's never seen
But time will allow her to find out what it means

Noooooo~ Nooo~~

And this girl's seen a lot of pain
But this girl's gonna smile again
(Gonna smile again)
She knows that a flower grows every time it rains
(Every time it rains)
And this girl's got a lot of dreams
She knows that tomorrow's ain't what it seems
(No no no no)
She might not solve a mystery tonight
But this girl's gonna be alright

Alright, alright
But this girl's gonna be alright
She's gonna be alright
ohhh~ But this girl's.........

Currently MAD about Nikki Floressss ! :D
Her songs are damn fabulouso !
For people who like mariah carey or alicia keys ,
You will sure like her songs too ! (:

Today slept till like 1pm, woke up bathed, brush teeth, eat.
Go granny's hse and "have fun" .
But in the end, went there to slp. lols.

I play with my cousins until i no air liao la .
Keep pinch my faceeee . PAIN cannnnnn !
The worst thing is, one of them pinch, the other one saw,
My face become like primates's butt liao can.
dam headache ~~

after that went to watch tv, there's this show, dunno call what .
have aliens with brainy heads . lmao . damn comedy sia . laughed alot .
den now still at granny's hse blogging .
will be here till next morning, so yeah D:
& i've realised one thing,

beings aunts can be a real difficult task toooo ~

I Still Believe In Love by Jenny Hyun

I Still Believe In Love - Jenny Hyun

It was a clear summer day
when I saw the tears on your face
I knew that our time was up on us

Our moment of end was so fast
but the kiss of goodbye always lasts
not even time could fade it away~

Even though you are no longer here
there is still something between us
Even though life isn't fair
I'll never lose my trust (:

Just another lesson to be learned
(gotta move on and not lose faith)
just another obstacle to take
live my life before it gets too late
I won't give up, I won't stay down
this is what life's worth living for
I still believe in love

I'm holding the warmth of your lips
it feels like the time we first kissed
when all of the stars lined up for us

but like the wind you said goodbye
and left me alone here to cry
we shouldn't have gone our separate ways

Even though you are no longer here
there is still something between us
Even though life isn't fair
I'll never lose my trust

Just another lesson to be learned
gotta move on and not lose faith
just another obstacle to take
live my life before it gets too late
I won't give up, I won't stay down
this is what life's worth living for
I still believe in love

I still believe in love~

Just another lesson to be learned
(gotta move on and not lose faith)
just another obstacle to take
(live my life before it gets too late)
I won't give up, I won't stay down
this is what life's worth living for~
(life's worth living for~)
I still believe in ...... love~

I still believe in love~

Just found this super nice song .
ahah , its really damn nice la !
okay maybe just to me. hah !
anyways , today i think i slept for 2hrs . :D
now still damn awake . so yeah ,
will be up till midnight (:

sadly , didnt went out today ):
supposed to be watching movie like now .
but in the end trip was cancelled , SHAG MAN.
but nvm , Monday ;D

I've done the CO blog !
But still haven't found a suitable song for it.
so yeah , if anyone wants to post or anything ,
get the password and user from me yeah (:
its super easy to rmb one :D

Just now watched channel 8.
Why did the man put a cloth on the bed?
Don't really get it though , hah.

oh well , i'll blog till here ~

survey !
To Clarence: RIP-ed !

1. The person that tag/pass me this is?
Clarence Phunnnn .
Q2. Your relationship with him is ?
He's my cca junior (:
Q3. Your five impression of him ?
Super talkativeeee & good in english !
Q4. The most memorable he have done for you is?
Er , i don't think there's any .
Q5. The most memorable thing he have said to you ?
I have STM !
Q6. If he become your lover you will ?
=.= Don't think so .
Q7. If he become your lover , thing he need to improve on ?
There's no IF !
Q8. If he becomes your enemy , you will ?
Don't think we ever will , cca friends last !
Q9. If he/she becomes your enemy , the reason will be ?
Hmm, idk .
Q10. The most desired thing you wanna do for her/him is ?
Stop saying "horny" in this survey. like evey qn i can see "horny" -.-
Q11. Your overall impression on her/him is ?
hmm , chubby . LOL !
Q12. How do you think the people around you feel for you ?
Lols , dk , dc .
Q13. The characters i love about myself are ?
eh , idk !
Q14. On the contrary , what are the characters i hate about myself ?
hate the fact that i dont know anything D:
Q15. The most ideal person you want to be is ?
hmm , me .
Q16. For people that love , care and concern for you , you say something to them ?
Q17. Pass this quiz to 10 people that you want to know they think of you , they are ?
Q18. Who is no.6 having relationship with ?
No one.
Q19. No. 9 is a male or female ?
Q20. If no.7 & no. 10 is together, will it be a good thing ?
Lmao ! ehs, they don't even talk to each other in school .
Q21. What is no.2 studying about ?
Pure sci class !
Q22. When is the last time you speak to no.3 ?
ysd (:
Q23. What kind of music band no.8 like?
Idk :x
Q24. Does no.1 have any siblings ?
Yeap ! younger sis elder bro :D
Q25. Will you woo no.3 ?
Erm , i'm straight .
Q26. How about no.7?
I said , i'm STRAIGHT .
Q27. Is no.4 single ?
Q28. What is the surname of no.5 ?
idk , lols.
Q29. What is the hobby of no.10 ?
Not sure.
Q30. Does no.5 and no.9 get along well ?
Think so.(:
Q31. Where is no.2 studying at ?
Stupid Secondary School. (My school)
Q32. Talk something casually about no.1 ?
he's a jker !
Q33. Have you tried developing feelings for no.6 ?
Nah , my junior has though . xD
Q34. Where does no.9 lives at ?
Near elias mall .
Q35. What colour does no.4 like ?
Not sure.
Q36. Are no.5 and no.1 good friends ?
they don't know each other.
Q37. Is no.7 the sexiest person in the world ?
hahahahaha . YES . lol !
Q38. What is no.6 doing now ?
GZ prac .

Tralalala . I'm so bored .
Just changed skin , simplistic my fave :D
don't really like the previous one my sis made for me . =x
& from now there won't be an songs playing on my blog .
i'll upload songs in my posts .
so you'll have to click play yourself huh ! enjoy ~

Realize by Colbie Caillat

Take time to realize,
That your warmth is
Crashing down on in.
Take time to realize,
That I am on your side
Didn't I, didn't I tell you.

But I can't spell it out for you,
No it's never gonna be that simple
No I cant spell it out for you.

If you just realize what I just realized,
Then we'd be perfect for each other
and will never find another
Just realized what I just realized
we'd never have to wonder if
we missed out on each other now.

Take time to realize
Oh-oh I'm on your side
Didn't I, didn't I tell you.
Take time to realize,
This all can pass you by.
Didn't I tell you?

But I can't spell it out for you,
no it's never gonna be that simple
no I can't spell it out for you.

If you just realized what I just realized
Then we'd be perfect for each other
Then we'd never find another
Just realized what I just realized
We'd never have to wonder if
We missed out on each other but

It's not always the same
No it's never the same~
If you don't feel it too..
If you meet me half way,
If you would meet me half way.
It could be the same for you..

If you just realize what I just realized
Then we'd be perfect for each other
Then we'd never find another
Just realize what I just realized
we'd never have to wonder.

Just realize what I just realized~
If you just realize what I just realized~

Missed out on each other now,
Missed out on each other now~~

Realize, realize, realize~

confirmation !
okay, i've somehow gotten everyone's size.
Now just to confirm;

MM: 1
ML: 8
MXL: 4
XS: 4
S: 8
M: 6
L: 1
XL: 1

Total: 33

(sorted alphabetically)
Adelene : S
Alexandra : MXL
Chinhwee : S
Huimin : ML
Jamie : S
Jennifer : ML
Jiajin : MXL
Liana : S
Meihui : S
Shalote : S
Sharry : ML
Shimin : XS
Shimin.Tan : ML
Sihui : ML
Stella : S
Tonghwee : M
Yeeling : ML
Yiling : MXL
Yinjia : ML
Yinyin : ML
Yizhen : MXL
Yunqin : MM

Ang.RX: M
Bryan.Mok : S
Clarence : XS
Henry.C : XS
Jonathan : L
Patrick : XS
Rayner : M
Terence : XL
Yongwang : M
Mr.Khoo : M
Mr.Yong : M

If you want any changes tell me (:


Okays people , our CO shirt design is done !

It costs around 20$,
But we wont collect full amount because there's still some CO fund left.
I need your sizes by this week . Tag or sms me, (sms would be better) .

For girl's cutting , PE t-shirt size SS = Polo tee size L
For guy's cutting , PE t-shirt size is the SAME as Polo tee size.

However the max size for girl's is PE shirt S size, Polo tee XL.
So for those who are exceeding that size,
you need to take the guy's cutting XS or bigger if you want.

The pink you see over there is not accurate.
The outcome will be in HOTPINK.

If there's anything you DON'T understand,
sms me or chat with me online.
smallgirl_12345@hotmail.com ; 96580226 .

Survey .
since i have nth to blog about,
im gonna do some a kind of survey thingy someone sent..

1 . Were you name after anyone?
Er, no? lol.
2 . Last time you cried was..?
Hmm, ysd i tink. Watched drama. I'm EMOTIONAL . :x
3 . Like your handwritng?
Well, yeah . But not when i scribble , It's horrifying :x
4 . Your favourite lunch meat ?
Er, human meat . LOL, jk. Chicken la .
5 . Do you have kids?
Im like , 15 ?! So what do you think .
6 . If you were another person, would you be friends with you?
YES . I'm like so hella talkative at night .
7 . Do you use sarcasm alot?
It depends on who im talking with . :x
8 . Do you still have your tonsils?
Er, idk what the hella's that.
9 . Would you go bungee jumping?
Maybe, i think . lol .
10 . What is your favourtie cereal?
Hmm, honey stars !
11 . Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
My school shoes have no laces to untie. XD
12 . Do you thin you are strong?
Of course ! I'm Super Woman ! LOL .
13 . What's your favourite ice cream?
Chocolate !
14 . What is the first thing you notice about ppl the way they dress themselves?
Ers, i don't really comment on what ppl wear .
15 . Red or pink?
16 . Least favourite thing about yourself ?
Hmm, always sleepy . LOL .
17 . Who do you miss the most ?
Him , :\
18 . Colour of pants and shoes you wearing ?
Black pants , at home so not wearing shoes .
19 . Last thing you ate ?
20 . What are you listening to right now?
The teeveeee .
21 . If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?
White . Colourless .
22 . Favourite smell(s)?
Smell of rain .
23 . Who was the last person you chat with on the phone?
Can't rmb .
24 . Do you like the person who sent it to you?
Yeap . She's my mei ! (:
25 . Favourite sport that you watch?
Badminton (: Never got bored of it .
26 . Hair colour?
Brown-black .
27 . Eye colour?
Black , (:
28 . Do you wear contacts?
Grey ! :D
29 . Favourite food ?
Anything edible .
30 . Scary movies or happy endings?
Scaryyyy .
31 . Last movie you watched ?
The mirror , for only 15 mins -.-
32 . What colour shirt are you wearing?
Pink .
33 . Summer or winter?
Summer !
34 . Hugs or kisses?
Hugs !
35 . Favourite dessert?
Ice longgan !
36. Most likely to respond?
when im happy :D
37 . Least likely to respond?
when im uber sleepy or pissed?
38 . What book are you readng now?
None . Hopefully i can read Eclispe soon .
39 . What's on your mouse pad?
A mouse ! :O
40 . What did you watch on t.v. last night?
Drama Series .
41 . Favourite sound?
Ding Dong .
42 . Rolling stones or beatles?
Errrrrr .
43 . Furthest place you've been from here?
Hell .
44 . Any special talents?
Sleeping . LOL . Playing Yang Qin lo (:
45 . Where were you born?
Singapore , KKH .

End .

exhausted .
don't feel like blogging about camp.
cause if im gonna blog about it,
it's gonna be a very long one.
plus now im super duper tired already.


okay anyway, i had fun during the camp. (:
many ppl like the amzing race !
good job tong hwee :D
and rayner keep having leg cramps.
dam farny sia .
the night we watch the mirror,
dai laoshi ask me jj and sharry out.
dammit man. i wanna watch one luhs.
after that didnt manage to finish watching.
only like watch first 15mins nia. -.-
but overall the camp was okay la :D
EXCEPT, for the food wise.
the food from store one is like what the hell.
not nice to eat lor. eat until i now,
having a bad sore throat.
some online friends then tell me drink salt water.
drink le throat pain sial, but getting better now.
so yeah, thats all bout the camp.
dowan write so much le.

i blog for so long sia, now is already 12midnight.
look at how long i can post just such a short one.
but its because i keep doing other things la :x
i shall stop here now,

so long~

2 more boring days to camp
Whatever advice you give today will have more importance for its recipient than you might think it would, so be careful about how adamant you are that they follow it. They already feel like you have all the answers and know exactly what they should do -- their attachment to you is growing, and pretty much whatever you say goes. If this makes you feel uncomfortable, then say so. Make it clear that you think they are capable of making the right decisions.

well, the only i know is that,
i haven't been giving out any advice lately.
so yeah, friendster horoscope is clearly lying.
lols. xD and erm i was suppose to be packing for camp this wed.
but im a bit lazy right now.
so i thought i could do the packing later on as well.

from 1st, i think i'm gonna start doing my hw already.
so yeah, won't be chatting much anyways.
twilight the movie is coming out on 18 dec!
im sooo gonna watch it. :D

oh well, this few days like damn boring.
i've been like beating up my winnie the pooh. D:
now like flat flat already. lols :x
i tink i'm emotionally unstable somehow. lmao.

damnnnnnnn sad la. argh.
better watch more dramas to make me distracted :D
but i watch until got eyebags already luh -.-

DAMMIT. i needa go out more more moreeee.

yay, just changed my blog song..
super sad huh :\
sigh. camp is coming in 2 more days.
so fast so fast~ D:
these few days so cold.
after camp sure sick one.
been slping late these few days.
also dunno during camp can tahan anot.
i just cant seem to slp at night. ):

okay idk what to write le.
stopping here. bye~

friendster horoscope
Right now, it's a good idea for you to stick close to home and focus on one or two people who matter the most to you. Things around your home, like warmth and safety, are very appealing and satisfying for you. Also, there is a huge possibility for new levels of depth in your personal relationships. A recent drama, while frustrating, has made you a lot closer with someone, and this fledgling relationship could benefit from some more attention today.

is that so? that doesnt seem to happen to me.
sigh. everyday stay at home also sian.
i think im gonna suffer from depression sooner or later.
lols, just jking. but seiously..
im bored at home. might be going out tmr finally.
currently feeling somehow bored.
in fact, which day am i not bored? lols.
anyway, i'll blog again during midnight or somewhere there.
so... yeah.

one happy thing is, my DS is finally fixed!
yay man. after so long. finally ar.
gosh, maybe that's one thing to occupy me for some time.
at least, ahah. oh well, i'll go back to slping then.


midnight tears
ahhh, eyes damn swollen.
how how. gosh. ):
today went out eat with sis and mum,
had a pretty good time i tink.
after so many months.. this is like the first time im going out with them.
trying to put down sad memories,
move on girl! study hard for your future,
then say hello to happiness :D
& right now, i really have no mood for homeworks.
they're like a pile in my house, never touched.

damn, i dunno around 12:30 i was talking to a friend online.
suddenly think about dunno what ..
i suddenly teared. :'( awww.
gosh, more eyebags. damn.
i just suddenly feel so so so so sad.
but nvm, someone cheer me up . thks aye.

after that im right here blogging, eyes dam swollen.
dunno what to do. sian.

i'll post again.

hate being a girl
i got to know this Madtv, thanks to aaron.
it made me laugh the whole night.
also, ks intro me some of miss swan's video on youtube,
she's dam dumb! god.
& she can really irritate ppl damn well sia. (can learn from her)
oops. ahah. but the videos kept me entertained though.

oh well. it's like midnight already.
and im still down here blogging.
have a bad stomach ache since evening.
it went better for awhile. but its coming back again!
awww. pain pain pain.
if there's ever a next life, i wanna be born a male man!
being a girl sucks, have this have that.
its terrible horrible vegetable! T.T

camp is like next wed!
oh god oh god oh god!
so fast cannn. better slp more while i have the chance now.
im gonna miss my comfy bed when im in the camp. xD
hope i have a fun time (not a tiring one).

ahahah. till then. :D


hmm, as usual, im lost for words while blogging.
my life is getting more boring day by day :O
now eating the dunno what takoyaki, dunno how to spell.
lols. been watching drama this few days.
kinda boring, staying at home all day..
luckily still have cca, so can go out walk walk a bit.

learn a bit of sign language :x dam cool.
im boreddd. D: maybe going ice skate soon :D
yayyy. very long never ice skate liao .
next time go sure fall down alot of times one :x

i wanna watch twilighttt!
should be coming out in dec?
hmmm, i forgotten th date somehow :\

i wanna go fly kiteeee!

you make my life colourful :D

Okay a short post for today.
Hadnt really got the time to blog this past few days.
(actually is got la, but i totally forgotten tht i've actually got a blog)

Oh well, hmmm. let's talk about cca?
CO camp is like 8 more freaking days to go!
time really passes so fast.
a pity we didnt havve enough time to make a co shirt.
or else it could have been our camp tshirt!
sadded. ahahah.
&&! the new score, "Song of Cicada" ;
is quite challenging on the tempo.
Poooooor conductor. :x
but overall i think it was quite easy.
Just that the beats wasnt so accurate and stuffs.

Hmmmm, i dont really know what else to blog about.
i don't think you as the reader would also wanna read my boring life.
lols. i'll blog soon again~
(i hope)


wish everyone goodluck for tomorrow.
my everyone = people who taking o lvl's chinese.
oh well, im a bit nervous though.
it's been quite sometime since i write any chinese compos.
teacher give de homework, i from starting of the year..
never even hand in one ._.
i'll just try my best for tmr bah.

gonna go offline now.
goodnights everyone, sweetest dreams to all.

The Boy In The Window

One day while I was shopping with my mother, we were walking past a store with a big front window. In this window there was a little boy, just standing there looking back at me. He had a black eye and bruised cheek. And the look in his eyes was so sad. They were filled with so much pain and sadness that just looking into them brought tears to my eyes. And I turned away.

Some years later, while walking past the store again, I saw that same little boy. He had grown some but it was apparant that it was the same boy. He still had bruised cheeks and his nose was taped up from being broken. In his eyes I could still see all his pain, his lonliness, his sadness. Once again it brought tears to my eyes, and once again I turned away.

In my teenage years, I walked past the store again. And again the boy was there. He had grown into a tall young man. No bruises on his face this time. But his eyes had changed. They hadn't lost their sadness or their pain or lonliness, but they had taken on a hard edge. Looking into his eyes this time scared me. This time I not only turned away but I walked faster than I had before because I couldn't bear to see this boy's eyes anymore.

Since I've grown up, I haven't gone back to that store. Maybe because I'm afraid to see the man that boy has become. I was going to go once, but I decided I didn't need that in my life at this point. I mean what is he to me anyway? I don't need it. My life is happy.

Yesterday, I was in my house and I just happened to walk by a mirror. The strangest thing happened. That boy from the window, he was a man now, and he was in that mirror staring back at me. His eyes don't have that hard look to them anymore and he actually looked happy now.

When I think back to the little boy in the window, staring into his eyes, into my eyes, I can't believe I was ever that sad. And I can't believe that his eyes, my eyes, scared me so bad that I couldn't bear to look.

It shows me that anyone's life can change for the better. If that little sad boy, who turned into a hard angry teenage boy, can change into the happy man I saw yesterday... then anyone can change for the better, given the right circumstances.

yesterday went out to meet the committee.
discussed about the cca shirt thing then went off.
went out with adelene & huimin (:
first go plaza sing, boughts stuffs.
den went to compass point. ate mos burger.
dam full luh~ after that walk walk.
going home tht time finding bus stop.
find till leg very suan luhs. xD
dam funny. chatted alot in the bus.
summarised the whole thing. lazy type :x

thats all for now.
going back to study my chinese~ bye.