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Bonjour Fellas !
Im Jennifur 19 years young, lovely attached.
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the start of a busy life
everything's going fine.
glad that now everyone know that im incharge of the attendance.
hope that they will be auto abit.
come sms me instead of me asking them.
haha. well, the practice is going on well.
but the new score, 道路, seems very hard for me.
im worried that i dont have enough time to prac.
as i have to study and prac at the same time.
hais. well, thks to huimin now i have to perform.
but i doubt i can make it. D:
hm, not everyone's contact i have.
so i'll just have to go asking for them on wed then.
& thanks alot to jasmine (:

i'm currently using back my old number,
which is 984753**, M1 line.
using an old model. well, i should be happy alrdy.
at least there's still a phone left for me to use.

everything still remains the same.
not much happening nowadays.
just that i havent completed my coursework.
& im really scared i'll flunked my F&N.
should i drop this subject next year ? hmmmm.
next year i would really drop one subject.
so that im able to have extra lessons for other weaker subjects.
i haven't been studying much ):
i guess i really need a tutor!

disappointed with you guys
Sch was boring as usual.
had a short assembly from 3n3, 3n2, 3e2 and 3e3.
the short skit from 3n2 sucks la.
its like telling other people that bullying is fun.
just like what mr ves says.
then that daniel guy, who didnt use his brains.
took a sheet of paper written "LOSER",
and point it to the discipline master.
serve him right as he's gonna have detention everyday after sku for 2hrs.
anyways, it was raining quite heavily today.
sleepy for the whole day.

after sch went hm straight & bathe.
den meet jon and bryan in cab.
we went to CS den watch tv down dere.
waited for the rest so long they still haven come.
den i turned back randomly.
& saw one whole row of people standing down there looking at us.
it was mr chiang and the rest of the CO commitees.
what the. lols. they down there stand so long den i realise.
(well, at least i was the first to notice) lol.
den we went to Jack's place to have our dinner.
and had a short "meeting" over there.

after that i went straight to elias cc.
its only like 5+pm. den waited for jon to be there.
then finally pay finish the $ i owe him.
den walk to the bench there, saw bryan.
sat there for awhile, jon came cycling back.
say its raining so not meeting henry(mr chiang) le.
around 6pm chris finally came together with DOMONIC.
kinda shocked, as i thought he quitted alrdy.
well anyways, its good that he came back to see.

had practice for 2hrs. before that chatted awhile.
adelene and huimin is backing out from the performance.
dam sad. i dont know if i can cope, with my studies and NH.
well, i've passed all my subjects. except eng and a maths haven take back,
was happy with my results. but at the same time,
disappointed that they both are deproving from their studies.

hai, well let's just let each day come and go.
anything can wait.

sometimes i just wanna screeeam
Feelings are many but words are few,
Clouds are dark but sky is blue,
Love is a paper, Life is like glue,
Everything is false only friendship like me is true.

this is what someone send me just to ask me to cheerup.
haha, thks to that person anyway (: much appreciated.
feel like i've had billions of family problems nowadays.
hai. i yearned for a better life, but im doing nothing about it.
my mother keep asking daddy for money.
den daddy would go after jie for money.
jie den dunno what to do. yes, she have lots of money.
but she's saving up for her future.
den i also sian half already. i owe many ppl money. :x
owe my sis 10$, my bro 20$, yanni 10$ & ms lim 58$. D:
hai, will try to return them asap.

Here's a joke (from my good friend of mine) to end my post -
A Doctor said to the Patient: You will die within 2 hours.
Do you wish to see anyone before you die?
The patient said: Yes....................... a good doctor.

what wonder words can do
This has got to be one of the cleverest
stuff that you've read in awhile.
Someone out there either has too much
spare time or is deadly at Scrabble.
(Wait till you see the last one)!

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When you rearrange the letters:

i miss the happy days
hey all,
its been a long time since i've last posted yeah.
lets updated you guys about it.

i've just lost my phone which is like 2 days ago, which is a friday.
im so dumb ): why did i leave my hp on the bench.
just made a police report.
argh. sad for me. but oh well, what's gone is gone.
if it's meant to be mine, it will be back to me. God bless.

feeling more and more comfortable with the people there now.
hope that i'll have a chance to know everyone.
& i went for the walt disney PAYCO performance today.
i felt that it was great, except for one thing, the seats.
we were sitting at the corner so we couldnt get much of a view at it.
but oh well, music is meant for the ears to enjoy anyway (:
they had many performance, it all went so well..
if only nhco would be someting like them one day.
but it seems a bit difficult. people in nh,
i feel that they dont really put their heart and soul to play.
maybe for some, but not all.
i think its just that they should have a camp or something..
bond them together. make them bonded.
so during practices they would be more into it.

everything's going well in school.
the happy thing is all the tests i've gotten back, i passed :D
Emaths, MT, Geog, SS, Physics.
haha, now waiting for Eng, Amaths, F&N and Chem.
every thursday i would go to Jessica's hse to study with YJ(:
her hse is like gorgeous. how i wish i was like her.
practically would have all i want.
but life's like that, thing's just dont go your way.


--------------------JANUARY BABY--------------------
Pretty/handsome. Loves to dress up. Easily bored.
Fussy. Seldom shows emotions. Takes time to recover when hurt.
Sensitive. Down-to-Earth. Stubborn.

--------------------FEBRUARY BABY --------------------
Abstract thoughts. Loves reality and abstract.
Intelligent and clever. Changing personality.
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Quiet, shy and humble. Honest and loyal.
Determined to reach goals. Loves freedom.
Rebellious when restricted. Loves aggressiveness.
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Moody Day
im feeling very shitty today. D:
problems are everywhere!!!! how how??
dont know what to do alrdy la .

dont feel like going to school....
tmr got geog test, f&n test & physics test.
ALL IN ONE DAY. sian..
made alot of ppl not happy today :x
sorry, even though i know they wont be here reading this.
but oh well, who cares.

my blog is getting kind of dead.
nothing interesting happen-ed.
so no point updating.
will update whenever possible~